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Patriotism of the people of Vietnam are being derided by communist party and dictatorship government of Vietnam





The arrest of Vietnam police to a female university student Food Industry  Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Phuong Uyen since October 14, 2012 with a vague reason, not clear, not transparent and most of that arrest does not comply with the rules and procedures of law making domestic and foreign public opinion is extremely urgent. The people of the country as expressed confusion and suspicion about the authenticity of the arrest of students Nguyen Phuong Uyen above. Many people themselves wonder that why a young female student dutiful gentle, and aggressive was alleged crime as propaganda against the State, was Vietnam's communist government kidnapped a secret way without formal dignity arrest her in accordance and order of law? The incident sparked concern from people in the country as well as from the International Community especially since the government made the kidnapping of the same secret for 17 Catholic young activist in the past.

Besides, according to sources provided by most of the young students in the same school with Phuong Uyen, the original reason was informed when police came to arrest Uyen is to serve for the investigation of Comfort suspect that she are related to posting the leaflets against aggressor China. This is consistent with the recent events unfolded when three Blogger dissidents, including blogger Dieu Cay, Blogger Ta Phong Tan and Anh Ba Saigon bloggers as well as writing and publishing articles against the Chinese invasion that Vietnamese communist government was accused of propaganda against the regime and have received extremely heavy sentences and paradoxical. And the paradoxically, seemingly impossible has happened to two of our patriotic musicians is Viet Khang and composer Tran Vu Anh Binh who were also accused of similar crimes just because writing the music shows patriotism against their aggressor China!!!. Well, the incredible paradox that seemingly only in the dream is happening at the home of our beloved Vietnam as the patriotism of the people against the aggressor were right their government charged and brought to trial in a fabulous and immoderately .

What makes patriotism against the invading enemy became charges of propaganda against the state??? not perhaps the claims of the Vietnamese communist government on the island that are the Chinese communist government illegally occupied only virtual declaration form, but in their hearts actually has exhibited course recognized the legal rights of Chinese aggressors on the Paracel and Spratly islands of Vietnam, so they see the people's patriotism is "reactionary, against the State!!!?? ?. More years ago when Prime Minister Pham Van Dong voluntarily sign function recognizes the territorial sovereignty of China including the Paracel Islands of Vietnam. That sold water action can be sophisticated and explain that because they are still in wartime need the backing of the Chinese government in helping North Vietnam to liberate the South and reunify the country. Yet in the current period when the country no longer war and aggressor China again invaded the East Sea including the Spratly Islands of Vietnam that the Vietnamese communist government there are contradictory attitudes and actions and extreme confusing period above, will have to how explain and respond to people throughout the country? We can not let the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist totalitarian governments continue to deceive us and silently betray people as well as the betrayal of the country. We can not continue to open eyes to see these distrust people who are day and day trampled our patriotic brothers harshly. A patriotic Dieu Cay, a Ta Phong Tan was convicted, a Viet Khang, a Tran Vu Anh Binh and a young student Phuong Uyen with determination against the aggressor became the sacrifice, and then who will be the next person with the same general their fate when the enemy invaded China shake hands with the leaders who's distrust, incompetent and immoral of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government are derision and playing pranks on the dedication, patriotism and so pain dehydration of Vietnamese Ethnicity.


Student was arrested, Nguyen Phuong Uyen: Police abuse CrPC how to?
Posted by cheoreo2 at 12:45 AM 26/10/12

  VRNs (10/26/2012) - Saigon - In her Complaint Nguyễn Thị Nhung dated 25.10.2012 on the arrest of police to her daughter is female student Nguyen Phuong Uyen that expose some of the provisions Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) prove that the police had violated the laws of arrest or detention ... Specifically: Clause 2, Article 80, Clause 1, Article 84, Article 85, Clause 4, Article 88 of the criminal law. Police agencies also violates the provisions on the detention regime, in particular, Clause 1, Article 26 and Article 30 of the Interim Regulations, detention (Issued together with Decree No. 89/1998/ND-CP dated November 7, 1998 of the Government) when the family refused to send the words: "Mother love daughter".

Since after the first newsletter of the Radio Free Asia (RFA) announced download Phuong Uyen missing girls after work at the Tay Thanh ward, Tan Phu, Saigon on 16/10/2012 ie two days after the incident, as of now, there are dozens of news sites and foreign loan downloaded and updated each hour of the event. Yet it was not until yesterday, 25/10, after the mother of Phuong Uyen sent an official complaint to the police in Long An Province, Long An Provincial People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security Inspectorate is the right side newspapers started be worried and it was forced to open their mouth. "Arrest female student Nguyen Phuong Uyen to investigate the security" on the legislation newspaper that reported completely false. This article shows the lies, and absolutely no credible evidence clearly for their information. Already lies even identify themselves as the official channel for ironic the load spreading this information is "unofficial".

This article concludes: "Talking with PV, a Tay Thanh ward police officials confirmed ... The arrest Uyen at beginning is fully the procedure: the decision to prosecute the case, the prosecution of the accused, arrest has been approved by VKS ... The girl's family went to the police precinct Tay Thanh for questions, asking and also to be explained the reason for the arrest, family members then was peace of mind. "

The truth is morning on 16/10 Nguyen Duy Linh, father of the Phuong Uyen and her grandmother, they came to Tay Thanh ward police to ask, the police here has declined as the words of Mr. Linh: "they still do not know, not detained anyone, not arrest anyone. "Even then, on 20/10 Nguyen Thi Nhung came Tay Thanh ward police for the second time but the police here continued to decline. Only when found evidence (may be due Phuong Uyen smarts to back) is one side of the paper Phuong Uyen messeage to classmates help her to write lesson, only Tay Thanh ward police back again, they are no longer How to refuse so acknowledged and pointed out where the police detention Phuong Uyen Long An province (those who go along with the recording as evidence). This is contrary to the information in the Law that "The girl's family went to the police precinct Tay Thanh questions, ask questions and also explain the reason for the arrest, family members peace of mind. "

Try to consider the PL newspaper wrote "The arrest procedure Uyen full arrest" provisions in the CrPC than actually going to see stars. Clause 2, Article 80 states: "... When conducted at the residence where they must be representative of the commune, ward or township and neighbors of those arrested witnessed ..." The police office Police arrested Phuong Uyen headquarters Tay Thanh ward, Tan Phu and then detained at Long An absolutely in violation of this procedure. Should have read at Phuong Uyen house arrest in the presence of Tay Thanh ward and roommate neighboring inn is under new regulations correctly.

Paragraph 1 of Article 84 states: "The implementation of arrest warrants in all cases must be documented. The report shall specify the date, time, month, year and place of arrest, where the record; work done, the situation changes during the implementation of the arrest, the objects, documents on hold and the complaints complaints of detainees.

The record must be read for those arrested and the witnesses heard. People were arrested, the implementation of arrest warrants and witnesses must sign the record, if anyone has other ideas or disagree with the content of the record shall be entitled to record in writing and sign it.

The seizure of objects and documents of the person arrested must be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Code. "It is true that the roommates Accommodation with Phuong Uyen not see the face of the record.

Article 85 states: "The arrest, investigation agency arrested must immediately notify the families who have been arrested, the commune, ward, town or agencies or organizations where they reside or work that "; Clause 4, Article 88 states:" The detention order to check the identity of the detainees and immediately inform detainees and families of the commune, ward, town or the agency or organization where the detainees reside or work. "It's true that when parents asked Phuong Uyen, Tay Thanh ward, Tan Phu declined, and police in Long An Province he Nguyen Van Hon lied to mother of Phuong Uyen that "has sent notice to the family on 20/10 but should make for distances less than". Assuming he has sent notice, there were already breached procedure, as from 14/10 until 20/10 new posts, called "notify" as provided for in Article 85 and paragraph 4 Article 88?

The provisions on the detention regime? Temporary Regulations, detention (Issued together with Decree No. 89/1998/ND-CP of November 7, 1998 of the Government):

Paragraph 1 of Article 26 states: "... the head of custody and supervisors of detention houses receiving organizations; close inspection supplies, remove prohibited items and hand over full custody, temporary detention, preventive check, prevent appropriates supplies. Minister of Public Security, the Minister of Defense shall specify what the relatives of the detainees, detention is allowed to care and provide for the organization selling the essentials in detention. The use of supplies to be specified in the internal rules of custody or detention. "It is true that when the mother Phuong Uyen ask for a receipt of deposit and money (1,000,000), the superintendent of the Camp police custody in Long An province refused to take. So how preventive check, prevent appropriates supplies that be?

Article 30 states: "The detainees, detention only send and receive messages when the body hearing the case allows. To open the mail and through the control of the Head of the temporary custody supervisors of detention. "It's true that the supervisors of detention had abused when refusing her to write three words" Mother love daughter "send to her daughter.

There are two important articles in the PL newspaper revealed, if the report is true, that is: the case made by the police and is caused by Phuong Uyen leaflets behavior. However, leaflets content is what is unknown.
Suppose the content of the leaflets that called for the Vietnamese people to boycott the products of China, malicious acts of police VN become acts of repression and persecution of patriots. And this is clear evidence that police VN is the reactionary because of protecting the Chinese invaders.


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