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News of Father Nguyen Van Ly, a prisoner of conscience in Communist Vietnam prison




News of Father Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prison
(Newsletter on 22-08-2012)
Visit Roman priest Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly on 14-08-2012

Dear to you fellow Vietnam and siblings Catholics latest news about Roman prisoners of conscience Priest Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly in Communist prison. (See attachment). Please help spread.
We sincerely thank you.
Block 8406

     Under the program was arranged, 7th on 11-08-2012, I (Nguyen Cong Hoang) and nephew called by uncle to Hue to take part in the wedding ceremony of a cousin and then Sunday evening on the bus to the city Phu Ly, Ha nam province visited Father Nguyen Van Ly, the uncle and grandparent by blood groups. Situated on the car from 5pm days 12-08 until 6am the next 13-08 is arrival in Phu Ly. Due Ninh Binh highway - bridge Gie has opened up the car to Hanoi most of this road, so we had down at the highway junction Highway 21 (Ly approximately 7 km), and from there Car to Ba Sao prison camp (west Kim Bang district). Along the road near the camp, see many police officers stood on all the left and right side of the way, we were surprise and did not know what's happen?. Then our car was stopped, with the message: today is not to meet his family because the camp relocation .

     We contacted prison officials, they said the same thing, and appointment will reply after consult to leaders. We had to take the car back to the Phu Ly to find a motel for the night. The next morning (14-08 - 2012), received reports permitted  to meet and visit, both of us hastily arranged luggage, call the car to the new prison to visit to see Father Ly. New camp is located in the Tan Lang, Tan Son commune, Kim Bang, Henan Province ( the same districts, provinces, be different only commune and village. Former camp, much broader, has been sold to a company for tourist eco-tourism). Car camp at 7h in the morning and we were the first guests of this camp. The houses are just built but still be messy.

     After the formalities, 7:30 'we meet relatives.

     Father Ly is still limping step, but does not use stick anymore. His body is thin than before, but the face is look rosy, smiling face, revealing the inner peace. Time later his blood pressure ranged from 90/130-140 mmHg, sometimes up 100/150mmHg, thus from 5-7-2012 day in camp to take more Coversyl 5 mg 1vien/ngay. With polio sequelae due to cerebral vascular accident, back in the captive environment that indicators like blood pressure, the real concern for his health and heart!

     After visiting news of relatives, friends and the Church, priests say thanks all friends near and far always remember. He particularly thanked the bishops, priests and faithful brothers and sisters always support him in many ways. Priest also have heard about the recent protests against China that have been suppressed. Our part is to know about the self-immolation of Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lieng, her mother, Ta Phong Tan; and this prisoner of conscience promised to pray for her as well as for other prisoners of conscience in particular.

     The priest also said this morning (day 14-08) in the new prison, he celebrates Mass was eager to join the global Catholic Church celebrates St. Maximilien Kolbe, a Polish priest who dared available to die in place of a prisoner under the Nazis-and pray for the Church, for the homeland, for land itself Tan Son as well as for all the inmates and staff at the camp. Before celebrates Mass, he knelt down and kissed the ground new prison with sense: would like to see this place as the new office which God entrusted to. For him, there was a significant celebration!

     Then, in front of the prison staff, the priest gave us a brief prayer that he composed and still pray several times a day to live, with the desire to be more people united prayer. His prayer was written in the right arm was paralyzed in the past but is now recovering well. (Please see below).

     After more than an hour of confidence, we said goodbye the uncle and grandparents in pity, on the bus back to Phu Ly, and instant acceleration find means in Quang Tri to keep up the annual pilgrimage at the Shrine of La Vang am 15/8.

Nguyen Cong Hoang, 20-08-2012.
FNA reporter group Bloc 8406 popular on 22-08-2012

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Prayer words (Vietnamese) by the priest Nguyen Van Ly, writing and daily prayer in communist prisons.

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