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Television and newspaper Vietnam's communist government reported slander, misrepresent and distort the truth about people's patriotism




This is not the first television station HTV and the official newspapers of Vietnam's communist government reports with contents slandering people, distort and distort people's patriotism aims to enlist the consensus of public opinion and justification for the illegally arrest by the authorities in Hanoi to the people who down to the streets to show patriotism against acts of aggression of the enemies of China. To achieve his vile purposes, Vietnam's communist government not to quit any bad behavior as they have done before and in a few days ago and through the turn of patriots against the aggressor becomes the victim of a regime duplicity and shamelessly. Vietnam is perhaps the only country in the world today revered aggressor and oppressed, spit patriotism of his own people!.

The Hanoi government determined to suppress the protests show patriotism of the people in time again demonstrated their inability and weakness of the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam before Chinese situation become more and more brazen despite the law and public international law on their expansionist ambitions in the East Sea and on the disputed islands in the region. While other countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Philippines .... is trying to protect their stance with opposition resolute attitude and tough with China, Vietnam right has been manipulated and had on a string by his enemy is the Chinese communist government. Why Vietnam country where are being invaded and provoked by right China but the leadership of Ba Dinh Hanoi still docile attitude and reverence? not only that, security forces also used the power and authority to protect their enemy and pressing people's outrage.

Action confusing and unscrupulous corporate leaders, Ba Dinh Hanoi makes people not from doubts about the truthfulness behind doing so. It reminds us recall actions betrayed the homeland of the head of the government machinery in the old late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and country sale of Notes in 1958. Painful event that something may recur again or not only the corporations Ba Dinh Hanoi leaders who know best. We can not continue to sit and watch the country is falling to the aggressor. And perhaps the country people no longer trust in the leadership of the Party dictatorship and the current government, so we have to concentrate strength to stand up together to reclaim the human rights and their autonomy our future destiny of the country. People to act together before its too late, please call for people gathering  and organized protests across the country. Determined not to group leaders in power now abetting the enemy to betray nation and homeland to the enemy's invasion of China.


Hanoi TV said the protesters 'receive money'

Update: 12:44 GMT - Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuộc biểu tình chống Trung Quốc tại Hà Nội vào ngày 5/8

The government is hostile to the protesters

Appeared from the government alleged that anti-China protesters 'paid by' after the fourth rally on Sunday on 5/8.

Radio Hanoi TV (HTV) in the news at 11 noon on 5/8 for the 'masses and the security forces discovered and caught some object is playing paid for the participants of protest '.

"The face was so-called patriots protest be exposed," broadcaster HTV read on the screen and promises 'will clearly reflect the' details of 'protest this cash' in news reports same afternoon at 18:30.

Meanwhile, two other major newspapers of the city of New Hanoi Hanoi is the capital and security are reported on the 'illegal gatherings' on the morning of 5/8 in the direction government has praised' strictly treated in time 'and the masses' public support'.

All three of these newspapers are under the control of the Hanoi government and has repeatedly condemned the series of protests against China.

Earlier anti-China rally on the morning of 5/8, the fourth time this year in Hanoi, was quickly crushed the government after almost 30 forced protesters onto buses to stay on center Loc Ha in the suburbs of Hanoi.

No evidence

But then news broadcasting Radio Hanoi did not give any evidence about 'demonstrations for money' as promised in the news the same day.

Instead, this newsletter focuses attacked protesters and urged "absolute confidence in the Party and State 'and' no advantage to being the bad guys'.

As the protests HTV am 5/8 had 'cause burning masses, potentially disorderly elements of political stability, impact negatively on the implementation of the policy of the party and State '.

HTV said the protesters were arrested for failing to obey the order to dissolve 'after the campaign to explain' the policy of the Party and State sovereignty islands.

Actions of some people (anti-China protesters) actually to create so-called echo on the international media as well as for the reactionary forces at home and abroad. "
Radio and television Hanoi

However, the BBC interview earlier, Mr. Le Dung, a light went out and protested 5/8, when he said that the Ly Thai Garden has been "gathered on the speaker pointed to the request in person This was disbanded because the restricted areas and then pulled straight onto the bus'.

HTV also note that the 'eight banners, slogans' that security forces have seized this stage' much bigger 'and' special appearance and contents against the State Party, the leading libel senior management '.

"The action of some substance to this so-called echo in the international media as well as for the reactionary forces at home and abroad," HTV's news of the allegations.

HTV departments require mass of Hanoi continues to coordinate with the police 'advocacy masses' and 'manage' the subjects participated in demonstrations regularly.

In 2011, Radio Hanoi Television was sued for calling the protesters as 'reactionary elements'. But this case went nowhere.

Biểu tình chống Trung Quốc tại Hà Nội vào tháng 7/2012
 Authorities determined to suppress the

'Condemn and severely punish'

The reports of the 'gatherings' this newspaper New Hanoi and Security Capital also almost identical tone with the broadcaster.

Under the heading 'resolutely handle the illegal act of gathering, causing public disorder', newspaper New Hanoi on demand 'and severely condemns' acts' in the name of patriots gathered to disrupt '.

The newspaper accused the demonstrators as' mistaken spontaneously join the rally is to show patriotism''

"While some objects against foreign and domestic abuse are urgently on the problem to conduct their activities against the Party and State," Vietnam News article.

Press State of Vietnam has repeatedly accused the protesters against China was 'inciting hostile forces' to conduct rehearsals for 'Arab Spring' in Vietnam. But they rarely give evidence for his allegations.

As the capital, the Public Security praised Hanoi government has 'stopped in time gatherings, marches unsafe order'.

"The presence of timely and resolute measures to handle the functional forces restored order and beauty on many streets of the capital, the majority of people agree and support," the paper wrote.

I resent and despise those who can speak the slander of others. "
Dang Bich Phuong, means Phuong Bich 

Dang Bich Phuong, Phuong Bich ie, one of the protesters were arrested on 5/8 and was HTV and Capital Security newspaper mentioned by name, questioning the BBC that if HTV have received pictures of protesters receive money, why the police were not caught in the battle, make records and arrest people who receive money immediately.

She also said that no one put money where there are dozens of cameras and camera images to be captured as evidence like that.

Many times to participate in anti-Chinese demonstrations in Hanoi and also repeatedly criticized the press in Hanoi, Phuong said she 'wrath and scorn of those who can say things that slander others' .

Chinese protest has become an activity of Hanoi

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