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International is strong interest on the tragic death of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng the mother of democracy blogger Ta Phong Tan, who are Vietnam's communist authorities jailed for her expressing right of opinions peacefully.




The self-immolation in front of public authorities in Bac Lieu province to protest the misconduct of the communist government of Vietnam led to the tragic death of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng the mother of democracy, blogger Ta Phong Tan, who is being detained by the government because of the right to freedom of expression peacefully upset her in the media and attracted strong interest from the international community. As the remarks of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said the tragedy could have been avoided if Vietnam's communist government has no unruly behavior despite the law, the National Constitution and international law.

Tragic death of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng really is not just a tragedy, a pain to own a home but also a tragedy, a common pain of a country. There is nothing more shameful, more infuriated when a people of a country must use her death to awaken the conscience of the country's leaders, who are holding the destiny of the country with the power in the hands but lacks of discerning wisdom, and especially the lack of human moral conscience led to widespread corruption in society, oppressed people, trample on truth and justice makes people complain, outrage and go to the selection ways of protest as hunger strikes, suicide, self-immolation ..... leading to the tragic death as the case blogger Ta Phong Tan's Mother is hardly inevitable.

It is hoped that the tragic death of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng would arouse moral conscience of the party leaders, government leaders at various levels and can affect attitudes and their behavior in how to govern people and to run the country. Besides, her tragic death Lieng also encouraging and increasing brave heart of people especially for the Democratic activists who are fighting for a country of Vietnam is indeed Liberal Democracy and Peace, it would be a traumatic experience, but pride is not forgotten and will always remind people to remember their responsibility is to strong perseverance and struggle the human rights under the draconian policy of domination, cruel, arbitrary and inhumane group's dictatorial leader communist party and government Vietnam today and tragic death of Ms. Lieng majestic will not become an unjust sacrifice.


RSF condemns VN after the self-immolation of Dang Thi Kim Lieng
RFA 07/31/2012

Reporters Without Borders today a press release condemning the harsh repressive measures of the government's Vietnam for dissent leads to desperate acts of self-immolation of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng, mother of blogger Ta Phong Tan, yesterday.

Reporters Without Borders expressed grief and hurt himself on fire before the tragedy of his mother blogger Truth and Justice - Ta Phong Tan. According to this tragedy could have been avoided if the authorities Vietnam is not so strong like that.
Press Reporters Without Borders is clearly stated in recent months the government of Vietnam has banned more harshly against the dissidents, through smear campaigns and harassment with the the harm to their families as the case Dang Thi Kim Lieng to self-immolation. The tragedy that affects all the families of dissidents in Vietnam. Recently, Reporters Without Borders has raised new cases of bloggers being tracked, arrested and attacked.
Reporters Without Borders said that it's time urgent that the international community should strongly remind the government of Vietnam on the responsibility to respect human rights and freedom of expression.


Congresswoman Sanchez and his family mourned blogger Ta Phong Tan
Posted by pleikly at 4:52 the morning of 1/08/12

   VRNs (01/08/2012) - Washington, D.C. USA - Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-47) states would like to send condolences at the death of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng, mother of blogger Ta Phong Tan.
"The death of his mother blogger Ta Phong Tan was a smash hit among the fighting in Vietnam and all those who closely monitor the situation she continued to arrest Ta Phong Tan. Pictures of an elderly mother worried about never seeing her daughter to use gasoline desperate act of self-immolation before the People's Committee of Bac Lieu province to protest the planned upcoming trial of his daughter, has left a deep impression on me. I would be with her friends Qin respectful condolences to the bereaved family. She's sacrifice Lieng detail as a reminder for us to remember and value the sacrifices that the human rights activist to undergo to achieve freedom and justice. I would like to send sincere condolences to the families and friends of the blogger Ta Phong Tan about this tragic loss. "

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative district 47, the area includes the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Fullerton in Orange County. Congresswoman Sanchez is senior member of the Committee for National Security; women MPs holding the highest position in the House Military Committee; member of the Economic Commission Houses of Parliament to consider issues to the U.S. economy. She is also co-founder of Vietnam Congressional Caucus Groups interested in human rights issues in Vietnam.

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