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Sentenced a heavy jail to dissident blogger, the communist government of Vietnam continues to seriously threaten the lawful freedom of speech rights of citizens


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With a new blogger continues to be Vietnam's communist government sentenced heavily because of expression of their legitimate peaceful. In recent years, to maintain power and keep an independent position, his party's previous trends Global Democratization and diminished trust badly between people and  government, the communist government of Vietnam added the violent crackdown to silence those with differing opinions to the government or exhort for Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam. Ingredients blogger today and in recent years is the focus of the communist government of Vietnam and also the need to monitor targets, and closely controlled. And the thing about including Article 88, Article 79 and Article 258 of the criminal law today, what about frequent domestic and international public opinion with the International Human Rights Organization condemned thing is vague, unreasonable that the Hanoi government had used to stifle freedom of expression legally of the people  in the country.

This is unwise choices, lack of wisdom of the Party and the communist government of this state. Because increasingly tightened Freedom of Speech, or strong suppression of dissenting voices in the country will be more supportive and increases the resistance of the people more. The unwise action above of the  party leaders group and the communist government of Vietnam not only does not quench criticism of people in the country to government, contrarily also gives results unwanted side effects. It not only lost the trust between the people and the government but also create more bad pictures in the eyes of the international community. For example the arrest and persecution of people to the streets to show patriotism against Chinese invaders in the past could not have extinguished the patriotism of the people that so long smoldering and increasingly become stronger in their hearts. In contrast also gives them the idea that government was cowardly, weak or wicked things hidden behind all reference to the betrayal of people and country of the authorities in Vietnam today.

Although probably quite late, but we still want to send a reminder to the leaders of the Party and governments at all levels in good faith as follows: for one thing you remember, religious faith and patriotism , love ethnic homeland of Vietnam or in any country in the world is the most sacred and most powerful that no any force or any power that can break or destroy. Once the religious beliefs are offended, and patriotism of the people is threatened, people can even sacrifice his own life to protect patriotism and their religious beliefs without hesitation. Recent self-immolation of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng, mother of blogger Ta Phong Tan right in front of administrative agencies Bac Lieu is a strong evidence and the most specific. Just because the ideal of her daughter that she did not spare her own life, then let yourself be offended religious beliefs or patriotism, love ethnic homeland are offended or threatened . The only thing that people of Vietnam expect now is the sincere and goodwill modification of the leaders of the Party and governments at all levels. Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights is a single platform makes the existence of a government and regime.


Add a Vietnam blogger sentenced to prison for "propaganda against the State"

Ông Đinh Đăng Định bị tòa án Đak Nông kết án 6 năm tù (@TNCG)

He, Dinh Dang Dinh was Dong Nai courts sentenced 
six years in prison (@ TNCG)

Anh Vũ

AFP citation from Vietnam's judiciary said today 09/08/2012 a separatist blogger was sentenced to six years in prison for propaganda against the state, a charge has been closed for several dissent with the Communist regime in Hanoi so far.

Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh, 49 years old former military officer after working as a teacher to a civil court was Dak Nong province sentenced six years imprisonment for alleged "anti-state propaganda" under Article 88 of the Penal Code of Vietnam. A court officials told AFP, in the trial, the accused pleaded guilty. According to sources in the country, Mr. Dinh in court without lawyers because of family circumstances can not invite defense attorneys.

Mr. Dinh was arrested in late 2011 and accused since 2007 has written and posted on the internet for several articles criticizing the Communist Party and the regime and Mr. Ho Chi Minh, call for democracy and pluralism. He also has articles against bauxite mining projects in Highland.

Mr. Dinh is not the only dissident in Vietnam was convicted «propaganda against the state and conspiracy to overthrow the government». It is an offense under Article 88 of the Criminal Code is used by the government to accuse those who dissent with the regime.

Commenting on the judgment against Mr. Dinh, in a statement today Deputy Director to protect human rights organization Human Rights Watch Asia, said Phil Robertson said that Vietnam has a way to silence the voice system administration critics by taking them to court administration clearly shows unforgiving with free speech.

He also recalled that in 2012 alone, Vietnam government has used Article 88 above to punish at least 10 peaceful dissidents with heavy prison sentences, and is still at least 7 other dissident bloggers are awaiting trial on charges similar to case of Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh.


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