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The communist government of Vietnam continues to trample on religious freedom rights of the people





Vietnam's communist government continued to commit acts of trampling freedom of belief of the people rudely and flagrant. While the Government is always claimed that people are entitled to Freedom of Religion or Belief and Religion has always been enacted and protected by National legislation and religious edicts government. But in reality, governments at all levels acted completely contrary to their commitments and from time to time hampering the lawful religious activities of people. Moreover, Vietnam's communist government also used the gangsters, police and military violence to attack the Priests, Religious and lay people causing serious injury and threatening people.

In addition to the violent suppression actions mentioned above, governments at all levels have been used despicable tactics by vicious slander, inciting a split between religious and non-believers, created a hostile destructive solidarity them to their wicked aggression and attacking each other to create a legal reason to authorities suppress religious. It is most serious in recent years, Vietnam's communist government has repeatedly offending behavior Eucharist in some parishes, such as through the vandalized the Cross, and destroyed the St. violated where the solemn worship when the priest is celebrating Mass. This behavior is deeply offensive to faith of people and religious blasphemy, a taboo of the religion is not acceptable.

When does the communist government ever truly cease the repression of freedom of belief of the people as they had committed? Constitution of a country is prepared thoroughly prior to release would not only is the game on paper does not need to make? Where is the law? Where is justice? and the people we are not just the people shape by paper or the land that Vietnam's communist government to shape or how well arranged. Religious faith can not continue to be insulted and freedom of people's beliefs can not continue to be trampled and banned. Millions of people like one, please speak up together and unanimously expressed opposition in a resolute manner, strong and specific to all acts of religious persecution of the communist government of Vietnam today.


Authorities continue to pressure the laity Dak Pnan
Posted by pleikly morning 8/14/12 at 7:45

   VRNs (08/14/2012) - Gia Lai - 5 pm on 12.08.2012 hear Pnan Dak village chapel, Shu Kon, Mang Yang district, Gia Lai province, the authorities were pressuring people in the village to dismantling of the Cross, the altar, the tabernacle of the Holy to place of yao phu chief. Before pressing our sources on the team soon find transport to the village where the incident occurred.

On arrival, greeted us was a leprosy patient and he also is Yao village. He told us all developments in the village of persecution (as had been reported VRNs message). In nghao choking voice, he said: "The government today terrorism mental pressure. I was not eating or sleeping. Perhaps God wants me to return.... "(a mind about death - PV).

Not out of the heart aches to hear that statement. We say: "The God is not allow you return yet, take you return, who is shepherding the Lord brothers in this village?"

He took us into the house where the authorities forced leprosy villagers to remove the image of God put on this chapel. Put on our eyes on the wall, The Cross, the altar is not provided with a worthy place. I asked where is the Holy laying (MTC)?. He shew on the small floor. We got on the small floor in a small room, dark is almost covered. We knelt down to barely make the sign of the language he sobbed to yao phu turn up, lamenting deeply touch our hearts.

Looking up the tabernacle where the MTC, one of us pray, "Father! Father's childldren groups, why is this suffering, which corner of the jungle surrounded by children with not intact body by the disease who  lived together. Once happy or sad took to the chapel together, pray, share the same father. But at now, The Holy Cross is a bed, and Father is hook up a place, the altar to celebrate Mass for Father to put one place, and blood father hung dangling in the dark corner.

Does Father understand the suffering of children Group are being suffered?. Dad hears the cry of the father's children group when we can not afford to keep the house where the father's children every day running to pray when we was fine or sick?. How do I stop crying tears that while the well flowed. Father! His children to understand the Father do. Father wants to tell us that the house of Father and ours are in Heaven. Satan and atheist group to break what of Father in this world it will be built palatial heaven. But Father Father just is too bitter, you  please show us the path of father to your children accept the sacrifice and follow Father ".


Tabernacle, Holy Cross, and images of Our Lady was temporarily put  in the village Yao. Mr. Boi kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament cry

Yesterday morning, on 13/08/2012, after the cross was dismantled, moved the altar and the tabernacle, the authorities continue to the village of Dak Pnan villagers request to remove the chapel bell. Villagers definitely not done, commune officials who themselves take down.

Dak Pnan is one of the leprosy village of Mang Yang. It is known that, in Gia Lai province, population about 160 thousand people Bahnar. Mang Yang is one of the districts with the highest concentration Bahnar life.

Yesterday, 8/13/2012, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Bishop of Kontum directly to the village of Dak Pnan, visiting parishioners and yao phu. VRNs will report on this event soon.


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