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Declaration of Democratic Bloc 8406 on the patriotic youths are arrested (Hoang Nhat Thong, Vo Minh Tri, Nguyen Phuong Uyen)



Block 8406
             Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006

Dear all fellow Vietnam and abroad. Please popularized and translated into foreign languages ​​to broad public opinion. We sincerely thank you.
Block 8406

   Declaration on patriotic youths are arrested
(Hoang Nhat Thong, Vo Minh Tri, Nguyen Phuong Uyen)

            According to news reports:

            - On next 30-10-2012, the Communist government of Vietnam will take two musicians Tran Vu Anh Binh (real name: Hoang Nhat Thong) and Viet Khang (real name: Vo Minh Tri)- was arrested September and December 2011 trial in the so-called "People's Court" Saigon for implementation behavior (such as leaflets for the freedom of human rights social justice, music tell the miserable condition of the people and the country, participated in the protests against the Chinese invasion) alleged violation of Clause 2, Article 88 of the Penal Code: "conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam", under which the Court will be from 10 to 20 years.

            - On the morning of 14-10-2012, the Vietnamese Communist police kidnapped female student Nguyen Phuong Uyen (University of Saigon Food Industry) right in the heart of Saigon, despite all the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, and this brought her to Long An detained for questioning in the spiritual terrorism, saying that she signs "join a organization leaflets" is also considered a violation of Article 88 the Penal Code. (The latest action of this organization is leaflets under the An Suong the bridge Highway 1A Truong Chinh in Saigon on 10-10-2012. Please see Appendix below).

            - Two male musicians and female students above are for a member of the Patriotic Youth group. According to an article by the group, posted on 21-01-2012, the "Patriotic Youth (ttyN) is a collection of young people mostly students, youth, artists' sense of responsibility of the injustices of society, the sight of the country is losing at the hands of foreign invasion of China, especially the two archipelagoes Hoang Sa and Truong Sa belong to the East Sea that bullying and aggression perversely by Trung Quoc, contrary to international law but the communist government of Vietnam (communist) proved spineless complicity with the invaders, this action almost sold the country to foreign. TtyN officially established on the death anniversary of the Hung Vuong 2011, the operation of Posting ttyN is put on the site, the blogs called communist state respect for human rights has been provided by the United Nations, respect free and democratic elections ... writing love songs speak native peoples and the unjust social circumstances, to the streets peacefully to protest the Chinese invasion of Vietnam's East Sea ... pen and singing as the means to transport and called patriotic keen to everyone's sense of standing up for human rights, religious freedom and democracy in Vietnam. "

    Before the event, Block 8406 domestic and overseas claims:

            1 - Warmly acclaimed Vietnamese artist Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh for composing the song expressing patriotic sentiments to the heart, save history. In particular two "Vietnam?" And "Who are you?" Of Vietnamese artist Khang said up the pain wrath of a fellow citizen before the state starving misery since the policy rule Communist, Communist Chinese country was gradually encroaching the cowardice weakness of the Hanoi government, and people took to the streets against the invaders, police regime brutally beaten. Many songs by British composer Tran Vu Binh brought such agony mood.

            2 - Fully endorsed the group ttyN bring up Internet posts urged the Vietnamese Communist government to respect the human rights and civil rights were the United Nations and regulations of Vietnam has committed to ...; group ttyN writing love songs speak native peoples and the social injustices ... circumstances, to the streets peacefully to protest the Chinese invasion of Vietnam's East Sea ..., using pen and cases as a means to arouse the patriotism of the people, the sense of standing up for human rights, religious freedom and democracy for Vietnam ... It is natural and legitimate rights of all citizens in civilized democratic world, completely in accordance with Article 69 of the Constitution: "Citizens have freedom of speech, liberty of the press; information; rights of assembly, association, demonstration, "with Article 4 of the Press: Citizens" information to the press in all aspects of the situation of the country and the world ... (is) to speak comments on the situation of the country and the world ... () comments, criticism, suggestions, complaints, denunciations in the press for the organization of the Party and State agencies, social organizations and member of the organization ", especially with Article 19.2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Vietnam has committed to observe in 1982:" Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. This right includes freedom to seek, receive and impart any information, opinion, regardless of the field, the form of oral communication, written, printed, or in the form of art, through any public mass media, depending on their choice "

            3 - Out of gratitude for the courageous group ttyN have leaflets warning threat of foreign invasion and internal invasion robbery selling country; accuse the victim of embezzlement of harassment, robbery suppression, lavish life of corrupted officials government officials; presented disaster victims robbed farmers land, workers damnation; policy condemning authoritarian rule, religious persecution, to destroy the freedom of the Communist Party; least call for the entire people protest and require replacement rule inhumane, incompetent, incapable in peaceful non-violent .. The it is also a natural and legitimate rights of citizens in a civilized democratic world, in accordance with Article 19.2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 1 of the Convention this: "All peoples have the right to self-determination. Comes from this right, the people can freely determine their political institutions, "as well as to what Ho Chi Minh himself said:" If the Government to harm people, the people have the right to dismiss the Government "(Ho Chi Minh Complete, Volume 4, Publishing House of the Truth, page 283). (See Appendix below)

            4 - Pole opposed the authorities use Article 88 of the Criminal Code to deal with members of the group ttyN. International and people all know that 88 is a of all equivocal defined, unreasonable and undemocratic. It violates the Constitution of the "Socialist Republic of Vietnam" and of course the more serious violations of fundamental human rights, in accordance with the provisions of international law. Therefore it has become a tool of sinister, cruel and despicable that the Communist authorities often used to suppress peaceful dissent, condemning thousands of Vietnamese patriots , whenever they dare openly and courageously voiced his independence and honesty in the face of the regime, the social situation and the current situation of the country.

            Communist Party are organizing the "criticism and self-criticism" as well as the recently completed Central Conference 6, in which the parties acknowledged that the need to determine and protect the independence of the country's national sovereignty is at risk (due to Communist China, though dare not stated clearly), that the growing economic recession and social crisis situation increasingly crazy and chaotic, the situation increasingly difficult population and crumbled by the policy mistakes of the Communist Party and the Politburo, the corrupt behavior of many party members from high to low ... to the General Secretary of the party and the Prime Minister to apologize to all the people and the National Assembly (but not handle the culprit). Again applying the wrong paragraph 88 above (and possibly 79) to punish group ttyN (as just punishment Free Journalists Club)-which are exposed and brave citizens trace the terrible crisis and disaster victims-that the Communist Party completely contradicts what they just said with the national, completely contrary to what he has promised the people, further revealing the nature of adverse people in country, slave Communist China, to cling to their's power and position, humble nature with the enemy and evil to the people, cover in suppressing external; increasingly revealed suppression inertia all citizens love their country against foreign enemies, inertia would error for the story behind the great evil and wrong for the country people to never fix the compensation and honestly, on the contrary as crimes and greater mistake.

            5 - Earnestly call all fellow Vietnam and abroad, the democratic government, human rights organizations and defend advocacy communications agency for Group ttyN, as three members are arrested and about to be punished, to attend the majority of the hearing will be open to take next morning October 30 at 131 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Saigon city to support the patriotic spirit for the children of Mother Vietnam. Please all continue to oppose the communist authorities use Article 79 and 88 of the Penal Code to suppress every voice sincere and willing to build a democratic political system, non-dictatorship, a society respect for all human rights and civil rights of citizens. Finally, we ask all the people actively involved in the campaign Million Heart One Voice to support the domestic democratic and Stanch campaign communist in the UN Human Rights Council.

            In Vietnam and overseas, October 28, 2012.
            Board of Bloc 8406:

1 - Father Phan Van Loi, Hue, Vietnam.
2 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam.
3 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
4 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            In communion with the Father Nguyen Van Ly, a veteran Tran Anh Kim, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia, and many other religious political prisoners are in prison communism.


Tract contents on 10-10-2012 of Group ttyN in demand Suong

            "Dear people of Vietnam, to stand up against the tyranny of the Vietnamese Communist dictatorship. Let's take back the rights for ourselves and our families, stand up for Freedom, Human Rights and Justice. Communist Party of Vietnam live to indulge in dissipation on sweat and tear of the people. They steal land of good people and to enrich the Communist Party, as slaves to sell the Paracel and Spratly island to China. Turning a blind eye to Chinese food sold in our country debilitating toxic Vietnamese race. For the benefit of the children, for the future of the nation, to remove fear, stand up against the Vietnamese Communist tyranny. Patriotic youth "

            "It has been 37 years since the Communist Party of Vietnam take over South Vietnam with nouns Liberation, they did nothing for his native Vietnam? We have to work hard in the company of China, bullied hundred surface, to leave the fatherland in exile in their own country to find a livelihood for the family. While the Communist government corrupt dissipated fall, fun on the prey and tear of the cells. They robbed farms, land, houses, put us to the end of way to leave our villages in exile for real. Not enough to eat, dressing not enough, on New Year does not have the money to visit family. What are we afraid? For the future of ourselves, our families and our children, let's down the road, shouting: "Down with communism in Vietnam." Oh council up and go .... Patriotic youth "

            "Religious freedom in the homeland? The religious dignitaries let stand up with us to be down on Atheist Communist Vietnam, claim the right to religious freedom. Vietnamese Communist Party tried to invade the religious teachings of the, clearance churches, temples and shrines. As a child of God, the Buddha, we can not sit still for ghost hurt Dhamma and Dao. Distort religious teachings blatantly, blackened honor of religious leaders with the aim of gradually building Communist society without religion. Let down the sacred torch lit up the nation to protect religious freedom. Patriotic youth "

            "China is taking steps to annex our country, they are gradually occupied all our islands. China's long-term watershed lease to occupy the important place. To China in the bauxite mining in the Central Highlands to key military base. Offering historical Nam Quan pass, Ban Gioc waterfall and thousands of square kilometers of land border to China. Communist Party of Vietnam bidding for China accounting for most of the national key projects for Chinese to dominate the country's economy ... the country is in danger! All people stand up to save the country, together holding hands down the street against Vietnamese Communist, minions of Chinese Communist. Long live Vietnam! Patriotic youth "

Sourcehttp://www.quehuongngaymai. com/forums/showthread.php?p= 1179383#post1179383

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