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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 157 (15-10-2012)




Dear to you, our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 157 release dated 15 -10-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
        The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

                 Central Conference 6, play curtain!!!
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 157 (15-10-2012)

            Caucus in two weeks, six Central Conference of the Communist Party of Vietnam (communist) ended on 15-10-2012 in Hanoi. Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, who chaired the conference, "eloquent" public spirit "collective close to each other" victory: "After reviewing the self-criticism, criticism and listen to comments of officials, Party members, people, collective Politburo, the Secretariat and each comrade Member of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat was aware deeper, fuller most advantages and disadvantages her; analyze and clarify the causes of the defects and limitations, which set out the measures to correct and remedy. The comrades of the Politburo, the Secretariat are very poignant, guilty before these deficiencies, defects, notice must be strict with yourself more, do not stop learning and training to improve the level of knowledge , renovation work style; maintaining exemplary ethical lifestyle; solidarity and closer in the Politburo, the Secretariat, to fulfill the responsibilities and tasks "(the closing statement) . But-despite the expectations of the public-no party members are disciplined, whether the meeting has been convened by the numerous mistakes and crimes caused by several top party members. Nguyen Phu Trong modest way said: "To maintain strict discipline in the Party, contribute to maintaining the prestige of the sacred image of the Party and modeling of the whole Party, the Politburo agreed 100% recommend Committee Central to receive a form of discipline and disciplinary review for a fellow member of the Politburo. " But in the Conference Report made then concludes: "... After the discussion, consider many aspects, the Central Executive Committee voted disciplinary decisions of the Politburo and the Politburo comrades ". This reminds one of the Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung (in the statement at the opening session of the National Assembly session 9 am on 21-03-2011) Politburo decided not disciplined law with the collective and individuals in the Government relating to the situation of terrible mistakes in Vinashin. Absolute power is absolute corruption but also the absolute inviolability! Communist leadership true delight!

            BBC, the bulletin dated 15-10-2012, said conference 5 was unfinished and 5. Was achieved, first of all, "the success of the return to normal ... and the highlight of this success is the word 'honestly admit before the whole Party and the people' for the serious mistakes made bleak economic , business hardships, cooker of millions of people were swimming in a few years. Obviously professors must have the courage, bravery and master with full political agenda of the Conference 6 new out-of-apology ". Ho Chi Minh is also no different, when the leader is only a few drops of tears is enough after the killing of half a million people in the Land Reform! The second is "determined to handle the case in the banking sector shocking national past time" by "raising the names of the characters from Nguyen Duc Kien Tran Xuan Gia, Ly Xuan Hai Duong Chi Dung ... in the notice of the Central Government ". Is determined to handle this type of determination PMU 18 corruption cases in 2008, bribery of polymers in 2009, charges soap luck millennium of Thang Long in 2010, Vinashin defaults in 2011, recycled for Vinalines 2012 , in which or imprisoned the accuser, or relaxed bribe, or ruffled foreign debt, or catch people suffer damage ...??? Tuesday is "to adjust the behavior of the family, his wife and children and relatives", the conference also indirectly confirmed victims of sectarian, political Baoji, descendant of an influential family is not only a social practice that has become evil nature of political and economic manipulation Vietnam at the highest level, that is, in the main member of the Party Central Committee. " It's not yet the first time. On 01-11-2011 General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has signed Regulations number 47-QD/TW of the Central Executive Committee, stated 19 members must not do, in that "acts to parents, wife, husband, child, brother, sister projects, lines of business or sector units under their direct charge against the regulations "(Article 8). Victims of "family rule", "descendant of an influential family", "descendants of tools" is a long tradition of communist parties. Around the world, world capitalism, power is in the hands of the government but money is in the hands of the people. But the communist world, the party and the state holding both power and money, his big seat so not foolish as to give big money to his children. The fourth is the "language of the conference showed a more flexible, internal democracy even be extended more or less". Extend more or less internal democracy, why the indictments of more than 300 pages geared to the Prime Minister, with a vote of confidence in which Nguyen Tan Dung only 04/14 issued by the Politburo and 20% of the votes Central Executive Committee (by Quan Lam), but ultimately at the end of the term? Affordable behind the hairy hand of Zhongnanhai, the supreme authority of Xi Nguyen Tan Dung met January 20-09 in Guangxi? Thursday is "confirming the idea has been saying for a long time that the corporations, the corporations of the state must be restructured according to the parent company, subsidiaries and annual they must be audited. " Tone is not new, it has at least since the ship Vinashin defaults and so far, completely submerged, in addition to the corporation, the corporation surprising than dying due to a policy of "state mainstream ", the insane policy that Nguyen Phu Trong still determined to pursue:" Central to reaffirm the key role cuadoanh state "(Speech).

            With 5 not achieved, BBC seems more objectively. "The first is the whether internal meetings tension, the party still have yet 'hostile, destructive' as a reason to uphold the 'comradeship' in the proposal disciplined by internal mentioned name, just without the name of a member of the Politburo. In fact, for many years, no outside force damage to the sharp economic growth or cause issues notice yet, from the banking crisis, bad debt, accidents Traffic to social evils. Personal attacks information lead time also comes from within, not from foreign newspapers or the organization of overseas Vietnamese capital largely lacking in the country ". It is true that, blame, shirk their responsibilities is the inertia of the Communist Party, which is rich in pride, very high, very, very, never know truly sorry to really fix. Members only have to replace it soon, as the world of Eastern Europe did. The second is "The notice closing the conference," the Politburo also suggested more in-depth review of some of the content with 56 teams and a number of individuals subject to the Political Management, "shows the speculation about the 'battle royal' is real and will continue. " Purge, look fine bloodshed or just dump is natural chair of a political party and the regime is above the law, based on sectarian and built on violence. Into the conference Critical fighting, power struggles of the party is managing society, people's rule, always out of sight of the people and society. Tuesday is the "State enterprises still play a pivotal role even though they are prohibited investment spread". Opinions of many economists, the experience of countless bitter, failed economic base of thousands of state does not make the Communist Party eyes open, because their eyes open see only SOE is the place to relatives of officials, the children of Party members entering occupied, proprietary trading, soon to rich and if there are business failures, deer have people pay back their debts. People power is endless! Wednesday is "Land Law 2003 will be adjusted but in principle, the State has discretion about people's land acquisition for the project planning. Although compensation can be adjusted when coercive land of the people, but this will still be the hot spot no socio-economic solutions. " Indeed, on 11-10-2012, many comments at the conference "Public consultation on the draft Land Code Amendment" by OXFAM (Union of International Organizations find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice public) held in Hanoi has expressed concern edit draft Land Code will not be suitable for life, did not meet the expectations of the majority of people. Most experts, lawyers commented: bill is not only about policy changes more, remodel words, even backwards. "It's just standing on the State interests and not on the side of the people. The right of the State to press very strong, as defined land rights, the right to lease land was handed over to the provincial-level People's Committee president instead of PC as before, "said Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Environment - Natural Resources said. According to this expert, the personal empowerment from the organization to make sure that corruption much (on 14-10-2012 SGTT). Thursday is "comprehensive reform of education policy-oriented but still socialist, an old theory, vague and inconsistent with international integration. Support education, talent is still based on the standard class (body workers, peasants), or ethnic things do not bring professionalism ". The philosophy of education this damn long since caused numerous disasters for the country, as create victims student sitting the wrong class, have a habit of cheating articles, violent behavior, disrespectful behavior , victims of thousands of children are illiterate or have dropped out of school because of sky fees and charges of all kinds, victims mistakenly podium teachers, lack of capacity model for the author, the use of force, solicited sex, forced add to extort money from the parents, prohibiting students to express their patriotism, he blatantly student life test, jobless graduates and, victims professor Dr. tens of thousands, but likely less, fake diplomas, International invented counted on the fingers.

            Central Conference 6 with how stocky commitment, promise eloquently, great plans and then it will go into oblivion and disable all other central conference. Only those who are escape from lost position, to be deleted mistakes, to be deleted lesson to make it again, and to be fraud people again is a special theater surprise and release only. Own country and people continued to groan under the yoke of dictatorship, still suffer degradation crisis, still wrong reverse a living through days still  pay for the victims of police thugs, officers, overlord party members and especially victims of foreign enemies and internal enemies conspired distroy the country.


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