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What the people of Vietnam expected is sincere and good repair that not in the form of nature sham democracy as self-criticism, self-criticism that the leaders of the Communist Party and government Vietnam is doing now




While human rights in Vietnam is Vietnam's communist government trampling rudely, blatantly and relentlessly popular outrage led to more and more away from the authorities, as well as complete loss of faith to the party leaders and the government, the leadership of Ba Dinh Hanoi only to focus fire method to find and defuse popular with fake trick is self-criticism, self-criticism ... v ... v .... In fact, the leaders of the party and government are working together just took a new drama to mislead public opinion at home and abroad, as well as strengthening the people's trust for them and continue to maintain resources, roles and leadership positions of their capital is shaking the roots as a social creation of unfair, and an unstable country lacking freedom and democracy.

Above actions of the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam lacks goodwill and nothing new. If they really like to correct or seriously review themselves in the best and most reliable that is courage people to critique and review of the right things, the wrong things or the omission faults that State Party and the government of Vietnam has caused over many past years. The first thing that the party leader and block government should do immediately is to create opportunities for people to be allowed to voice their legitimate views openly without fear of government retaliation, was government harassment or retaliation by the authorities. That is to adhere to truth and justice, respect for fundamental human rights including freedom of expression people's legitimate.

Besides, if they really want to repair, to review the shortcomings and mistakes of themselves that the people really desire is a healthy society, transparency, elimination of corruption, apart from respect freedom of expression of the people, the party leader and the government no choice but to accept a government promoting multi-party with all such violations of personal themselves and party leader in the new administration block was tightly controlled and the individual or collective mistakes would not really have a chance again. This last is what people expect so long and that is the main thing that the leaders of Vietnam's communist state needs to do now, not with the actions approved in nature and temporary amendment Democratic form artificially, as is done today and throughout the decades.


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The leaders of Vietnam to join self-criticism criticism

General Secretary of Communist Party 
of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong

General Secretary of Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong has opened a conference on efforts to implement Resolution 4 self-criticism about individual and collective members and leaders at all levels.

Mr Trong said since this month, the program will be implemented in the organization and the party at national level, then expanded to all levels.

Recently, members of the Politburo and secretary of Party Committee has participated in self-criticism within 12 days. The review conducted in two groups, including leaders such as President Truong Tan Sang, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung.

All self-test presented before the Politburo and Secretariat. Party General Secretary was appointed to the Party Central Committee's Inspection of the self-assessment before September and submitted to the Politburo.

Politburo and the Secretariat agreed that the self test, the party will better understand the concerns related to building the party, such as issues related to leadership and management of state enterprises.

At the meeting, the Politburo decided to transfer multiple members of the Party Central Executive Committee of the other positions and appoint a replacement.

Politburo also asked the government officials linked further research and develop new procedures on how to organize the vote of confidence by Congress and appointed members of the People's Committee.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said self-criticism and criticism is only effective if all members to comprehend the importance of this process.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge, Vietnam News

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