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The communist government of Vietnam continues to harass bloggers in the country




In the trend of globalization democracy now and most of frequent claims before public opinion at home and abroad that the government of Vietnam always respects the fundamental rights of the people is  to Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien, a Vietnam's blogger popular was fined by Vietnam's communist government  with reason "Internet abuse" information detrimental to social order and safety is an illegal act completely contrary to the Vietnam's commitments to international about human rights. The rules capture behavior, slander against blogger Nguyen Xuan area are unfounded is not acceptable. We all know they all Blogger blogs Nguyen Xuan Dien of ​​posting only the necessary information and honest in the context of the country being the aggressor Chinese aggression and illegal occupation of the islands Vietnam, said that he could not take advantage of the Internet which are detrimental to social order and safety.

Give honest information beneficial and necessary for the democratization of the country, is conducive to the protection of the territorial integrity of Vietnam is not only the responsibility of bloggers, journalists, writers. .... but also the common responsibility of all citizens in the country and Vietnam all over the world, in the context of the country of Vietnam was in danger before the aggression of enemies China and human rights that are being Vietnam's communist government trampled, rudely and flagrant. For years, the government of Vietnam has always citing national security reason and the use of about 88, Article 258 and Article 79 of the Criminal Code vaguely to punish and silence the different opinion voice in country. Aforementioned wrongful act of the communist government of Vietnam has been the International Human Rights Organization and many countries around the world to condemn and harshly criticized.

In the current situation when the country is facing the risk of dehydration that the group leaders of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam has always proved cowardly, weak and often have an attitude and behavior difficult to understand, is the people speak up and have protest action is necessary and proper. The country of Vietnam is the common property of all citizens to Vietnam, not the private property of the leaders of the party and government, so all decisions and misconduct prejudicial to the interests and Ethnicity National interests must be excluded even if the decision of the President, General Secretary or those who are holding an important position and high in the Party Central Committee Politburo, National Assembly ... Continue .. acts of harassment, arrest and imprisonment of dissenting voices in the country would be ill-advised action, unwise of leaders of the Party and governments at all levels. To retain power, maintain the existence of a regime, the threat of violence and prison use only temporary effects may not last long when that mode has really hit lose faith in people.


Nguyen Xuan Dien Blogger was fined for the reason «taking advantage of internet»

Tiến sĩ Nguyễn Xuân Diện (áo đỏ) và GS Ngô Đức Thọ trong một cuộc biểu tình tại Hà Nội chống Trung Quốc gây hấn hôm 19/06/2011.

Dr. Nguyen Xuan area (red shirt) and Prof. Ngo Duc Tho
in a protest against China in Hanoi
Monday 19/06/2011 aggression.

Thụy My

After several times trying to interfere, Department of Information and Communication Hanoi has decided to impose administrative sanctions, dated 06/08/2012 for Dr Nguyen Xuan Dien, a popular blogger in Vietnam, for «taking advantage of electronic information to provide personal information detrimental to social order and safety '. This event has caused strong reactions from netizens and bloggers.

As decided on Dr. Nguyen Xuan area are forced to pay a fine of seven and a half million Vietnam dong within 10 days, if not coerced. On his blog, Dr. Dien said he would appeal the decision or proceeding.

Blog Nguyen Xuan Dien has some very large traffic. In the round of protests against aggression in the East Sea of ​​China, this blog often live reporting events. In addition, while the situation is very fast updating of land in enforcement cases Tien Lang, Van Giang ... information that readers may find difficult in state press.

Again, the earlier date of 18/5 an unknown person claiming to be «wounded» has blatantly broke into Han-Nom Research Institute, where Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien where he ​​work, to ask him to remove all blog post. By early June, the blog address completely inaccessible, and Dr. Dien was the Department of Information and Communications invited to work in Hanoi. On 5/6, Nguyen Xuan Dien send your complaint to this Department on the Department's inspection team said the behavior is 'unlawful'.

Nguyen Xuan Dien blogger events forced fines has caused strong reactions of bloggers and netizens. Many people have asked to contribute assistance to  Ph.D. Dien fines.

Reply RFI Vietnamese, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien confirms that he dismissed the charges against him:

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien


Listen (1:56)
Tiến sĩ Nguyễn Xuân Diện
Nghe (01:56)

The decision to sanction that I see is dated 6/8, but until 16/8 I just received. And in that decision is recorded Nguyen Xuan Dien must comply with the decision to sanction ten days from the date of decision. By now it can be stated that to date 16/8 I just received the sanction decision. Department of Information and Communications is not handed to me, but sent by mail only.

He commented on how this sanction, is justified or not?

The sanctioning decisions of inspectors Department of Information Communication is based on work records on 12/7, ie 169 minutes. That the 169 minutes it has provided to me on two violations. One is taking advantage of electronic information to provide personal information detrimental to social order and safety. And second is that the behavior is called obstruction, making it difficult for inspection activities.

In 169 minutes I was out in it is "I object to provisions taken, slander on the inspection team for me», which is the director Nguyen Thi Mai Huong. And in the course of the inspection work is not to present any evidence that I take advantage of electronic information to provide personal information detrimental to social order and safety. While working I have always been some members of the inspection team made emotional intimidation, annoying and rude.

This was clearly stated in the complaint I sent Director of Communications and Information in Hanoi on June 5, 2012 th. And I have to sign the writing, there is the signature of the violation, I do not sign. So I did not acknowledge this minutes, and do not admit the error that the inspection team of the Department of Communications has provided information capture and slander me.

Please grateful to Dr. Nguyen Xuan area.


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