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The International Human Rights Organizations recommendations and request immediate release for 17 young Catholic Youth Activist of Vietnam





Tens of International Human Rights Organizations are now trying to mobilize the Hanoi government requirements for the release of 17 young Catholic youth activist one year anniversary of the arrest. This is not the first campaign, the International Human Rights Organization as soon as these young Catholic activists were illegally arrested, has repeatedly criticized the terrible human rights abuses above the communist government of Vietnam, and propose the Hanoi government to quickly release them immediately and unconditionally, as well as to stop the violent crackdown on bloggers, Religious activist and other  disagreement voices in the country.

In recent years, the human rights situation in Vietnam is becoming worse than ever. Vietnamese Government to increase the crackdown, harassment, arrest and detention of anyone who does not have the same opinion with the government or with the attitude, behavior denounce wrongdoing of government by any forms including to express their views peacefully government is not recognized or allowed. The current situation in the country is like a pressure cooker or a volcano filled continuously for several years now have the opportunity to break out so it was intense and extremely scary. This has caused concern for the current government leaders in Vietnam in the context of society, the country fell into a state of political and economic instability.

Corruption was rife and continuous over many decades has led to many consequences arising then bring Vietnam to the recession and economic crisis as well as political instability. Within the Party and the central government has the appearance signs of internal fighting and struggle for power between the people of liberal and conservative factions. Aforementioned internal  phenomenon fighting more and more evident especially in the context of Vietnam are communist Chinese brothers aggression and invasion. The most serious thing is although for liberal or conservative faction is the government trampled on human rights, trample the truth and justice in recent years and now has pushed people away from the government and no longer confidence in the line and policies of the leadership of the Party and the government now dictatorship.


Asking drop 17 young Catholics
Update: 12:39 GMT, Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lễ cầu nguyện cho các thanh niên Công giáo tại giáo phận Vinh
International has repeatedly condemned Vietnam 
on arrests the Catholic Youth

More than a dozen international organizations and human rights campaigners have signed a petition letter sent to the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung demanded release of 17 young Catholics imprisoned.
Proposals of this letter was sent on Monday 27/8 one year anniversary of the arrest.

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Required drop list includes: Dang Xuan Dieu, Ho Duc Hoa Le Van Son, Nguyen Van Browse Agriculture Hung Anh, Nguyen Van Oai, Chu Manh Son, Dau Van Duong, Tran Huu Duc Nguyen Xuan Anh, Ho Van Oanh, Thai Van Dung, Tran Minh Nhat, Vu Anh Tran Binh Nguyen Dinh Cuong and Hoang Phong.
Ta Phong Tan, the owner of the blog Truth and Justice and members of the Free Journalists Club, also located in the list of proposals for the release.
So far, only four of them were brought to trial and convicted.

'Drop immediate'

Recommendations request immediate release of 17 people described as 'social activists', as well as to withdraw the allegations against them.

"These individuals are simply exercising free speech, freedom of assembly and association of international law they are guaranteed," petition letter writing, and condemn their arrest based on the vague laws.

These individuals simply exercise their right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association of international law they are sure. "
Recommendation letter of human rights organizations

Recalling previous petition letter sent in March, the human rights organization said that since 'their situation has not improved, but also worse' with four 'sentenced unjustly 'while the rest without the help of lawyers.
In addition to Prime Minister Dung, petition letter was also sent to the ambassadors of Britain, France, Australia, USA, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, the U.S. Department of State and the Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen as the presidency Asean session.

Sign petition letter organizations include organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), the protection of the press-east Asia, Vietnam Human Rights Federation, Center Vietnamese writers in exile unions and organizations of Catholic Action to abolish torture (ACAT), the organization idea of ​​legal protection for communications (MLDI), electronic frontier Fund (EFF) ...

Also on 27/8, more than 30 people are relatives of the Catholic youth rally to the Government Office in Hanoi to demand the release of their children one year on arrests.

Mr. Do Van Pham, Paulus Le Van Son's uncle told the BBC that his group who were police 'forced into a car' taken to the reception office of the National Assembly in Ha Dong.

He said representatives of the family were representatives of the National Assembly. Each family is asked to write a separate application sent to the Office of the National Assembly of People to 'know where wrong then returned here to settle'.

"Everyone wants their child to be released," he said, "Giam a year without hearing anything. Arrested for nothing and even catch who did not notice anything."

'Not cheap sold for human rights'

The Washington Post newspaper on Monday 27/8 also post comments of Mr. Allen S. Weiner of Stanford University's School of Law accused Vietnam of imprisoning young Catholics have been this year.

Under the heading 'United States should not be sold for human rights in Vietnam', American writer calls should not be rewarded for Vietnam's membership treaty trans-Pacific partners (TPP), while the government Hanoi still use 'law to suppress dissent and human rights violations'.

 Paulus Lê Văn Sơn
Paulus Le Son has now been moved to the Hoa Lo 
Prison with more severe conditions

TPP pact with Vietnam that U.S. Secretary of State Clinton promised during a short visit to Hanoi last month.

Mr. Weiner put Clinton's promise in the context of nearly a year the Vietnamese Catholic activists have been imprisoned for 'crimes' is' advocate for government action in the areas of human rights, social justice development, including environmental concerns, health, legal, political, land and corruption '.

Recalling the words of Secretary Clinton that developing countries prioritize economic development and ignore the issue of political reform and democracy is the 'short-sighted bargain', Mr. Weiner said that the United States should not contribute to the 'short-sighted bargain' of Vietnam by promoting trade relations with this country without at the same time ask them to respect international human rights obligations.

"The United States needs to go beyond the protection of human rights in Vietnam with words," he wrote, "The U.S. government should require Vietnam began with the release of the activists (Catholic) was arrested in year and others were arrested just because they want a say for the future of the country. "

United States needs to go beyond the protection of human rights in Vietnam with words. "
Allen S. Weiner, Faculty of Law, Stanford University

"The real development in Vietnam only when political reform and respect for the rule of law comes with economic progress," he concluded.

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