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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez strong support of a worldwide campaign, “Million Hearts, One Voice”




Human rights are trampled rudely in Vietnam and how to be able to bring Vietnam into the orbit of the world where the violation of human rights to be condemned are radical themes prominent capital in Vietnam is now attracting widespread attention from the International Community. Vietnamese people both inside and outside the country is now heading to home country of Vietnam where people are suffering and groan under the rule of inhuman and immoral of the Vietnamese communist dictatorship that Human Rights campaign for Vietnam, the campaign "We, the people" was launched live on the White House website of President Barack Obama's administration in March this year which received hundreds of thousands of signatures supporting from the people who living across the states of the United States and the "Million heart, one voice" was launched again in the United States in the last few days are the most powerful demonstration.

Human rights situation in Vietnam increasingly bad that people have to believe that even in the interests of ethnic or national of the country, the Freedom and Democracy countries in the world also can not continue to favor Vietnam, keep silent, or turn a blind eye to ignore the acts of gross human rights abuses of the communist government of Vietnam today. Especially the United States, where's the birth and is considered the cradle of Democracy Worldwide. Human values ​​and the basic definition of human rights is the same in any society and any country worldwide. Therefore, the Vietnamese communist government can not continue to cite the reasons for the cultural characteristics of each country are not the same so the concept of basic human rights of each country are different, to then comfortably and blatantly trample the fundamental rights of the people in their country that is not subject to sanctions or punishment from the International Community.

The U.S. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez voiced support for the Human Rights Campaign "Million heart, one voice" is currently SBTN TV stations in the United States launched in recent days has been tremendous encouragement for the Vietnamese people, for those who love Freedom and Democracy. We believe that the justice is always on the side of righteousness. And then all efforts, our efforts to lobby and advocate for Freedom and Democracy, Human Rights in Vietnam will definitely achieve positive results as we had intended. Vietnam's communist government can not hand covering the sky forever. The act inhumane and immoral of leadership group of Party and the Communist government  of Viet Nam, then it will have to pay the price. There is no achievement without sacrifice or loss. The years of grim in prison, the pain of suffering that the Vietnamese people endured today and for years will become the justice bullets to fire straight at the heart of the authoritarian leaders who's enthusiasm  with corruption but indifference to the great loss and pain of their people.

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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez strong support of a worldwide campaign, “Million Hearts, One Voice”,

Đăng bởi pleikly lúc 12:06 Sáng 20/10/12
VRNs (Oct 20th, 2012) California, USA - Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47), Co-Chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Vietnam today issued a statement in strong support of a worldwide campaign, “Million Hearts, One Voice”, launched by Saigon Broadcasting Television Network. Rep. Sanchez denounced the Vietnamese government’s relentless repression of peaceful activists and called for the immediate releases of all prisoners of conscience.
“I am honored to be a signatory of the “Million Hearts, One Voice” petition, calling on the international community to shine a light on the lack of human rights in Vietnam. I join the activist community to stand with bloggers Dieu Cay – Nguyen Van Hai, Ta Phong Tan, Paulus Le Son; labor activist Do Thi Minh Hanh, Father Nguyen Van Ly; Pastor Duong Kim Khai; land activist Tran Thi Thuy; song writer Viet Khang and countless other human rights activists who are unable to speak, act or defend themselves freely. These patriotic individuals helped champion workers’ rights, land grievers’ rights and advocated for freedoms of religion, opinion, speech and press.
“October 17, 2012 also marks the six-month anniversary since Dr. Nguyen Quoc Quan, an American democracy activist was arrested at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Saigon by the Vietnamese authorities. After months of arbitrary detention, the Vietnamese government changed Dr. Nguyen’s crime from terrorism to subversion despite having no grounds for either of these accusations. In fact, almost all of the voices of conscience have been sentenced or face charges under Article 79, which penalizes “carrying out activities aimed at overthrowing the people’s administration” or Article 88, which penalizes “conducting propaganda against the State”. These vague national security provisions are ludicrous. Using articles 79 and 88 to arrest peaceful democracy advocates are blatant human rights violations.
“Behind all the gleaming new developments is a country that does not respect basic human rights, where the rule of law is nothing but an empty, unfulfilled promise.
“As the government of Vietnam continues to criminalize its citizens’ right to basic freedoms, it is a clear indication that it is not in the Vietnam authorities’ interests to be on the side of the people. I urge everyone to sign the “Million Hearts, One Voice” petition on as we continue to advocate for the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Vietnam.
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