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Organization Reporters without Borders (RSF) spoke about the detention Pham Chi Dung, a dissident writers in Vietnam





The current situation shows that not only people in the country that even many government officials at all levels, including those who are currently still in office and retired felt grievances and distrust about Party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam. Including those who previously had nurtured and hide officials communist North during the war between South and North. The arrest of Mr Pham Chi Dung, a dissident writer,writers' society memberships Ho Chi Minh City and before his arrest former city officials and City Council, Ho Chi Minh had happened right at the most senior leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam is to conduct the operation self-criticism and self-critical that honesty reflects the so-called self-criticism and self-criticism is a form of disguise and false democracy.

In fact, the senior leader of Communist Party of Vietnam knows what he wants and is doing. Self-criticism and self-criticism is a move designed to placate public opinion by the situation of the people trust in the Party and the government has seriously eroded hardly save. In addition, group leaders, Ba Dinh Hanoi which also wanted to show that international they really would like to modify and initial starting point is self-criticism of the senior leaders Communist Party of Vietnam, who have full power to decide the survival of the country so as to receive strong support from the international community. However, perhaps the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam government has underestimated the capacity of understanding and awareness of people as well as the international community.

Amendment is not really in the form of self-criticism and self-criticism, the artificially that high level leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam is doing now, but to modify in their hearts by words and actions clearly specific. Things to do first is to immediately stop the harassment, persecution, arrests and imprisonment of dissenting voices in the country. Absolute respect and listen to all views and opinions of the people even to the point of difference with the government. If the party and government is clean and righteousness is not any people who want to against include people from the Republic of Vietnam regime before. The people of Vietnam would like a really freedom and democracy country where  no one to fear of reprisals or threatened by dissent with the government. Vietnam country is now, facing with the aggression and occupation of a full defiantly wrong way of the Chinese communist government, so that unnecessary gap between the people and the government if not addressed promptly satisfactory, the risk of dehydration tomorrow is hardly inevitable.


RSF voiced about Pham Chi Dung
Update: 15:16 GMT - Friday, August 17, 201

Tạp chí Phía Trước

RSF said Pham Chi Dung wrote many articles in the Phia Truoc magazine

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans Frontieres - RSF) has voiced concerns about Mr Pham Chi Dung, a pen in Ho Chi Minh City, arrested by the authorities.

Dung, 46, who is also a government officials, was arrested Tuesday emergency 17/7 on suspicion of compiling 'to overthrow the people's government'.

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Communication -  Press

Organization to protect journalists based in Paris wrote in a statement on Friday 17/8: "We wish to reaffirm our grievances before the current round of new repression against those who dare voices criticism. "

"Vietnam government again shows intolerance and extreme ignorance to criticism, they are automatic weapons to overthrow the regime.

RSF asked: "Mr. Dung must be released immediately and be brought to trial fairly."

According to the organization, Dung served as the security personnel working for the government to HCM City and several years of working with Truong Tan Sang, who has become president of Vietnam.

RSF said Dung pursue literature from 1986 and in recent years writing articles under different pseudonyms for Front magazine, discusses a number of topics deemed sensitive in Vietnam such as press freedom and corruption, as well as interest groups controlled by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the economy.

Sharp pen

BBCVietnamese has also published an article by Mr Pham Chi Dung, under the pseudonym of Son Thuong, entitled " benefits group: needs an overhaul. "

The arrest of Mr Pham Chi Dung shocking public opinion, especially when it takes place when the most senior leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam is a campaign to criticism and self criticism.

The case also raises many questions, especially when the channel is only one mainstream newspaper Youth reported Ho Chi Minh City and the newsletter also altered.

News posted on 20/7 and then quickly taken down by its own lead source told the newspaper he said, a government officials in Ho Chi Minh, "The police have been arrested for allegedly reveal the secret. "

"Mr Pham Chi Dung being investigated for coupling behavior, providing material for reactionary organizations in foreign countries."

Replace in the details above, then log Youth day news 21/7 is also on the commencement Pham Chi Dung, but give the relevant details of the case Mr. Le Cong Dinh.

News 21/7 security agencies citation investigating police agency said HCM City has "arrested, searched emergency shelter, work with Pham Chi Dung behavior collusion with a number of organizations reactionaries in exile in America, compiled many documents contain fabricated, distorted, internal sabotage to overthrow the people's government ".

Compared to the first newsletter, suspected to Pham Chi Dung has moved from "leak" to "conspiracy to overthrow the people's government".

One blogger has closer relations with the domestic security agency was then also given information is not verifiable Pham Chi Dung behind the blog The published information to have broken the government of Nguyen Tan Dung .

The Committee Officer

A reliable source told the BBC that Mr Pham Chi Dung before officers arrested the HCM City Party Committee.

He is writing and writing for many years, with many different pseudonyms such as Vietnam Thang, Viet Le Quan, Truong Son.

In newspapers and online forum immediately appeared also much information about Mr. Dung.

A website in his art, said Dung, born 1966, is a member HCM City Writers Association, author of the short story collection "Wild Flowers" (1993), "Express" (1994), "The fate a Tub" (2005); the novel "Adventures of the soul pledge" (2005) and "Mr. Senator" (2006) ...

Website Le Thieu Nhon also said, after graduate of Military Academy of Engineering, Pham Chi Dung of work in the DHS the HCM City Party Committee.

Another source said Pham Chi Dung, the son of Mr. Pham Van Hung, a former head of the HCM City Party Committee Organization.

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