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Vietnam's communist government continue to commit acts of illegal appropriation of land assets of the Catholic Church




Before the backlash from public opinion at home and abroad as well as from religious leaders and lay people, the Vietnamese communist government to halt its illegal actions in the use of arms forces suppress fellow parishioners aim illegally seized property legally owned land of Vietnam Catholic Church in recent years. However, after a period of silence in order to placate public opinion, today, the communist government of Vietnam continues to repeat old behavior to account for the permanent disposal of land and property of the Catholic Church said with deceptive tricks and lies as; take fortune the said land to serve the public interest ..... and in a spirit of respect for the opinions and wishes of the     Court of the Archbishop of Hanoi!!!

In fact, these are the only trick to deceive the public and cover up the misconduct of local authorities when carrying out illegal appropriation of land assets above only. We are still keep in the minds about the Vietnamese communist authorities had used force the illegal appropriation of land Nunciature Hanoi and overnight turned the land above into the park in 2008. In recent years, Hanoi authorities always cited that their actions solely for the purpose of serving the public interest and rails on to disguise the above reasons for appropriating land mass properties of the churches, parishes, ... Monastery and then use for their own purposes a handing as the land acquisition of the monastery of the Thai Ha parish in Hanoi to build Da Khoa Hospital, but then turned it into place of profligate.

Not only for the Church but even legal land assets owned by individuals of fellow parishioners was making difficult by State government. What makes the communist government of Vietnam always focus and desire to appropriate the property and land of the religious organizations and fellow parishioners despite the objections of the people's opinion and abroad as well as in spite of the law and trample the truth and justice? Not difficult to understand, because this is the policy of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam to tighten the scope of activities of Religion which is an expanding trend and widely influential in the country but in the eyes of the Vietnamese communist government this could cause instability and harm to power, interest and leadership role of their country in this period when the confidence of people in government is declining dramatically.


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Communist authorities confirmed the re smashed up robbery Carmelite closed monastery  72 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi

Nhà cầm quyền CSVN xác nhận việc tái đập phá chiếm cướp tu viện kín Camêlô 72 Nguyễn Thái Học – Hà Nội

As Queen of Justice reported yesterday, the destroy aim robbing Carmelite closed Monastery 72 - Nguyen Thai Hoc Street will be re-started after stopping due to protests of the parishioners and the Archdiocese of Hanoi . This is the basis of the Catholic Church was occupied robbed to make Green Paul Hospital.

This morning, 08/22/2012, we have verified the information and look at the unusual activity here. However, the re-start accounting for robbing monastery was not going frantic.

Today, 08/22/2012. The official Vietnam News Agency has reported confirm this. In the news, VNA also seemed to favor means that 'to serve the healthcare for people, including Catholics' and 'respect for the opinions and aspirations of the Court of the Archbishop of Hanoi' (?)

As we know, the Order of Saint Paul in Hanoi since 1883. The sisters of this line among the first Western medical physician in Hanoi. At first they worked in the Phu Doan Hospital. Early twentieth century, Freemasonry came to power in France and Indochina has put them out of the public hospital.

For the purpose of serving the poor, they bought land line set up monasteries and schools Sainte Marie at address what is now No. 37 Hai Ba Trung area and also established the first hospitals Saint Paul Chu Van An City  today.

After 1954, the monastery and hospital of Saint Paul was illegally occupied the entire by state. After several name changes different state now call the hospital name is "Green Hospital Pol". In the middle of the field hospitals still his statue of St. Paul.

Photos Monastery days ago

Long-term aim to seize this wealth of the Catholic Church, the Hanoi government has repeatedly deform Abbey and this is the single decision completely destroyed to erase the traces as much as possible of the Carmelite closed monastery here.

May / 2012, the Hanoi government has destroyed a number of the items in this Monastery.

On 20/05/2011, the Archdiocese of Hanoi has an Emergency Complaint sent by Archbishop Peter Nguyen Van Nhon, signed on 16 May 05, 2011 to the Hanoi Department of Health, Green Hospital Pol (Saint Paul), and contact the authorities. St. Paul also file a complaint to the authorities about emergency Carmelite Closed Monastery .

On 27/05/2011, the Archdiocese of Hanoi receiving the reply of the City Commission Office Hanoi promised to consider and resolve the complaints of the Archdiocese of Hanoi. On 30/05/2011, TTGM Hanoi received the letter of the Hanoi People's Committee signed on 27/05/2011, posts and City Inspectors City Board Religion, "unit testing, proposals People Steering City consider, answered Peter Nguyen Van Nhon and Sister Pauline Hanoi prescribed by law. " But on 31/05/2011, construction companies continue to destroy the walls and roof of the building Sealed with the Holy Cross Monastery. Hanoi TTGM sent 2nd emergency complaint.

Then the destruction was paused, but on 22.08.2012, the Hanoi government to restart the accounting for robbing and distorting interventions to erase traces in this area.

A vague notice to create divisions of the government in Hanoi, Hanoi authorities 'respect for the opinions of the Archdiocese of Hanoi'. That respect? Unclear the opinions of the Archdiocese of Hanoi with the Hanoi government?

Let us wait and see the contents of the opinion and agreement (if any) from the Archdiocese of Hanoi. But certainly one thing that no one has the right to sell, give away the property of standing outside the Catholic Church law.

Queen of Justice will continue to monitor this case and will inform readers of the next evolution.

The Monastery is being destroyed

To erase the tracks and build new houses here


Queen of Justice


President Gia Kiem violate freedom of religion?

Posted by cheoreo2 lúc 

  VRNs (08/23/2012) - Dong Nai - On 21/08/2012, Nguyen Van Long in Gia Kiem Thong Nhat Dong Nai province received Decision 64/QD-KPHQ (Decision 64) by Dinh Van Huy , Chairman of People's Committee of Gia Kiem signed on 17/08/2012 asking him self dismantle the MARIA statue placed in the premises of his family.
Mr. Dinh Van Huy reason given is:

- Nguyen Van Long had administrative violations of land legislation is improper land use purposes specified at Point a, Clause 1, Article 8 of Decree 105/2009 ND-CP of November 11 2009 ...

- Reasons for not sanctioning administrative violations: Due to the statute of limitations for sanctioning administrative violations should not apply administrative sanctions.

For two reasons, the consequence is overcome: "Forced Nguyen Van Long dismantling of the structures on the land ..."

      The MARIA statue by cement and banyan tree in his home land of Long

This Decision takes effect 10 days from the date of receipt of 21.08.2012, ie the date 31/08/2012 is the deadline. Mr. Chairman Gia Kiem said: "Mr. Nguyen Van Long have the right to appeal against this decision in accordance with law."
Nguyen Van Long, ask questions to us: so far he has not seen the "Minutes of administrative violations by the CPC Gia Kiem up in 10 hours 15 minutes 06 08 2012" as Decision 64 mentioned.

Long also tells us that he has not received administrative punishment decisions regarding the land he placed the statue in his house in honor of his religion.
Nguyen Van Long is a Catholic and is now the parish Phat Hai, Diocese  Xuan Loc.

Is the chairman of CPC Gia Kiem is breaking the law and violating religious freedom when signing this decision?

We will continue to inform you the progress of the case.
Here is a screenshot of Decision 64:


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