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When party members guilty for the resolution




After Mr. Nguyen Cong Khanh, former vice president of the People's Committee of Tien Lang district, who led the coercive force swamp of his family Doan Van Garden and who then saw the bulldozers of the coercive force destruction of the victim's two-story house, the police were Haiphong served prosecutions detention and arrest on last October 22. Evolution of the talking on the Review of the objective, it seems the Vietnamese communist government are acting to overcome their mistakes after the implementation of the coercive wrong for his family Doan Van Vuon and most after the leadership of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on the case mentioned above. But an unexpected and quite interesting when people discovered that an unusual incident was the last person Haiphong authorities to prosecute the case and arrest on October 22, 2012 this year, said Nguyen Cong Khanh former vice chairman of Tien Lang district is the only one in the apparatus of Tien Lang district authorities disagreed with the wrong coercive  for his family Doan Van Vuon.

Yes, right the conscienceless and immoral resolution of corporate corruption in the apparatus of government  in Tien Lang district, and Hai Phong city callously robbed of life and push honest people in the prison. Moreover, after the country's people expose and protest the object, those powerful people but immoral to continue acting, continue make their unethical behavior by attribute a crime to a staff officer, who was the attitude against wrong attitudes and behavior of the Party of Tien Lang district authorities and Hai Phong City. This is a lesson full of bitterness towards himself Nguyen Cong Khanh because his indefinite and half-hearted attitude in the fight against the views and illegal behavior of the Party and government Tien Lang district also of the Party and government Hai Phong city. Although at first he, Khanh did not agree with the government's coercive wrong to people, but then not have the courage to stand his right and finally today he was his comrades used him as a sacrifice to cover up and cover up their crimes.

If the case is properly concerned and carried out in a fair impartial trial, the three other leaders prosecuted with Mr. Nguyen Cong Khanh including Pham Xuan Hoa, head of the Natural Resources and Environment Tien Lang district, Mr. Pham Dang Hoan, former Party secretary and Mr. Le Van Liem chairman of the commune People's Vinh Quang has not been released on bail today. Moreover, the senior commanding officers direct services as well as approved coercive enforcement decisions wrong that Tien Lang district, and Hai Phong city  include Le Van Hien, chairman of the Committee for Human Tien Lang district, Mr. Duong Anh Dien Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee and Do Trung Thoại, vice president of the People's Committee of Hai Phong city must be held responsible and severely dealt with before the law. Besides, the Vietnamese communist authorities also need to reconsider the leaders of the Party and government abuse of their power to make indiscriminately issued resolutions against the law and contrary to human moral conscience . Especially  must honestly amended, supplemented or cancellation of legal that violation or missing as land law, human rights law ....


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When party members guilty for the resolution
Even Lam, editor RFA

Eight months after the Prime Minister direct the investigation of Doan Van Garden, four leaders enforcement and destroying property of families Doan Van Vuon was prosecuted.

Photo courtesy of
He Nguyen Van Khanh sacked Deputy Chairman of Tien Lang district.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh, former vice president of Tien Lang district was detained four months to investigate. Family Doan Van Vuon did not agree with this command prosecuted because he Khanh not agree with enforcement policy from the very first day. Mac Lam learn more the following content.

Usually a senior when violations to the public and court prosecution, the victim was the first to show our appreciation for justice. Case of the arrest of his Nguyen Van Khanh former Vice Chairman of Tien Lang district is different.  Family Doan Van Vuon not delighted even right Mr. Khanh is the person who led the coercive force swamp and then saw bulldozers destroying the victim's two-story house.

The surprise to the public but if you know more about this unfolding story, from this surprise we discovered a much larger factor, it is the consensus of a system in force forced Mr.Khanh to do the things that he had opposed.

From a meeting

One of those who know the opposition is Vu Van Luan, Secretary and Vice President Lien Tien Lang Aquaculture Association, said it was he who witnessed important meeting that Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh expressed opposition to coercive plan to his family Vuon's land as well as aquaculture households in the district. Mr. Luan said:

The reason is on October 18, 2010 at which time he is Khanh Tien Lang District Vice President for inviting me and Mr. Vuon in meeting at room No. 2 of People's Committee of Tien Lang district. There were Pham Xuan Hoa is chief environmental resources. Mr. Nga, the chief accounting department, Mr. Khanh district People's Committee of Tien Lang district office. In it he Khanh claimed that he Khanh disagree on enforcement issues.

That day he Khanh conclusion is allocated to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment procedures for land reallocation in the 30 projects that the government has issued. The district president to end the prolonged action, two more to make sure the reputation of Tien Lang district People's Committee signed an agreement with the representatives is Mr. Luan, and Mr. Vuon in Hai Phong City People's Court and at the same time guaranteed income and ensure order and security issues.

After witnessing the meeting, Mr Luan knows that Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh sooner or later will also be removed from that collective because its interests are in danger of being lost by the opposition of a party who is not common in corruption machine:

When claims like that, I think he Khanh will be a victim of this because he alone dared to stand up against the intention of the government and the district committee Tien Lang district. At that time the government and the Tien Lang District Commissioner was determined to occupy the land of family Doan Van Vuon as well as land of aquaculture households Tien Lang district.

To the resolution grid


Coercive forces withdraw his home land, 
Vuon on 05/1/2012. Photo courtesy of phapluat.

Nearly two years after making comments against the coercion he Khanh Tien Lang to make the people and his family Doan Van Vuon surprised was he who led the coercive force. People understand that he alone Khanh could not resist the will of the group whether it is illicit desire, want foreclosure sweat too large to his family Reaching for use on other benefits personal leadership of Tien Lang district or higher level.

Ms. Pham Thi Hien, Doan Van Quy's wife, brother and is currently in custody with Mr. Vuon said she and her family thought about the Mr. Khanh arrest:

At first he Khanh not agree with his decision Hien but in the committee's block, Mr. Khanh alone can not resist the so-board so Mr. Khanh had to do. We've told you, it is because he Khanh was forced to do it. After this, we see is anyway he Khanh also responsible because he was present during that enforcement and destroying the property of my family and so he Khanh could not avoid responsibility.

Under the gaze of Mr. Vu Van Luan greedy image of a collective resolution of Tien Lang district to pressure made him Khanh to bow to the implementation of what the human conscience can not accept:

At first he Khanh not agree with his decision Hien but in the committee's block, Mr. Khanh alone can not resist the so-board so he, Khanh had to do.
Ms. Pham Thi Hien

I think he Khanh can not clear individual views must be responsible before it. Communist Party of Vietnam has 19 articles that prohibitions members not be made in which one thing is not make contrary to the resolutions of the party. In this case the district committee people have resolutions so if he Khanh not perform their roles and responsibilities, Mr. Khanh will be disciplined party. This is a painful problem for all party members not against the resolution even know this resolution is wrong.

It brings one's personal intentions collective manipulation to issue resolutions and force everyone to do. Khanh to know behind Tien Lang district committee has a huge force something so he Khanh could not fight his personal and Khanh could not pass the miles.

Resolution in the eyes of a party member is always the right direction, however if Tien Lang, the resolution was drafted to the Creator a scavenged hide action after coercive name and so he Khanh can not escape despite the clarity of his widely acknowledged.

Treatment or resolution mechanism?

After the silence before the storm central 6, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung returned to his promise and Haiphong after waiting green signal has embarked on the direction of the prime minister. Haiphong has not only made people ultimately desire when the protagonist is sitting outside the law. Three people indicted with him Khanh but were released on bail because they have never proved against the will of the collective. Before pressing this phenomenon Hien said:

I saw an unusual in place why prosecuted four people that he alone Khanh arrest or detention while the other three he is still on bail? While the sign enforcement decisions, no one compared to the executor, shall be caught like that.

Mr. Vu Van Luan, only hope help him Khanh if allowed by the court to testify what he Khanh said.

I will testify that on that day I was invited. Circumstances that may mitigate to Mr Khanh if judge the police investigation that he Khanh forced by the mechanism.
Mr. Vu Van Luan

If testify, I am willing to testify as individuals. I will testify that on that day I was invited. Circumstances that may mitigate to Mr Khanh if judge the police investigation that he Khanh forced by the mechanism.

However, the argument that even hope this is reality hard because Haiphong courts can not show to people see the mechanism that Mr. Luan denunciations. If he, Khanh not been handled in the destruction of the property of his family Vuon, is must sanction the mechanism that forced him Khanh to follow it by a resolution of Tien Lang district. Which mechanism is not perhaps courts to treat yourself when the court is also in the many mechanisms that problem?

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