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Relatives of 17 young activists Vietnam sent a petition calling for international intervention





Suppression of freedom of speech, serious in Vietnam has been a hot topic attracting strong interest from the International Community and the International Human Rights Organization. Especially since a series of secret kidnapping without the legal process procedures and illegally detained for 17 young religious activities of the Diocese of Vinh over a year still no trial in the prison environment, harsh and inhuman of communist government of Vietnam. Human rights record of Vietnamese communist country in recent years the world has been classified as one of the countries in the world of serious rights abuses Press Freedom, internet freedom and freedom of expression political and legal legitimacy of the people just behind countries such as China, Iran and North Korea.

After a series of harsh criticism from the International Human Rights Organization, the United States government and the bloc countries of Europe, the communist government of Vietnam is not only not changing their attitudes and behavior wrong his left, but also a strong increase for new crackdown on dissident voices in the country in order to silence and restrict, prevent freedom of expression of the people, even by way of review non-violence that the heavy sentence just said treatment for Blogger dissidents including Nguyen Van Hai, blogger Dieu Cay 12 years in prison, Ta Phong Tan former police officer and also the owner of the Truth and Justice blog 10 years in prison and he Phan Thanh Hai bloggers AnhBaSaiGon with 4 years in prison is the most obvious and powerful demonstration.

To strive to protect the existence of this corrupt communist regime as well as to protect the interests and personal benefits for himself and his family, the central government, the local government at all levels and the Vietnamese Communist Party leaders did not hesitate to take action to trample human rights rudely and despite blatant violations of the law, the national Constitution and international law, blatantly challenging public opinion at home and abroad, the International Community and the challenge of human moral conscience. Besides, they also use the mass media, the media and their powerful minions to publish and propagate false information, the words say sophistry handing, to squeeze distorted the truth to cover up and protect their misconduct before the International Community and to the people of Vietnam in country and abroad. It is time for the Government of the United States and European countries need to implement interventions stronger and more effective way to express his true role in the Democratic Liberal advocate and protect for human rights worldwide.


Monday, 01/10/2012

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Relatives of 17 young activists Vietnam sent a petition calling for international intervention

17 young Catholic activists associated with the Redemptorists were arrested for the alleged violation of the law as' activities to overthrow the people's administration 'and' propaganda against the state '

Trà Mi-VOA

Relatives of 17 young activists promoting human rights imprisoned in Vietnam has handed a petition to the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, called for international protection of human rights for government intervention Vietnam to release those detained.

Representing the families of 17 young Catholics and Protestants am on 1/10 to meet with officials of the U.S. Consulate building presents case detention of activists and the international filing petition contribute called for the release of their relatives.


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Ms. Dinh Thi Oanh, activist wife Tran Xuan Anh, a representative of the applicant said there was a meeting from 11 am to 12 noon to 4 officials of the U.S. Consulate:

"Includes Deputy Consul General, the cultural attaché-the press, the political head, and another to the back so we do not get visit card. Purpose that we came to apply for help to free my husband as well as all 17 youth. Because they held more than one year, is not brought to trial, but also do not have an exact answer. These people are not guilty. Vietnamese government to release them. We have a lot of time filed to the high-level government in Vietnam. Even late in August and also to the Government Office for filing, but they do not resolve, do not answer. So, now do not expect anything in the Vietnamese government. To call for help to the world leaders. "

These people are not guilty. Vietnamese government to release them. We have a lot of time filed to the high-level government in Vietnam ... but they do not resolve, do not answer. So, now do not expect anything in the Vietnamese government. To call for help to the world leaders. "...
Dinh Thi Oanh, activist wife Tran Xuan Anh

In the petition, the family of the 17 activists say their relatives illegally detained by the authorities, without warrant and detained arbitrarily over the years, not be brought to trial, nor contact with a lawyer, raised concerns about the transparency and legitimacy in the conduct of government to citizens.

Letter stating the absurd actions of the government have led to death in despair of the mother of two of the 17 activists, including mom bloggers Le Van Son and mother's self-immolation blogger Ta Phong Tan .

Relatives of those detained said they fear that the Vietnamese government will continue to use cunning tactics to sentencing, imprisonment, and stifle the voices of those who exercise freedom of his views of citizens calling for justice and democracy.

Tran Van Viet, brother of British activist Tran Vu Binh, who is known for some of the songs for the authorities is that says 'anti-state' in which there's a song  'Prisoners meal' says family he expected
This petition will hit international attention:

"Yearning for the children thanks to the U.S. Embassy, ​​the U.S. government help for my child be released ...
Tran Van Viet, activist Tran Vu Anh Binh

The Hanoi arrested 17 young activists, including many associated with the Redemptorists have led many institutions to protect human rights around the world, including Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch criticized Vietnam escalating human rights violations.

In March, nine international non-governmental organizations sent a letter to Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung urged to release them immediately and let them enjoy the right to legal assistance. However, according to Human Rights Watch, Hanoi is not only not meet but, on the contrary, continue to increase the violation.

5 of the 17 activists have been sentenced to prison while others still imprisoned in harsh conditions, not a lawyer, or not allowed to visit.

Not long ago, the Program Director for International Law and Reconciliation Law School University of Stanford (USA), Professor Allen Weiner, representing 17 young activists imprisoned in Vietnam to send petition letter to the Commission of Investigation on Arbitrary Detention of the United Nations presented on Hanoi illegal arrest, prolonged detention of activists and request the United Nations called on Vietnam to release them immediately.

17 young people were arrested in July 2011, allegedly in violation of the Criminal Code on 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration' and 'propaganda against the state' as they participate in activities promote human rights, justice, against oppression and injustice. They are young Catholics and Protestants, the active participation in social volunteer work.

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