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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 153 (15-08-2012)




Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine Freedom of Speech 153 issued on 15-08-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.

        Newspaper editorial TDNL

                 Victory BY at all costs!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of         Speech 153 (15-08-2012)

            One of the moral principles were condemned and spat by civilized humanity, which is "the end justifies the means"! That is all the way (although there is violence, lies) is good if used to achieve a noble purpose. However, it was the moral principles of the dictatorship, especially the so-called "moral revolution" Communist. Offer a cure or a lofty goal (such as independence, freedom, happiness, prosperous, justice of peace, prosperity ... or preserve their country, escaping slavery, enemy victory, security protection mode ...) to motivate and fascinate the mass public, the dictatorial leader then uses both a deceitful propaganda machine, a force to oppress the people, a policy of race purification, a racist way, a plan to destroy the environment, a tactical network called sacrifice soldiers ... soon to reach the goal. But eventually it just creates a golden opportunity for those who are politically active early advantage jumping into tyrants, caused huge disasters for the nation and humanity.

            This has been verified in modern history with Hitler, who once declared: "When they launched a war [in order to restore honor and prestige to the Nhat Nhi Man], only a single law especially the law won! "to then kill nearly 6 million Jews and burned all Europe during World War II. Then with Stalin, who wanted to implement the policy because collectivization of agriculture which was starved for more than 6 million Ukrainians died, because want to always win, the Red Army which have established special military team, goes after the army , so that soldiers shot dead slow any advance or go backwards. Again with Mao Zedong, who because he wanted to "protected mode" which launched the Cultural Revolution killed more than 30 million of his fellow Chinese, because he wanted to bring the "light of civilization" to the neighbors that destroy the culture and the Tibetan race. To Vietnam, it was with Ho Chi Minh, who for want of land reform, establish social justice that has caused death directly and indirectly for over half a million people; who as " love and miss " South of my heart "that have conducted so-called" liberation "killed more than 4 million Vietnamese, most of northern youth; or with Vo Nguyen Giap, who was in the Indochina War and the second one, have always advocated using military tactics sea of ​​candidates indiscriminately to win, making Bigeard Minister of France and the U.S. have criticized Westmoreland is very irresponsible with their life force (deaths than several dozen times over the enemy).

            The terrible moral principles, "The ends justify the means" or literally as "win at all costs" was still communist minds of the human brain, especially the staff members are in machine rule. With two goals: to maintain power and acquire interests are served by two qualities: deceit and cruelty, most of them are only two actions in social behavior: looting and oppression. With the current situation facing people in the country (domestic) and cope with the world near and far (foreign affairs), the Communist leaders of large and small (and limbs) are relaxed further and use all means Notwithstanding any of the main, though ignoble vulgar, even causing outrageous contempt of creation and before international public opinion, to understand all the bags of silver and gold throne.

            For internal, they (1) to maintain power by continuing tool of, servant of the executive, legislative, judicial, police, military, media, religion, want to act all types fraud and violence, fear and because benefits, (2) acquire powerful by continuing in the hands of the modern corporation, corporations, land confiscation and home of farmers and townspeople, export meet all kinds of workers abroad, force the people pay for the debts of corporations, state corporations doing business losses.

            What are the National Assembly continued to keep silence before the invasive Sea islands of China, could not immediately require ratification yourself with the Law of the Sea, the real interest in the fate of damnation exploitation of local voters I (as in Tien Lang, Van Giang, Thu Thiem, Ban ...). Any court system continues to cause difficulties for human rights attorney in defending the client (such as Vu Phi Long judge in the case of the blogger club Free Journalists), further processed faster, treated carelessly, treat heavily, treat severe patriotic citizens dare sincere comments, demanding justice, demanding freedom, democracy restored ( the cases of teacher Dinh Dang Dinh and Le Thanh Tung democratic soldiers recently) ... A whole army proclaims and continue to thank the Chinese forces had killed the Vietnamese people and Vietnamese land confiscation, people continue to leave in the hands of fishermen miserable "strange ship, strange country," continued support civil defense, police beat people, steal land (as in Tien Lang, Vu Ban, Con Cuong ...), to indicate the burden of earning a profit corporations, 16 corporations, 7 parent company and 61 subsidiaries and 52 ... Both companies share a heavy police force present in all regions, before every home, all the way, as a uniformed security, plain clothes secret police, the thugs to bear " make laws "with guests truck driver, to guard the characters" are black book ", to stop the patriotic citizens to the streets, herded the demonstrators to members of the" rehabilitation of human dignity ", to truck smashed glass message to the birthday people, to throw dirt into the house sauce, shrimp soldiers protest in part, to prevent, harassment, robbery wreaths at the funeral of an old woman self-immolation protest against injustice and harassment, to prevent swelling of the face line of a pastor for film photography, to burst into the temple Venerable prevent wounded poor relief, to break the sanctuary assault because priests and lay people "criminal" practice their religion without permission ... The whole administrative system used all kinds of types of fraud and forced to rob the farmers and townspeople of land sold to tycoon hand, to discourage civil rights protesters in group call research, to penalize the victims to the dead end to protests by naked, to slander the media slandered all those who defend them, to condemn those found guilty of patriotic citizens to the streets protesting for invaders (such as leaders group in Thai Binh and Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Saigon, Hanoi) ... Both a media staging tool with famous names such as radio and television stations in Hanoi, newspaper New Hanoi, the Capital Security newspaper, newspaper Nghe ... how vulgar lie, a blatant slander, against the way the page swapping elements (such as "go protest because the money") for all location way, young people, believers boldly demanding natural rights of man, freedom of citizens and self-determination of peoples.

            What a financial system continues to print money and how to bluff them to hit the market to help banks, corporations, state corporations are secretly debt stock. Difficult to know exactly how much this amount. According to sources leaking in the first 6 months, group of Nguyen Tan Dung and Nguyen Van Binh has released at least 300 thousand trillion Vietnamese dong, equal U.S. $ 14.29 billion, to buy into the 9 billion for the items on target. In the last 6 months, will hit the estimated 70 thousand trillion VND / month, ie a total of 420 thousand trillion, equivalent to U.S. $ 20 billion. Thus, only the above sources, the national debt increased by 34.29 billion this year in the new cash, and add some bonds sold in the last 6 months, the national debt this year 38.45 billion U.S.$ increase. In short, the public debt, the VN is at least 288.02 billion U.S.$ = 272% of GDP. Please note that cash is a national debt. In launching the cash in the bond is no different. The Hanoi government in countless money but fraud is not included in the national debt. It is a great deception (The blog of Vietnam Economic Forecast). All just to save and maintain the regime at all costs.

            Foreign Relations, the Communist Party (1) to maintain power by continuing to count on the Chinese, who are dreamed takeover of Vietnam through various forms of utmost disgrace (but always painted in front of people): any courtship (congress Vietnam-China Friendship Association 5th to Nguyen Thien Nhan expressed his gratitude to the individuals and organizations of China celebrates 85 years anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Liberation Army Phung Quang Thanh to heart inscribed "to share rice and clothes" of the military of China ...) and kowtow (a person who has Chinese origin with opium smuggling achievement to become the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai; not dare to summon only ask to see Chinese ambassador to complain about the unruly behavior of the North on the sea; only for low-level officials: Committee border, Petro, Law Society, the Fisheries speak-up When China setting the Sansha city or bring tens of thousands of fishing vessels in territorial waters Changsha); any crackdown: stop, assault, arrest, slander citizens warned painting lost water or street protests-even invading Vietnamese residents indignant at this act of repression in Hanoi also be regarded as criminal; any previous international legitimacy created by asking the UN Human Rights Council on whether to area of ​​immense human rights violations including, by shuttle diplomacy with Western democracies and with the Vatican despite continued religious discrimination, by buying off the overseas Vietnamese community with promises representative seat in Congress. (2) Party continues to acquire interests in economic relations, foreign trade, culture with the United States and other wealthy countries, though still disregard the provisions of the WTO, the overseas Vietnamese to lure investors though fattening play overseas Vietnamese slaughtered innocent of doing business in domestic (the latest example is Mr.Phan Kim Gioi, mouse Ranchers in Tinh Bien, An Giang), for state-owned companies ( of high-level party officials) offshore trading, smuggling or exploitative Vietnamese workers (for the Russian company Vinastar recent example).

            In summary, childhood education, to be indoctrinated all life by materialistic notion (purely physical human life only to find money), atheist (no God to judge , no conscience to remind), the struggle for existence (who is more powerful, one time it was, by all means victory), the Communists have caused numerous effects harmful to society and country, people and nation, and of course one day themselves and their families will be overpaid. Thus, should continue to accept this weird mode exists on our homeland?


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