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German city of Munich, "One day for the Vietnamese Fatherland"




An indescribable feeling of lightheadedness and state extremely joyful, happy to see groups of people crowded tingle parade in the city of Munich, Federal Republic of Germany for a day "Because Vietnam Fatherland" of about 300 Vietnamese expatriates living in many different cities around of Germany before the aggressive attitude and ambition of aggressor China. However, besides those beloved images, the Vietnamese people feel in a moment of emotion when images flashed past traumatic for everyone recalled the Vietnamese people in the scene into large cities such as Saigon, Hanoi, Danang, Ba Ria Vung Tau .... masses of Vietnamese patriots were herded to the police car and then drove straight to the prison, the rehabilitation center where for the criminal offense and objects of social evils under the management of education of the State!

Besides the tragic images that are interspersed scenes of people being carried up the car's special police, the bus shield like an animal on his or her back and legs and arms torn out with the lash of the enemy as storms and the historic kick to the face by the Vietnamese police officers, including those in the police uniformed and plain clothes. Unforgettable images that have been recorded in the history of Vietnam, the stark contrast with the image shown today by the Vietnamese expatriates living in foreign land. Sometimes, the Vietnamese people both at home and abroad and the International Community has expressed doubt the goodwill of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government to prove and reclaim their sovereignty over the territory and islands that the Chinese communist government, their brothers occupied illegally. Especially since the Notes of sale country in 1958 by former prime minister Pham Van Dong made earlier was uncovered the truth.

Vietnamese Communist Party and the government will have how words to answer before all the people of the contrast stark contrast of the two images above? especially on the image of a foreign citizen to join the parade passionately as Vietnam is home of his own, that's Mr. Andre Ho Cuong Quyet, a French Vietnamese nationality , who has helped Vietnam to prove to the world about Vietnam's sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands where the Chinese communist government is illegally occupied and announced their sovereignty wrong way left in the film and Video by himself he made warmly welcome and congestion  in many other countries around the world but was banned radical in Viet Nam!!!. What's more painful when himself Andre Ho Cuong Quyet and the vast majority of Vietnamese people at home and abroad feel like their own patriotism are being betrayed by their government.


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München with "A Day for the Vietnam Fatherland"
Tuong An RFA correspondent

On Saturday, October 20, more than 300 people in Germany took to the streets to march in the city of Munich (München); rallies end with a screening of the film "Paracel, the pain of loss" For Vietnamese territorial claims before the invasion of China.

Photo by listeners Vo Le Kieu sent
More than 300 people in Germany took to the streets
to march in the city of Munich on October 20, 2012
to assert the sovereignty of Vietnam before the expansion of China.

Aims to:

. Oppose the Chinese government repeatedly blatant infringement of the sovereignty, territorial waters and natural resources of Vietnam,

. Expose the expansionist policies threaten the peace of the Chinese government before international public opinion,

. Expressed determination to defend the homeland, Vietnam by overseas Vietnamese,

. Ask the Vietnamese government determined to assert the country's sovereignty and national
independence, and respect and encourage public expressions of patriotism rights of Vietnamese citizens.

It is the content of the call of groups launched protests marches "A Day for Vietnam Fatherland".

In a rare sunny day in October, around 300 people, Germany has entered the heart of the city of Munich (München), starting at square Geschwister-Scholl, along the river ISAR with hands on Vietnam map, with objectionable content banner of China's U-shaped line, support the patriotic spirit of the Vietnamese people in Vietnam, Vietnam requires the state to respect and to create conditions for people in the country to demonstrate, through which claims the territory and territorial waters of Vietnam. At last, the march group stop at SendlingerTorPlatz, the moss walls were erected in 1918, covered the southern city of Munich.

so many friends, so many young people are interested, the proposal is to organize another protest to express patriotism, determination to defend the country protection of overseas Vietnamese .
Oh. Nguyen Thuong Viet

One of the eight people who initiated the protest march is Mr. Nguyen Thuong Viet. Last year, he and his friends also joined the protest China violated its territory and territorial waters of Vietnam. He said the reason to promote him and his group of friends to continue to speak out:

"Last year I also made a similar rally this year; situation sovereignty in the East Sea, the island is also no improvement, so many friends, so many young people, so the mind, the proposal is to organize another protest to express patriotism, determination to protect to protect the country from overseas Vietnamese.

One of our main purposes is to express to the natives here on the situation of hegemonic expansion of the Beijing authorities and we also want to master all elements. In Germany, there are many different components: The brothers and sisters from the Eastern Europe, international students or refugees wave of boat people, or students who just be arrival. They include many components, many different backgrounds with a lot of difference. So we want to make organizing a demonstration, how are the majority, all as children of overseas Vietnamese to speak of patriotism. "

Same beats


Mr. André Ho Cuong Quyet was in union 
marches in Munich yesterday 20/10/2012.
Hinh due Vo listeners Kieu Le submit.

Point of departure is Square Geschwister-Scholl, also not an accidental choice, this is where the Germany celebrates two brothers Hans and Sophie Scholl. Two brothers Scholl also known as the White Rose; World War II, two students have been handing out flyers to against dictatorships Hitler. Both were beheaded People's Court on 02.22.1943 in a prison in Munich.

After the post-war, they have become a symbol against the totalitarian regime. Ms. Ai Van, a Munich resident, said the reason she joined the protest against expansionist Beijing:

"Very simple, because he is Vietnamese. I'm very happy to see that the Vietnamese are living away from their country home but always keep the national identity. I see that all of us join together to protect the sacred land of our Fathers from thousands of years ago shed blood fighting to preserve.

I see that all of us join together to protect the sacred land of our Fathers from thousands of years ago shed blood fighting to preserve.
Ms. Ai Van

Although I am living away from home for more than 30 years, I see that I was born by my parents, I have a certain responsibility, a little voice alone, each one of you have a dream, fight with something very peaceful. Only hope that future generations will think and they will continue this career of the Fathers. "

Union demonstrators under the direction of the police along the main avenue of a Munich has caught the attention of many local residents in the third largest city in Germany. And not only the German interest in chanting of the teams down the road, what makes Ms. Ai Van feel most emotional is the presence of a Frenchman in this rally:

"I saw there was a French director; him speak Vietnamese as the Vietnamese did; himself both surprised and touched. As a Frenchman, not Vietnam then, is not home, he stood up to read a speech in Vietnamese on the square of Germany. He himself was also in tears, I felt that I too emotional.

He was not the Vietnamese but still stood up for his homeland. This not only protects for Vietnam but also protect the peace of the whole world. "


Movie posters Hoang Sa, the pain of loss. 
RFA file.

Well, the French have Vietnamese nationality that Ms. Ai Van refers to none other than Mr. André Ho Cuong Quyet, who are present in most of the anti-Chinese protests in Saigon. Also present in the group marched in Munich, Mr. Quyet, let know why he join the protest today:

"I went out to protest let to the German public opinion in particular know how to behave inhumanely, even the Chinese government persecution. I go to protests to denounce the crimes of the policy of aggression, expansion of hawks Beijing. At the same time I go to demonstrations to protest the true patriotic fellow banned demonstrations in the country, slandered, beaten, and some were put in prison.

The second reason is also very important for me, it's a new event. Very rare! Is a complex capital overseas Vietnamese community is the origin, experience, social class, political views, but they are brave enough, smart enough, consciousness and patriotism to put aside contradictions and the streets together as one, in order to protect his country.

I would like to thank you from Hannover, Koln, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, from Sarrebrucken, Nuernberg, from Phaha exceeded several hundred kilometers to come here to participate on the united Vietnam. "

The protest march is about 3 km long, starting at 1 pm and end at 5 pm the same day. Then, around 7 pm, everyone is listening fisherman's central message about the pain of losing her husband, lost his father by the invaders, but was determined to protect the waters ancestral traditions. Their indomitable pride is expressed through the documentary "Paracel Vietnam - the pain of loss" of Mr. André Menras Ho Cuong Quyet. The film was forbidden by security forces HCMC shown many times in Vietnam and in France by the various components.

Returned to Europe, this time to continue screening "HS, Viet Nam The pain of loss," is, in addition to French, German and English, the film also been translated into Japanese; since his decision, opinion Japanese risk assessment from China is very large, so the Japanese movie was a very good thing for the Vietnamese fishermen, enabling the audience to sympathize with them and able to launch a movement, established a fund to assist fishermen Ly Son. He added:

"Nowadays, with new incidents occur in the Senkaku / Diaoyu, the thousands of Japanese movie was a very good thing for the Vietnamese fishermen. There is a very interesting thing for me: is that Tokyo is the voice of the fisherman and Ly Son widow in Saigon and Hanoi are not allowed to listen them; well have something there, very "strange" , "strange" vessels "strange" and the "strange" you sorry too familiar. "


Vietnamese people in Germany took to the streets to march in the city of Munich on October 20, 2012 to assert the sovereignty of Vietnam before the expansion of China. Photo by listeners Vo Kieu Le submit.
In the flow of people to the streets in Munich today, though they are not the same place, though many implications not remove. But today their hearts beating the same rhythm as the island home. To borrow his sentiments dentist Thuc Quyen, author of "The letter sent to the loved person" are popular on the internet, has also starred in the protesters to close the narrative about the protests "A date for the National Vietnam ":
"Destiny your country is in the hands of 90 million people in the country. How to bring Freedom and Democracy hometown in the hands of the people in the country.

As Vietnamese living overseas I look back on duty as well as my first role is to support people in the country are entitled to express their opinions in the protection of ancestral land to build a civil liberties background owners. In addition to supporting the people in the country, a prerequisite I was attentive ear to their needs so that you can complement what in the present circumstances they can not do at home.

I totally believe in the people in the country, knows what he wants, self know what to do, and I believe they will do what needs to be done. Democracy in my opinion, is to respect the will of the people. "

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