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Vietnam's communist government often use thugs assaulting people and the voices of dissent in the country





The dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan was assaulted by thugs with iron tubes on  Sunday night 19-08-2012 hospitalized with injuries which although is not so serious but caused many pressing in public opinion. The people of Vietnam who is no stranger to the thugs using of government or plainclothes police pretending thugs  to use force, repression and attacks people, particularly for Democratic activists or the voices of dissent in the country. In recent times, the use of thugs and hooligans attacking people mentioned above for the purpose of intimidation and flexing them have become alarmingly common.

It makes people nervous and attracted attention from the International Human Rights Organization about the main option despicable, evil methods to deal with the religious organizations, the activist Democracy and most recently for people in the field of land claims. And worse is that governments at all levels to look ugly cowardly method as for the above priority list because it can help cover up unlawful behavior, illegal and immoral human of the people who representatives of the law, enforcement authorities on behalf of justice, and maintain social order and safety as well as the responsibility to protect the lives and property of the people.

Vietnam's communist government still claims before domestic and international public opinion that Vietnam is a State law so that the government always respected the law and justice in order to create a good society, an Full and fair civilization. But in fact, Vietnam's communist authorities are to act contrary to what they say. The same people always patting their chests called claiming to represent law, enforcement authorities, the justice but often trample on justice, law violations and challenges the human conscience, try asking how people could trust in the Party and government, as well as how people could keep believe that under the policies of authoritarian rule of the communist party of Vietnam are now able to construct a better society, fair and civilized as false propaganda so long by leadership of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam.


Lawyer Le Quoc Quan 'with hooligans beat'
Update: 11:52 GMT - Monday, August 20, 2012

Luật sư Lê Quốc Quân

He wrote several times to speak on controversial issues

He said the incident occurred at 10:30 pm at the home next door as he was walking home from the parking spot. At that time he, his wife and son went to a friend's birthday, and his wife and children before he went home, Mr. Quan told the BBC in the situation 'very painful and very difficult to walk.'
"Right on the corner so I can power light I saw two objects sitting there," he describes, "They wear black, inner cap and helmet outside."
When he entered, these two 'suddently stood up, "he said.
"A guy pulled a long iron tube about 80 cm long rushed into hitting me."

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'Three whips '

Mr. Quan Said the subjects 'thugs' is used iron tube whip in his knee, thigh and waist as he ran away and called for help.

To the third whip into his waist, the 'elbow down virtually unable to walk', he said, but he was lucky enough to people nearby heard him call for help running out, the two objects' fled to Across the street '.

"There are other people waiting (on the road) with the bikes so they get on and  left," he said.

"Immediate family took me to the Hospital Transport while the wards get a referral to the police," he said.

"At first they intended to write (type certificate referral), but then have a car with blue number table counseled together how they should not issue any more."

At that time, local police told to Quan's relative that the police follow to hospital to work so well without a referral.

Quan also said he told the hospital, doctors 'working with the police for a long time' before examination for his injuries.

He said the doctors concluded that he was' injured most software 'to the site of the hit "vicious wound tubes up very well'.

'One who is very familiar'

When asked if he had received the culprit or not, he said he suspected security agencies behind this assault.
The reason he has such doubts, he says, is because getting the 'one who is very familiar' two guys attack him directly.

"I've seen them many times flickers follow me to the very suspicious behavior," he said.

However, he said police forces were very active area when the incident was reported.

"Police in the area (field) is quite early and immediately sent two people to the hospital took my statement,"
he told and said till this morning on 20/8 the ward and district police also continued to take his testimony and the reconstructed scene.

He said this is the first time he 'was prevented to beat suddently' although before he had been 'assaulted by police' in situations related to the particular case.

When asked about the witness, Mr. Quan said that time also quite dark sky around the scene so no one witnessed his 'hit'.

BBC also contact Mr. Nguyen Van Hai, regional police Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, who arrived on the scene fairly soon after the report.

Mr. Hai confirmed that no witnesses saw Mr. Quan was 'hit' and that police are investigating to determine whether 'there must Quan was beaten'.

"Field observations are also not known," Mr. Hai said, in the coming days will result in the initial investigation.
A number of dissidents in Vietnam had allegedly government used 'thugs' assault to 'flexing' them.

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