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Students 'Emergency cry' to President




Urgent call for help in a letter of the student body University of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh city sent to President Truong Tan Sang today with aspirations of getting his intervention on a student members of this school Nguyen Phuong Uyen was a group of about 10 people, including police Tay Thanh Ward and Tan Phu district police arrested on Monday last October 14 but so far no one knows what news of her as well as where she are being held today. Not only the parents, family members of her, Uyen worry, but also even teachers and other students of the same school of Uyen felt equally insecure. What most people fret concern is the arrest of student Uyen not be transparent and clear, as well as non-compliance with the provisions and order of law.

According to the reports of a number of students at school, including a number of children were also police Tay Thanh ward invited to work, the reason they said about the arrest of student Uyen is by relating to some anti-Chinese leaflets have been stuck at some places which they accused of being so you Uyen done. Ironically that immediately after receiving the reports, the family of Uyen went to the police Tay Thanh ward and district police Tan Phu to get resolved, but received a response from the police officers here that they do not know the above and also not arrest her before. Public opinion at home and abroad in recent years have expressed dismay and outrage before the catching of the police at all levels. Under the provisions of the law, even for criminals no matter what, when conducting their arrest, police still must comply with the order and in accordance with the provisions of the law. However, many cases of people arrested by the police in recent years have not passed the sequence of legal and even no apparent reason and transparency.

According to the government's allegations Tay Thanh Ward and Tan Phu district, the arrest student Uyen because they suspect Uyen has pasted leaflets against China in a number of places!!! We have not discussed yet to the nature of the incident is true or false, or serious but through the simple narrative of the students at the same school as well as charges from the police precinct police Tay Thanh and Tan Phu then for the reasons stated on the actions of the police officers was beyond his powers and take action is unclear, and the lack of transparency against industry regulations and laws. Not to mention even the student Uyen has pasted leaflets of anti-Chinese leaflets that matter, her work will not be considered a crime. If the accused is guilty, the State government of Vietnam will accuse for what crime? patriotic crime? compared to the Chinese people violent demonstrations against Japan and also damaged property and disregard the lives of Japanese citizens who are legally living and working in China by dispute the sovereignty island, is action of Nguyen Phuong Uyen if any, is much more respectable.

Another thing we need to consider in emergency demand letter was sent to President Truong Tan Sang, the students emphasized a saying: "the reason that we sent this letter to Uncle because we believe that only the uncle can help her. " What makes these young students to think like that? not perhaps the Politburo of the Party Central Committee with dozens of people and hundreds of thousands of senior officials of various ministries including the National Assembly, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, the Court, Procuratorate, and so .. v .... there's not get someone else for them probably to trust? so we knew that in people's heart today, belief in justice, law and human moral conscience was no longer available. Right the attitude and action in spite of the law, regardless of international law and despite the human moral conscience of the Vietnamese communist government officials are now directly push people to despair with loss confidence in the Party and government, sometimes making them fall into complete misery to react, to defend themselves or to confront the government in addition to desire. We hope that through the event of student Uyen this time, the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government will have to change how to look at things as well as aware of the wrongdoing and its not necessary to do not push more and more people leaving the government more.


Students 'Emergency cry' to President

Update: 15:37 GMT, Saturday, 20 January 10, 2012

Nguyễn Phương Uyên (bên phải) và bạn học

Nguyen Phuong Uyen (right) is 'missing' from 14/10

Student's classmates Nguyen Phuong Uyen're sending the emergency question to President Truong Tan Sang on this students 'missing'.

Letters do in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday 20/10 signed by many students of the University of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City, is where Phuong Uyen learning.

The message is delivered to 'Uncle Chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang'.

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The letter described how the Nguyen Phuong Uyen, Binh Thuan rural 20-year-old student, member of the Sub-Committee group Youth Grade 10CDTP1, "notes police Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District Police about 10 people stormed into the motel room "on 14/10.

Reason is said to verify for some leaflets against China that Phuong Uyen accused led in some places.

"But until now still do not see you."

The letter continued: "your parents and grandparents Uyen went to the police Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District and police to ask for the server was released, but police said no arrest her."

A classmate of Phuong Uyen University told the BBC on Saturday 20/10 teeth 'Uyen classmates in class and in school are worried about Phuong Uyen and just hope she soon returned to school construction since last year have a lot of homework and exams. "

Also this friend of Phuong Uyen confirmation when she was invited to work station, she received one of the 10 previous police who are supposed to catch Uyen and some other friends to police station.

When I was invited to work, I realized one of them. He was wearing civilian clothes and sat with the police in the ward when summoned me "
Classmates of Phuong Uyen

"When I was invited to work, I realized one of them. He was wearing civilian clothes and sitting with the police in the ward when summoned me."

"But then, I do not see Phuong Uyen. Previously, there was a room with Phuong Uyen's work was sent to Ward, but after 3 hours of being released."

"What about your children so far is 1 week, still do not see."

'Not guilty'

Meanwhile, the father of the student Phuong Uyen Nguyen Duy Linh, said he has also received a petition of 'student body is sent to the President.'

He said: "It is not a read firsthand single leaf, but I feel light in my heart, more fun for people to help my children."

Mr. Linh said so far he and his family still have not found a trace of his daughter and he did not receive any communication from the University of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City, where his daughter was a student last year and as a union official and the student union.

In a letter to President Sang, the student explained: "The reason for us to write to Uncle because I believe only Uncle probably help her."

"We're admired Uncle, a leader with a sense of responsibility to the nation. What Uncle said is worthy of our student follow."

Asking of the students: "Please State President Truong Tan Sang speak up to help her and her family".

BBC not communicate to the office of Mr. Truong Tan Sang yet to verify whether the letter has to hand recipients or not.

On 18/10, BBC interview, parent student Nguyen Phuong Uyen, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung said families 'very confused' but believe that her daughter is innocent.

"If in fact that she hate China, that I think no serious violations of the law  Because a patriotic citizen is normal."

"With the swaggering behavior tyranny of China, invaded zone, do something that is not to say anyone who did not know, the students and the students that think like that, I think there is nothing serious important. "

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