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Vietnam's communist government harassment of relatives and family dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan




During past time, the communist government of Vietnam in addition to direct crackdown on the Democracy Activist, Religious activist and dissident voices in the country who commit acts of harassment and intimidation both themselves and their families. This is truly a despicable and shameless behavior is not acceptable. Despite the terrible human rights violations in the increasingly attracted keen interest from the International Community more but probably only use diplomatic measures to recommend or wait the recovery is moving attention from the totalitarian communist authorities, the results obtained or expect from the International Community on goodwill of Vietnamese is zero that the terrible events happening in recently for the Democratic dissidents and their relatives are the most obvious evidence can not be denied.

Although the current range of the Party Central Committee meeting be convened and held on behalf of correction or flowery words as calling way of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government as: "self-criticism, self-criticism ... etc. .. But in fact the aforementioned exciting only take the form of fake Democracy in order to deceive and reassure the public while the economic situation of Vietnam failure serious degradation due to rampant corruption in the government apparatus, in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam and in the leadership of government at all levels. Throughout the workshops, the conference, the people of Vietnam and the International community could be easy to see the true nature of the so-called correction or self-criticism, self-criticism that the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam has always been the previous claims. fact that only struggle of mutual struggle for power between the faction leaders of North and South, between the Party leadership and the executive apparatus of the government ....

And those who dare to expose the truth above the Vietnamese communist government were severely punished and punished by the shameless despicable tactics as did for blogger components, Democratic activists their family and their loved ones in the past led to the tragic death as the self-immolation of a recent blogger Ta Phong Tan's mother in front of the Administrative Committee of Bac Lieu town on last 30 July, 2012. Before the human rights situation was Vietnam's communist government trampled rudely and progresses more and more serious, we are not only the consensus on recommendations call for strong intervention from the International Community create pressure on the communist government of Vietnam to respect and fully implement and comply with their commitments on human rights to the international community. In addition, the Vietnamese people living in and outside the country also need to work together to show all the necessary reaction as his conduct peaceful marches for democracy and human rights in the country. We hope that with the powerful combination of domestic and foreign, between the International Community and the people of Vietnam, the Vietnamese communist government can not continue to ignore public opinion and can not continue International legal challenges and the human conscience.


Examine the family company of Le Quoc Quan
 Update: 12:40 GMT, Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Luật sư Lê Quốc Quân trước văn phòng công ty tư vấn luật của ông

He wrote the law runs a consulting firm

Police raided the family company Le Quoc Quan, a lawyer famous dissidents, at the same time in both the company's offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday morning 3/10.

Vietnam Credit, a company active in the field of credit rating firms in Vietnam, Mr. Le Dinh Quan, his brother officers and administration.

Representative office of the company in Ho Chi Minh City by Mr. Le Quoc Quyet, another brother of Mr. Quan management.

According to Quan, the two offices raided by police at the same time and now have to stop working

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Talking to BBC, Bui Duc Thang, employees based in Hanoi Vietnam Credit, said there were a few dozen people, including uniformed and plainclothes police officers and conducted the search.

"They said all employees sit quietly and not moving, and if you use the camera, it will be confiscated and escort wards," Thang said.

"They told me according to law, and there is enough evidence," he said, forces used batons to suppress the workers.

Private director Le Dinh Quan, because disagree this force on room ransacked it has been possible clashes as he slightly bruised, as told by Mr. Thang.

After a search, the police had taken away 'some literature on financial reporting, tax, and some CD documentation and reporting of the company,' he said.

"They said that the company has a search warrant and seized things related to the case," he said, "But what about the case, you will not be very clear."

An employee of Vietnam Credit representative office in Ho Chi Minh City also has confirmed to the BBC about the police raid on the morning of 3/10.

"They confiscated the documents of the company and drive the computer's CPU," this person said on condition of anonymity.

"They took away just for the screen. All documents on the desk is being emptied, "he said.

According to this employee, the raids took place from 9:30 to 12 with less than 30 police from Hanoi and the ward.

"The search took place normally," he said, "They just asked him Mr. Quyet (chief representative Le Quoc Quyet) go.

Quan Lam Bao?

Quan accused of being constantly harassed by the authorities

Talking to BBC, Le Quoc Quan said now his two younger brothers were released but summonses work.

He also adds separate Managing Director has been taken on his home raided and seized some CDs.

On physical examination, he said now he does not know what's behind this raid.
However, he also provides some speculation as 'may be related to my personal' or 'in campaign hit banks'.

In 2009, high-ranking Vietnam Credit've Asia Commercial Bank ACB, central banks in the current crackdown on 'criminal bank takeover, he explained.

But he also said that an employee of Vietnam Credit who was got out heard the police standing outside saying 'this group is the group of Quan Lam Bao' - a website has been Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung made the list Black because 'defamation leaders'.

"Personally, I think nothing. My younger brothers do not anything to do with politics but just a normal business, "he said.

He also said that during the past year the company has been inspected, as well as making it difficult many times though he himself 'is not owner' and 'irrelevant' to the operation of the company.

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