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'U.S. should not barter human rights in Vietnam'




international Increasingly deeper concerned about worst human rights situation in Vietnam today. Although it has become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and even had a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the International Covenant on Civil Rights and politics, but the communist government of Vietnam has continuously trample human rights acts harshly over the past decades. Aforementioned misconduct of the communist government of Vietnam is not only contrary to their commitments to international human rights, but also challenges the conscience of all humanity the world's progress.

While the world is looking on the global trend of Democratic is the leadership of Communist Party and the government of Vietnam continues to strive to maintain the policies his party dictatorship. To achieve the purpose of darkness and evil, Hanoi authorities do not hesitate to use every trick and atrocities including kidnapping unlawful for Democratic Activist and domestic dispute voices that secret arrests for 17 young activists Religion in past time is the most eloquent proof. Despite all the criticism from human rights organizations and many countries around the world, the Hanoi leadership not only not to stop the misconduct above but also their activities become more aggressive and more sophisticated.

It is time for the U.S. government and the International Community need to show attitude and stance clearer and more powerful. In addition it should also promote the sanctions or remedies strong enough to force the Vietnamese communist authorities must fully comply with international commitments on human rights, and must stop immediately and unconditional for the use of violence to suppress the voice dissent in the country. Especially for the government of the United States, the world's number one power with leading to democracy and a symbol of Human Rights which existed hundreds of years can not give in or through the violation of human rights people not only in Vietnam but any country in the world. As described by Professor Allen Weiner of Stanford University Law School United States in an editorial published in the Washington Post on 26-08, the U.S. government should not develop deep relationships on trade with Vietnam without at the same time promote Hanoi to respect their international commitments on human rights.


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'U.S. should not barter human rights in Vietnam'

   Program Director for International Law and Reconciliation Law School University of Stanford (USA), Professor Allen Weiner

Trà Mi-VOA

Director of International Law and Reconciliation Program of the School of Law at Stanford University called on the U.S. to further concrete efforts in addition to the words of human rights defenders in Vietnam.

In an editorial published in the Washington Post on 26/8, Professor Allen Weiner of Stanford Law School presents the current status of human rights violations in Vietnam with the arrests of activists, dissidents expected and that the United States should not develop deeper trade relations with Vietnam, but not at the same time promote Hanoi to respect their international commitments to respect human rights.

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Professor Weiner suggest that U.S. officials should ask Vietnam began with the release of 17 young Catholic activists arrested last year and other human rights activists imprisoned simply because they find a voice for the future of the country.


17 young Catholic activists associated 

with the Redemptorists was arrested for 

the alleged violation of the law as' activities 

aimed at overthrowingpeople's government 

'and' propaganda against the state '

What the Vietnamese authorities are doing that because they do not like the critics of state policies, and instead of solving the problem, the government has used the power to arrest them. International law does not allow to do so ...
Professor Allen Weiner

In an interview with VOA Professor Weiner said:

"I am a connoisseur of international law. I studied and worked in international law. I devoted all my life to learn about international law. I look at this case arrested in Vietnam and it is clear that these are human rights violations and violations of international law. People like me, teaching and research in international law also obliged to try to touch the attention of governments and international organizations for violations of international commitments such as the Vietnamese government is doing. I think the Vietnamese laws which rely on to accuse the enforcement of this as a 79 or 88 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government' or 'propaganda against the state' is the infinite laws, with vague wording, inconsistent with a rule of law. What the Vietnamese authorities are doing that because they do not like the critics of state policies, and instead of solving problems, meeting the requirements of the people demanding more democracy, the State re-use power to arrest them. International law does not allow to do so. "

Professor Weiner said the United States should not reward the Hanoi government by agreeing to Vietnam in the Trans-Pacific Partnership while Hanoi continued to use vague laws to stifle their voice dissent and violating human rights of its citizens.

Recently, Professor Weiner has represented for 17 young activists  imprisoned in Vietnam, sent a petition to the Commission to Investigate Arbitrary Detention of the United Nations (UNWGAD) presented on Hanoi arrested keep illegal prolonged detention of activists and request the UN called on Vietnam to release them immediately.

17 young people were arrested in July 2011, allegedly in violation of the Criminal Code on 'activities to overthrow the rights in the dan'va of the' propaganda against the state 'as they participate in activities promote human rights, justice, against oppression and injustice.

Source: Washington Post, VOA's Interview


VIETNAM - POST: MONDAY 27 AUGUST 2012 - Last Modified MONDAY 27 AUGUST 2012

Family of 17 Catholic young who  were arrested, pull up Hanoi demanding for the freedom of their children

Tú Anh

Tuần hành đòi công lý tại Hà Nội ngày 27/08/2012

March for justice in Hanoi on 27/08/2012

After a year of action is not effective, 30 relatives of 17 young students Catholic from Vinh pull up the Ha Noi protest. They marched and gathered before the Government Office, opposite the Mai Van Thuong Park at 8 am and 30 am on 08/27/2012.

Protesters demanding freedom for their children were police oppression and 'carried' to the truck to the Office of the National Assembly. Here the rustic people to meet other complicated. Police protection agency delegates the people stopped in front of the gate and asked for people to have a referral.

RFI question with a crew relatives waiting in front of the Office of the National Assembly, Mr. Chu Van Nghiem, father of students Chu Manh Son:

Chu Van Nghiem, Hanoi


Listen (3:09)

Ông Chu Văn Nghiêm- Hà Nội
Nghe (03:09)

To 5 pm on 27/082 012 people to leave. Office of the National Assembly refused to accept the complaint on the grounds that 'hard to settle collective claims ».


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