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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 154 (01-09-2012)




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- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 154 dated 01-09-2012,
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Criticism and self-criticism, farce and hoax!!!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 154 (01-09-2012)

            The 4th central locking Summit 11 ends on 31-12-2011 in Hanoi, the Vietnamese Communist Party was busy announced before the national will "determination made by the regulating its members", means to prevent and reverse the decline of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of party members and cadres through "criticism and self-criticism" in the tradition of the party, so to restore confidence of the people . Like a spiritual leader, Nguyen Phu Trong at the party had to teach voice lessons as follows: "Here, the central model is extremely important, meaningful decisions ... The Commissioner central and members of the political self-sense, exemplary ago, self-criticisms and point of view to promote the good and wash away the bad. Stay away from all the temptations of fame, material wealth; avoid falling into the mud of the selfish individualism bad ... This is not easy work, easy; contrary, extremely difficult, complex complex, can even say is a tough struggle in every individual and every organization ... If not very self-aware, honest, fair, very subjective, often only see advantages, their strengths more than others; while the shortcomings and weaknesses of others more than yourself .... "(BBC 1-1-2012)

            Consequently the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party has carried out " a point self-criticism and criticism" lasted 16 days, from 12-7 to 7-8-2012, the General Secretary as directed held for 18 drama "confession" together. The next stage of this criticism and self-criticism that will be implemented in all parties, at all levels, all localities throughout the country. And just as in the plenum 4, this time "cardinals" Nguyen Phu Trong also spoken mouth brackets: "thoughtful criticism, strictly scientific; conduct serious, prudent, as to where to make there; ensure quality results not surf, form, perfunctory; avoid simple acts, reverence each other, as well as taking advantage of bad criticism to say, discredit others with unpure motives ... Every comrade serious self-criticism and demand and acquire the right opinions, relevant organizations and individuals; self-aware, honest review, looking back to promote the advantages, visible defects and repair; must be really objective, honest, candid feedback to other comrades and collective ... Self-criticism and criticism must hold true in principle, loving solidarity comrades; both reason and sentiment, must be dealt with severely defective cases, serious violations, especially in the absence of self-repair and cons "( VNA 13-08-2012).

            Read the "teachings" above, no one could not laugh. Criticism and self-criticism, or in other words, revised her and help others at his modification can only be done when people have a belief in the judgment and retribution afterlife, there is a righteous conscience frequently reminded, there is a sense of shame of shadowy grandparents, there is a supervision of the community around me and the handle of his law on human ... But Communist materialism, wealth god, did not believe in the life to come back, do not feel responsible to the people and regard themselves as above the law of the country and society do have the ones that to which sincere self-criticism and true amended, to "stay away from all the temptations of fame, material wealth; avoid falling into the mud of the selfish individualism bad" well! In the history of the Communist Party, had the "correct" but where is it, this is even worse. Ho Chi Minh each small tears after the land reform and the key manually in this case as Truong Chinh, Ho Viet Thang, Hoang Quoc Viet also be subject to disciplinary action, but then the evil name was early rehabilitation service, did Ho Chi Minh ordered fall exiled strongly criticized the Reform lawyer Nguyen Manh Tuong to death and stripped fields has been given to farmers to abandon the cooperative ...  heard that after the massacre innocent people Tet Offensive that petitioners have taught both heaven and earth, the Viet Cong central and local authorities also conduct Criticism (for example the words of butchers Hue Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong: "It was a mistake that could not defend, viewed from the national conscience and on the point of view of the revolutionary war "). But after the victory of 1975, Hanoi fierce retaliation by military personnel and people of the South to the death of nearly a hundred thousand prisoners of "re-education camps" ...

            In fact, the "criticism and self-criticism" This time, like all times in the past the only way to put themselves VCP stand out and stand above the law. That is the only new party may dispose; law is only for people who have been expelled from the party. Thus during a BBC interview about this, Le Hieu Dang, former vice president of Ho Chi Minh city and are involved in many activities critics within the party, said the ' criticism and self-criticism 'formal than real. He said: "Who dares to criticize the head? In the expenditure of government who dared to criticize Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung? In my organization, too, as many other party members kept silence as paddy nobody exposed the flaws of leaders. " He cited many more party is considered 'strong and clean' that last 'falls violation lot' as Vinashin to prove that criticism and self-criticism 'form'. Then he concludes: "the law must be used to monitor the activities of the Party and the State." But this is a utopian dream. Evidence that criticism and self-criticism sessions in the Politburo and Central Committee Secretary has occurred entirely in secrecy, the press was shut and the results will never be disclosed to people. The "criticism criticism and self-criticism," the local level and this will too. Because after that veil of secrecy, the parties only do one thing to negotiate with each other to who "landed safely" and who climbed sitting replace, that's all! Press mentions only flattering leaders willing to cheat more people.

            This is very absurd and arrogant, because the criticism and self-criticism of everyone in the machine must rule aimed on national benefit people. Behind this is a kind of bloodless internal purges, a bargain exchange of power and interests. Should people really were not really interested in the antics of this hoax. Still, there are people who take very, very smart but poor judging. That is the case of a former Congressman (3 courses) for Fatherland Front Central Committee members. He said firmly: Party "this very carefully. Review the team. Speaking frankly, stronger "!?! He can get into the supply Ba Dinh banned but not sure? And when asked why the results of criticism and self-criticism Party leaders should be published for the Central Executive Committee of the Party rather than to the people, he said rashly: "no country announced cons of leaders of the people "and" the Central Executive Committee to represent the entire population, "!?! (BBC 15-08-2012). Turns out he was a former member of the National Assembly and the Front is a decent turn a blind eye to the fact the flat, on the one hand naive Communist leadership of the truth and the forgotten role of the National Assembly and the Front that he each member.

            Why "criticism and self-criticism" for complicated and games? The leadership of the civilized democratic country ever do and need to do that? Themselves in political science that behavior: separation of powers, partisan competition; speech, free press, fair elections candidates; ballot or the enthusiasm to hold the chair, urban votes soothing for the garden; doing wrong punishable by law, make bad public booed. It's fair, do not look before looking back, the eye as the toilet, not used power banned, bending three inch blade chosen words.

            In fact, the nature of the phase of "criticism and self-criticism" was still the same, still the tools and opportunities to this faction fight with the other factions in the Party and the Politburo. As we have seen many times in the Chinese Communist Party history. This time, in the upper floor party leaders, the majority of the members of the Politburo (particularly General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President Truong Tan Sang) with common opponents, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. They were jealous and hated him for years because he took almost exclusively all the most lucrative resources (corporations and great corporations) as well as the most powerful forces (police and military). They want beat Dung long but could not or have not done, because of the arms and legs around him was so big and so strong. Cash generated power. The right to lay out the money. Team officials are entitled to the income from the "steel fist" (the power company, oil, steel, marine, real estate, construction, import, export, etc.) increasingly crowded and " know its true also. " But now insolvent and chaotic series of economic groups and corporations branded Vina (Vinashin, Vinalines, Vinaconex ...) are doing of Dung stunned horror. Latest Vinaconex (Export & Construction) reported losses of 757 billion, equivalent to U.S. $ 38 million and bank debt of and abroad 1,112 billion. The large limbs of Dung, the court Pham Thanh Binh, who fled as Duong Chi Dung. Recently, Luxury Poker hand grabbed Nguyen Duc Kien, limbs and special financing of the Prime Minister, one of the capital bankers was waving up fast with a very terrible fortune!

            Even in the case of the Central Communist Party want a real review to correct for the country and "to restore confidence in the leadership of the Party," as Nguyen Phu Trong said the result is still zero. Because this is not a matter of "human weakness" that is "system error", that is, the Communist system of government continuously produce staff like this. Every bad officials in power at all levels now have hundreds of other officials wished to sit in that chair to enjoy the power and benefits. Especially in the upper floor, where the powerful chair absolute and excessively rights (according to Pham Nhat Binh).

            People just have a job to do is to permanently erase mechanism specialize in laying out the injustice and persecution and flight of the farce and deception.


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