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International voice after dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan was assaulted




The dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan was thugs assaulted in the past stated that hand by the Vietnamese Communist government behind the impact has attracted attention from the public opinion inside and outside the country and the International Community. Vietnam is in the worst situation of Human Rights in the past decade. Especially since the people's uprising to overthrow the dictatorship regimes in a number of countries in North Africa and the Middle East called the revolution "Arab Spring", the authorities in Hanoi as sitting on the fire, tobe anxious and fear of a similar revolution can be formed and exploded in Vietnam has pushed the leaders and the Communist Party of Vietnam in the confrontation with the position his own people in the country.

A series of measures and brutal suppression methods including harassment, intimidation, illegal arrest and detention of anyone who has different ideas with government or against the government in any way, even the expression of peaceful that will also not be accepted by government. Although that oppression action above his left seriously violated the fundamental rights of the people, even contrary to the provisions of the national constitution and the law, but to absolute protection of power and interests, the group leader Ba Dinh Hanoi ignoring its commitments to the International Convention on Human Rights. Moreover, governments often use bad tricks to cover up their misconduct, including acts of slander, false propaganda and the most dangerous is the implementation of the act as : ordering and generate unwanted traffic accidents, use or thugs disguised as thugs to attack the voice disagreement in the water ... etc ...

Although the method and evil tricks that the communist government of Vietnam has applied in the past somewhat effective and caused some concern and worry. However, this is not a wise and discerning choice. When conducting crack down on illegal activities for people in the country, the government not only create the images are not good in the eyes of the international community but also increasingly creates a huge gap between people with government as well as putting them on a leave and gradually lost faith in the leadership of the Party and the government. Besides, the act of using violence to suppress the voice of disagreement in the country in recent years impressive just cause or threaten people in a certain time period and temporarily that will not make them submit  forever. And when no longer endure, then what will happen? maybe the hearts of the leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam is the most understanding!!!.


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International continues to call for an investigation of lawyer Le Quoc Quan who was assaulted

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan

Non-governmental organizations specializing in advocating for democracy and human rights International based in Ireland called on people to sign a letter drafted on the organization's website, to the president of Vietnam, condemned and asked for investigating transparency about lawyer Quan was attacked which may be related to motor activities to promote human rights and justice of Mr. Quan.

The letter also recommended that the Government must ensure that all activists fighting to protect human rights in the country have to be enforce their legitimate human rights activities without interference, obstruction, or threatened.

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At the same time, the human rights envoy of the Salem-News, an independent online newspaper in the United States with the mandate of protecting truth, justice, peace, just sent a letter to the Special Investigator on the status of the protection of human rights, the Office of the United Nations, and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, expressed deep concern about the case of the lawyer Quan and request the intervention and urged Vietnam to investigate cause and protect the human rights activist, who only exercise of fundamental freedoms of peaceful citizens to fight for democracy and justice.

Lawyer Quan is author of the blog post represents the views of the sensitive topics in Vietnam, civil rights, multi-party pluralism, and freedom of religion. He actively participated in the collective prayers of the faithful ask for peace and justice, the anti-China rally invaded the East Sea, and also the target is attacked in these activities.

Lawyer Quan believes that he was assaulted on 19/8 with the help of the government. Speaking to VOA English language, he said:

"My situation is only a small part, but also how to express the voice of a lot of people are persecuted, or are the games 'shabby' like this to happen. These things never do change the thoughts of a person that makes people more offensive and more urgent. "

Last week, Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch has also voiced concerns before the assault of activists in Vietnam and calling on the Hanoi government to transparency investigate to the attack to lawyer Quan .

Source: Frontline Defenders, Salem-News, VOA's Interview

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