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Gathering people is the strength and the only weapon to defeat aggression and ambitious expansion of the Chinese communist government



In recent years, the Chinese communist authorities have continually provocative, provocative and illegal occupation of the Paracel and Spratly Islands belong to the undeniable legitimacy of Vietnam. The Chinese communist government supported the tens of thousands of fishing vessels conducting massive illegal fishing in waters under the sovereignty of Vietnam in recent times was an act is not acceptable. The actions above are not only serious violations of international maritime law, challenging the patience of the people of Vietnam but also the act of aggression, violating the territorial integrity and territorial waters of Vietnam.

Apart from ambition and territorial waters, the main causes leading to the Chinese communist government become aggressive and disregard public international law that is the attitude and response is too weak from communist government of Vietnam. While obvious and ambitious nature of our enemy is clearly, the dictatorial leadership of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam has proved blindly loyal and hard to understand. And while the islands under the sovereignty of us are being invaded and occupied by conducting illegal activities of the enemy, the supreme leader of the party and government teams continued to put enemy on their head with 16 letters of gold and 4 good?

Moreover, instead of the function of forces, the military and the Coast Guard to defend the sovereignty and protect the safety of Vietnamese fishermen who   are being bullied, beaten and arrested by the enemy right in the waters under the sovereignty and its exclusive economic zone of us, Vietnam's communist government proved cowardice and turned repression to righteous people, who is trying to speak with government protest the Chinese invasion by ridiculous reason , such as being reactionary groups entice, excitement excuse to carry out anti-China protests aimed at overthrowing the government, to overthrow the regime ....!

The party leader and the government could not only fear losing power, losing leadership positions or losing their own interests that without fear of losing the country? Vietnam if the country actually fell to the Chinese aggressor, would that power and leadership positions of them exist or not? or even yourself, your children will also become a slave to foreign states. Thousand-year history of slaves to the China enemy,you would not be learned when sit under the roof of the school or have not really left into memories of your??. Please be quickly awakened so that the country not falling into the hands of invaders, the people of Vietnam not become a slave to foreign states before it is too late. Solid front, rear strong, army and people express their unique power to break conspiring of the invasion enemy of China. Make the most favorable conditions to set people's hearts. That's what makes the most powerful weapon for the Chinese communist government to think again and abandon their ambition to Vietnam.


Vietnam Fishery Association denounced Chinese "aggression"

Tàu cá của Trung Quốc đồng loạt triển khai hoạt động (AFP)

Chinese fishing vessels operating simultaneously deploy (AFP)

Trọng Nghĩa

Reacting to the information the Chinese press announced aggressive in recent days to download, in which more than 23,000 fishing vessel was brought down  East Sea by this country, Vietnam Fishery Association, in a statement dated Monday through 03/08/2012 has spoken out against "infringement of sovereignty Chinese to islands of Vietnam."

The remarkable thing is the content very strong protest, calling the decision of the ancient Chinese fishing vessels into the East Sea is an act of "aggression". The statement recalled that in recent years, Beijing has consecutive violations islands sovereignty of Vietnam.

Vietnam Fishery Association highlighted the fact that recently, when the ban on fishing in the East Sea of ​​China unilaterally expire on 01/08, the "tens of thousands of Chinese fishing vessels deployed simultaneously active fishing in the area Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam. "

The statement stressed: "This is aggression violated China's sovereignty over sea and islands of Vietnam", violating the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982, and the Declaration on the Conduct of the the South China Sea in 2002, which Beijing has signed with ASEAN.

Vietnam Fisheries Association and the Vietnam government requirements to have effective measures and stronger to oppose "illegal employment" of China, and take measures to help fishermen in Vietnam to secure the production.

Again, these days, Chinese media reported on the same series of tens of thousands of their fishing vessels in the provinces of Guangdong, Hainan - more than 23,000 units - started straight down the Paracels and Changsha to catch.

According to analysts, Beijing's green light for massive fishing vessels to the East Sea policy in economic activity used to enforce sovereignty. This action also raises the accident risk, especially in the context of a local Chinese official also called on the government armed the Chinese fishermen offshore activities.

Also not to mention the possibility of collision between ships or marine fisheries of China-appointed chief by protecting Chinese fishing boat - the Coast Guard or Coast Guard of its neighbors whose duty is to protect the sea ​​under the sovereignty of his country.


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