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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 152 (01-08-2012)




                     On the heart-breaking death 
                     of Mrs. Dang Thi Kim Lieng
 by harassment of the inhuman practices of the government of Vietnam.

          while her daughter Ta Phong Tan are suffering in jail
because of the very illegal persecution of the Communist Party.

          Wishes her early transcendence and freedom soon.

                  8406 block of Freedom and Democracy
                  Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group



Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers
- Quarter sanTu by Language luanso 152 issued on 01-08-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear compatriots.

        Newspaper editorial TDNL

                Broke the 16-word of ring!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 152 (01-08-2012)

            Breviary of Ba Dinh Group's leader during past decades from the 16-word motto is gold "" that the Chinese Communist Party leader (general secretary Jiang Zemin) provides leadership and the Communist Party of Vietnam ( General Secretary Le Kha Phieu) received early in 1999. The motto is "defined the guiding ideology and framework for development of bilateral ties Vietnam, China in the 21st century, marked China neighboring relations of friendship, comprehensive cooperation, long-term stability and looking towards the future hybrid-Vietnam has entered the new development stage by senior two Parties and the State identified in the Joint Statement from September 2-1999. " Here is the results (in fact is a consequence) the servant of Hanoi re kowtow admire masters in Beijing Chengdu Conference on 4-9-1990. The motto is that  necklace of Tipitaka monk of communist China put on the head of Sun Wukong of communist Vietnam to control him to this day.

           To  November-2000, when talks with the new General Secretary Nong Duc Manh who come to worship Heavenly Dynasty, Jiang explained that an important guideline for the servants as follows: "long-term stability is emphasized that Vietnam-China consistent with the fundamental interests of both parties, two countries and two peoples, so at any time, any situation that must maintain stability and healthy development of friendly relations , making the two countries to each other eternal friendship; Looking to the future must come from now, looking long term, inherited the tradition, opening up a better future for China-Vietnam; Friendship neighbor is asking both sides to make good neighbors, good friends, before later addressing all issues in bilateral relations with the spirit of friendly neighborliness: Comprehensive Cooperation is to constantly consolidate and open width and depth exchanges and cooperation between the two parties, two countries in all fields, to the pursuit of happiness for the two countries and two peoples, and contribute to the preservation and promotion of peace, stability and development in the region "(according to Wikipedia Vietnamese by Hanoi eds.).

            And yet, that necklace was the Heavenly Dynasty put into more, "" again: "16 diamond correlation, similar information Cultural, Ideal similarity, correlation Destiny" and finally "". Perhaps in human history, have never had the rhetoric proclaims, forged and cast permanently into the relationship between the two countries, both parties like. By contrast, we see only the short-term friendly relations, a temporary alliance between the countries when common interests are. But in the history of the Vietnamese people only ever see the words (which is probably the Ba Dinh political've never read): "" (Raven of Tran Hung Dao) or "" (That declaration of Nguyen Trai). proud of languages: good neighbors, good friends, good comrade, we with you was born in the chaos time, grew up having difficulty. To peep the puppet envoy were swaggering on the streets, bending inch single blade which insulted the court; bring the goat-dog bodies scorned ancestors ; dependence Kublai clause that requires emerald silk, in the service of greed is not the same ; cover the kind of Yunnan royal to require gold and silver, to pillage the store are limited. It's like to bring meat thwown to hungry tiger how to avoid disaster later from the wild Minh quadriceps opposite excess, the devilish group also sell contry for glory. Grilled black people on a ferocious fire, burying red children down the disaster cellar. To strike a false note by anyway, contain the evil during twenty years. Loses all charity and justice crushed cosmos, not heavy paint lick key scouts. Come to the jungle to mining, down the lake to find pearl. Any black hole trapping deer, how halcyon detector grid. Destructive insects herbs, uncared for crazy relevant results. Someone opens mouth, the others bare their teeth, then filled the blood fat for long is still not boring. Today build house, tomorrow backfill, which hands enough service to both. Heavily on the coolies, arrests leading to lose weaving. Rather cruel! Bamboo forests are not recorded sins. Rather dirty! Water in tanks could not clean the smell. What would heaven and earth to forgive? Who said patience is god?

            Anyway,  necklace of Tipitaka monk just to keep Sun Wukong does not step on the equitable way, by a master virtue and go to the same noble purpose: Buddhist scriptures to open the path to liberation beings. And the necklace of communist China plus the Vietnamese communist turn students into stupid name, blindly follow a teacher can grade cunning manh time, leading the country it is being commissioned into the path of deadlock and crisis oriented frightening to an end: world hegemony, turning humanity into slaves Han race communist Vietnamese animal behavior with the name space.

            Just before the appearance 16 letters of gold, from the Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese people had taste of how "friendly neighbor", a "comprehensive partnership" (1) when all of the Land Reform massacre Northern people are placed under the leadership of Mao Zedong distance and from close by the communist comrades of China advisor, (2) when the entire Declaration of Zhou Enlai on 4-9-1958 decisions on territorial waters Chinese parts (including Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam) communist of Vietnam was quickly agreed upon through diplomatic note Pham Van Dong, 10 hours later, the "World Map" map by the Department of the Army General Staff People drawing in 1960 with the caption 'the South Sea Islands, including Nansha Islands (Spratly ie) of Chinese territory ", the" Atlas map of the world "by the Department of Survey and mapping the Communist Prime Minister in 1972, including the Nansha Islands in Chinese legend, not in English, French or Vietnamese, through geography textbooks in schools by the Education Publishing House regime in place in 1974 which wrote: "The Xisha Islands (Paracel News), Nam Sa to Hainan Island, Taiwan ... has created an image to protect the Chinese mainland," and (3) when entire North was more than 350 thousand troops to keep the China communist plus Vietnam communist soldiers goofing off but to strike the Republic of Vietnam (4) when the entire Paracels were raiding by communist of China in 1975 with complete silence total of Hanoi; (5) when all the troops stationed on the island of Antlers Ma Tau Spratly Islands community were killed in 1988 and occupied for the complete inaction of the politicians ....

            Currently, the wicked intentions of the 16 letters of gold, 4 good word as expressed through countless acts of blatant blatantly, throughout all aspects of China to Vietnam, making the whole nation, especially the numerous international bidding notice with nine petroleum blocks deep in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam, to a customs boat team 30 units, including a logistics ship 3000 tons and 29 fishing ships enter the area Cross rock islands of the Spratly Islands, Ngoc Dinh sent lander equipped with modern artillery and helicopter deck to reef Su Bi of Vietnam and the Spratly Islands. Not many years from now, these kinds of ships or military official of China disguised as fishermen have frequently seized boats, seized fishing gear, fishing products robbed and beaten Vietnamese fishermen (or even start held them for ransom) that Navy Vietnam never rescued help! TTencent, Wechatcan veterans, intellectuals, writers, newspaper reporters and the people democracy has strong indignation has pointed out: In addition to the East Sea, China continuously encroachment: consolidated basis to fight in the Yellow Sa, Sansha upgrade to the city with a military commander, put giant rigs on the East Sea, the Chinese mainland seaweed continuous intrusion: hire the watershed forests border nature, exploitation vented primarily bauxite in Tay Nguyen, established fish cages on Cam Ranh Bay which is a strategic military port, built the town isolated villages in Lao Cai, Binh Duong ... 90% of the winning bidder from north to south pole territory in Quang Ninh plant without permission, launched the social networking site Baidu, in order to control and dominate the internet in Vietnam, the open medical clinics in Hanoi and Rubbish Saigon, induce more farmers where buffalo breeding leeches, making of ... All happened before or inability to cover the entire "political system" Hanoi! Not many years from now, China has manipulated manipulating politics, finance, culture of the country; into the police force, army. On the diplomatic front, plus always evade East Sea issue in all the regional security forum and internationally and that should solve bilateral disputes style rather than multilateral, such as countries - except Vietnam, requires (statement of Nguyen Chi Vinh on 28-8-2011). On the propaganda front: Hoan Bridge Times newspaper, a mouthpiece of the CCP, continued with the rhetoric excites aggression against Vietnam in the Chinese mainland from abroad, the information blatant misinformation about sovereignty Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, threatening words and cursed violently and unscrupulous to the authorities and the entire Vietnamese population.

            When people are patriotic to the streets against the invaders, the oppressed in every way, including beatings imprisonment; been slandered slander by state agencies, the media society, prohibited presentation stance expressed through the Internet and blogs (blog). Press either party margins, as well as mussels lest dumb to undermine Sino Vietnamese. Conversely, party and government are continually conducting various activities to strengthen the 16- miserable gold word, harsh ring. As launch contest "Singing the Vietnam-China Friendship 2012" (day 19-05) in praise of gratitude to "lip biting tooth", "boss persecute servants." As organizations nationwide congress the Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Association (10-07 hours) to pledge to express gratitude to individuals, organizations and local of communist of China. As a meeting set up to celebrate the Chinese Liberation Army's 85 th anniversary of the force appears has thick slanted through Vietnam (day 28-07).

            People think like resurrect the North and to the accusations of The Raven, That declaration. And listen to the words of German twit Hung Dao Vuong: "Now you sit and watch all [people]". Is it because the leadership of the regime did not want to break the ring of 16-word because was too fascinated by the power and benefits? Shameful but rather do not know worrying; people got national shame without knowing ashamed. be general of court that do not know angry; listen to music of treated oat porcelain puppet state without knowing hatred


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