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Security of Vietnam is staging false evidence to convict female student Phuong Uyen




At first, is deny vehemently that the police ward Tay Thanh Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh has not arrested and did not know anything about student Nguyen Phuong Uyen of University of Food Industry TP . Ho Chi Minh .. etc ... but then today accept that the police had arrested Uyen but not say the obvious reason why she was arrested and is currently detained in the police investigation of Long An province with series of fabricated evidence aimed at maligning this students as well as enlist the sympathy from the public of people that attempt to charge students Nguyen Phuong Uyen. Trickery, deception of police agencies at every level so far no stranger to the people of the country, but the application of vicious and despicable tactics mentioned above to deal with a schoolgirl younger, truly shameless and do not have anything to say.

When first heard the story of student Nguyen Phuong Uyen, people still do not have much impression for myself Nguyen Phuong Uyen because she was teacher and fellow students to love. Moreover, what she did if be correct as alleged by the police agency, is there anything wrong? against the invading enemy occupied territory, the territorial sea of  country is a crime? As a state always claims before domestic and international public opinion that Vietnam is a legitimate state that there are acts of disregard laws like that, where is right !!!???. Not to mention the arrest of Nguyen Phuong Uyen by form of kidnapping, terrorism, is what as different as evil acts of gangsters usually do. And after have done wrongdoing that do not admit things, how qualified enough  for government representative, justice, law and maintaining social order and security in accordance with the functions and responsibilities of a police who has been people's trust.

Did the Vietnamese communist government cowardice and so shameless? Why deal with an enthusiastic young students and rich patriotism like that ...? Vietnamese society, the country of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people let would be judged in a fair way that patriotic student Nguyen Phuong Uyen of Food Industrial University in Ho Chi Minh City is sinners or Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese communist government and the police officers themselves is sinners? Vietnamese police agencies, along with the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government are not only to be crimes against the people, but also a crime against the nation and Ethnicity while ignoring and abetting the enemy invasion of China invaded Vietnam's islands in frail attitudes and behavior, not only has no effective measures to protect its fishermen, there is no clear plan to protect the country, before the invasion of the enemy but turn away from harassment, oppression, assault and arrest loved people  when they voiced patriotism against the invading enemy. The people of the country, would be powerful to prevent any act of collusion group of leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam. Let's protect the country escape the invasion hands of Chinese enemies, especially the protection of absolute safety for the patriotic student Nguyen Phuong Uyen in particular and the Vietnamese people love the country in general.


Security is staging false evidence to convict female student Phuong Uyen
Posted by pleikly at 12:53 AM 23/10/12

  VRNs (10/23/2012) - Saigon - An staging agents are the evidence to convict female student Nguyen Phuong Uyen, 20, Binh Thuan, the 3rd year students of the University of Food Industry.

Saturday afternoon, the last date 20.10.2012, Nguyen Thi Nhung, the mother of the female student Phuong Uyen went to the inn at Tay Thanh ward, Tan Phu, Saigon, having a female student in the same room Accommodation with Uyen, called Phuong. Phuong is one of four people was arrested by police on the ward, but then Phuong and two other students were leaving, alone Phuong Uyen be hold.

Mrs. Nhung said the student named Phuong tells is as follows:

The next day, ie Monday, 15.10.2012, one man is called Phong, plain clothes, as police and asked her to hand over the camera of Phuong Uyen to him. He finished seeing photos and then delete all images in the camera.

Mrs. Nhung asks " do you know what images are there in camera?"

Ms. Phuong said: "The camera has 39 plates, including 33 plates photographed bridge An Suong, 3 plate capture a young man wearing a mask, and 3 plate photographing bill 500, bill wrote four verses "against China. "

Ms. Phuong adds: "Mr. Phong said test Phuong Uyen has  200 bills that par value 10,000."

Heard Ms. Nhung tells story, we found more absurd:

1. The policeman called Phong to collect cameras to find criminal evidence through captured images remains in the air. So why did he delete that data?
Natural way of thinking, can include photos related to this policeman, so he was removed to the original non-soluble evidence, then copy the images on the computer to create false evidence charges, accused female student Nguyen Phuong Uyen.

2. Why Ms. Phuong who friend of Uyen can remember correctly was 39 shots, including 33 shots of bridges An Suong, three pictures a man covered masks and 3 plates taken notes written poetry against China?

If before shooting roll film photographers to easily know how much pictures was took, and took which type. For now taken with digital camera, one can hardly remember exactly how much plates was took , and the plates that have any content. Except for the following two cases:

- Ms. Phuong herself is capturing images, and clearly intend to use, should remember each such panels. And also one more condition when Ms. Phuong is a skilled photographer, capture plate is used that is broken, not to give up.

- Ms. Phuong was the policeman name Phong "put words into Phuong's mouth",  if there's someone asking about the contents in the camera of Phuong Uyen, is let tell by a so coherent way. If this is the case then this is evidence that the police are up fake evidence to lend publicity blamed Phuong Uyen reporting lies with the police to press the right margin before that lead to journalists Hai ( Tuoi Tre newspaper), and journalist Chien (Thanh Nien Youth) was jailed.

3. The Phong, police said Phuong Uyen has 200 bills par value10 thousand Vnd is what he said by himself rather than the result based on the examination of the records of the house of Uyen, so far, the arrest Phuong Uyen, the police have been made according to the type of kidnapping and terrorism, not to comply with the current law of Vietnam.

But why lay out details on 200 bills par value 10 thousand Vnd?

According website said: "At dawn on 10/10/2012 ttyN conducted a scale campaign with new techniques leaflets in box automatically" timed "auto-inflate on the Overcoming bridge An Suong, the national highway 1A - Truong Chinh - Saigon. Number of 3 thousand forms of leaflets and 2 million Vnd of bills are converted into smaller par value bills with 4 content called for people to stand up against communist Vietnam and boycott Chinese goods. "

Apparently the policeman named Phong are "put words into mouth" to student Phuong to say about Uyen have too much loose change as evidence Uyen participation activities described above.

Obviously this is the staging evidence to accuse a female student, Nguyen Phuong Uyen.

What we say here is also close to her mother of Phuong Uyen said.

Invite you to listen to live audio reply of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhung to better understand the problem.

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