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Amnesty International requested Vietnam to suspend the right to suppress peaceful assembly and free speech




Freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly which had been clearly stated in Article 69 of the Constitution of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam and in articles 19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations to which Vietnam is a member has joined and signed but which now was the Communist Party and the Vietnam government trample mercilessly way. This was evident through the recent report of Amnesty International (Amnesty International) based in the UK is on its Web site Monday 07-08-2012. Just as the International Human Rights Organizations and many other countries around the world, Amnesty International urged the communist government of Vietnam must respect the fundamental freedoms of its people, stop the persecution, arrests and detention aimed at dissenting voices in the country, as well as freed immediately and unconditionally to the three bloggers include Ta Phong Tan, Dieu Cay and Anh Ba Saigon who are being Hanoi government held the wrong way and awaiting trial on charges of alleged "propaganda against the State."

Vietnam's communist government can not continue to commit acts of trampling on basic rights of people above whether any reason and in any way when they themselves have voluntarily joined and became member of the United Nations, as well as voluntarily sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations. In fact, Vietnam's communist government should be respected, properly implemented and fully its commitments to international human rights. All the reasons cited for national security and the arbitrary use of vague about the criminal law to suppress and imprison dissenting voices in the country is unacceptable. It not only goes against the international commitments of Vietnam but also is immoral behavior. Moreover, Human Rights violations worse said of Vietnam continues to be the major challenge to the conscience of mankind advances, for domestic public opinion and abroad as well as the International Community.

Along with the tremendous support of the International, the people of Vietnam and abroad should have the practical actions in parallel, as well as to have an attitude and act more strongly, more resolutely in requirement The Hanoi government needs to adhere to, and properly implemented and fully all their commitments on human rights. Any protest of the people as street demonstrations focused expression peacefully is legitimate mode of priority, and should be encouraged, and replicated in people. There must be solidarity and spirit of persistence just can break the vicious dark conspiracy of the Communist government of Vietnam that aims to provoke a split in the religious community and social community. In the words of our ancient ancestors used to say: "A three does not make a mountain, three trees bunched up into a high mountain." Well, that's the single most practical and most useful that Vietnamese people in domestic and abroad to remember and follow. Vietnam's communist government can arrest 30 protesters, 300 or even three thousand but it certainly can not stop the millions of Vietnamese heart who is longing Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy.


HUMAN RIGHTS - VIETNAM - POSTED: Wednesday Aug 08, 2012 - AMENDED FINAL Wednesday 08 Aug, 2012

Amnesty International REQUEST VIETNAM SUSPENSION for Suppression to peaceful assembly right and Freedom of Speech

Trước cửa trung tâm Phục hồi nhân phẩm Lộc Hà, nơi chính quyền Hà Nội bắt giữ người biểu tình chống Trung Quốc xâm lấn Biển Đông, 05/08/2012. (DR)
 front of Rehabilitation center dignity Loc Ha, where 
Ha Noi authorities arrested anti-Chinese protesters 
invaded the East Sea, 05.08.2012. (DR)

Trọng Nghĩa

Three days after the arrest dozens of people involved in Hanoi protests against China Sea invasion, Amnesty International (Amnesty International), on Tuesday 08.07.2012, has called for government Vietnam ended the persecution of peaceful assembly, as well as freedom of speech. On his website, protect human rights organization - based in the UK - has denounced the detention cases, consider this behavior to scare people who just want peaceful protests.

As noted by Amnesty International, dated 05/08 recently, crank the Hanoi government has arrested and detained about 30 people which has sought peaceful demonstration in protest against the claim of China in the South China Sea (East Sea). Among those arrested, anti-corruption activist Le Hien Duc, 81, along with many bloggers and students. They were kept at a police station and at a call center is to "restore dignity".

All those arrested were later released, but according to Mr. Rupert Abbott, expert on Vietnam's Amnesty International: "It was a last blow hit thumbs free speech rights in Vietnam , with the authorities to use the short-term arrests as a way to scare people who want to protest peacefully '.

Professionals of Amnesty International noted: "crackdown going on, pushed bloggers, writers, lawyers, activists protecting workers, members of religious groups, farmers, entrepreneurs, activists and democracy into prison».

Amnesty International has called on the Vietnam government to terminate the action suppression, and release requirements «immediately and unconditionally 'for three blogger Ta Phong Tan, Dieu Cay and is Anhbasaigon in custody, awaiting trial to be tried on charges of «propaganda against the state».


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