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Vietnam police abuse of power struck dead people




The use of indiscriminate force and excesses of the police to the people during custody or detention led to the tragic death and serious miscarriage of justice was extremely alarming need before the whole civil society and to public opinion at home and abroad. In recent years, international human rights organizations and many countries around the world have condemned and criticized this inhumane achievements of the Vietnamese public security. According to statistics from the International Organization for Human Rights and many nations over the world said only since 2010 to now has more than 20 cases of Vietnamese people died in a tragic and unjust after the government summons them to the police station to work, or during police custody or detention for investigation.

Even if for some reason or coming from any part of society, or have committed any offense no matter what the Vietnamese police, the use of corporal punishment, torture to force to suspecters is not acceptable. Above misconduct of the police sector in Vietnam is not only a serious violation of law, violation of the national constitution and international standards of human rights set out in Article 71 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam as well as in article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the UN and Article 6, Article 7, Article 8 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Please see:

- Constitution of the Sociallist Republic of Việt nam
- Universal Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations 
- The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 

It is time for the International Human Rights Organization and the nations of the world need to clear his attitude before the dangerous and immoral behavior of the Vietnamese public security as well as necessary to enact laws or other sanctions and punishment is heavy for the communist government of Vietnam. Besides, the international community can consider and criminal prosecution for Vietnam through the international criminal court for alleged charges of intentional murder or abuse of power to torture suspects with violence leads to death .... We need to understand that the said act of murder of Vietnamese public security departments are organized action and bring continuity system. At the same time must realize that this really is extremely dangerous not only for some people or a group of people in Vietnam, but it really brings the community because it can killed any people in the country. Here are some cases single celebration of the tragic death of the people caused by the Vietnamese public security. Please see:

- Vietnam police beat people to death


Died after a few hours at the police station
Update: 15:02 GMT, Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nạn nhân Nguyễn Mậu Thuận
Mr.Nguyen Mau Thuan died after held
in the police station

Ảnh hai đùi bị bầm dập của ông Nguyễn Mậu Thuận do gia đình chụp lại
The picture of family showed his bruised thighs Thuan

A man who died after only a few hours at the police station of Ha Noi, in the latest incident of concern about abuse of police force in Vietnam.

Nguyen Mau Thuan, born in 1958, was found dead in police station commune Kim No, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, just hours after police custody on 30/8.

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Victim's son, Nguyen Mau Cong., told the Vietnam Education that at the same day when a scuffle between his father and a person.

To be reported, the police went to his home Thuan to invite him to the police headquarters to work.

"I saw my dad blocked by three police handcuffs 8 and led into the room."
"Commune police chief told me 'let go home'. Because of the trust to Mr. Vong, so I left. "

"Did not expect to 16h pm, I received a phone call the police's deputy Hoang Ngoc Tuyen said I to the office right now, my father was very ill."

He said: "I think there's something wrong motorcycle fired up, once up there saw my father lying unconscious, pale, I feel like my father is not alive."

"When up to Dong Anh Hospital, I fainted after receiving the information my father had died before reaching the hospital," he said.

Tien Phong newspaper quoted Nguyen Duc Vong commune police chief Kim said after Mr. Thuan up the police station, Mr. Vong over to Deputy Police Hoang Ngoc Tuyen receiving treatment, and Mr. Vong was in the opposite room until get the news.

"Back to the room, I found Mr. Thuan was weak, lying in bed, unconscious and emergency medical personnel. I told Mr. Tuyen give the news for Mr. Thuan's relatives, "police chief commune Kim No said.

Local media said that Hoang Ngoc Tuyen and three other police were summoned to the district police for taking testimony.

Also there's the news that Mr. Tuyen with another person, Nguyen Trong Kien, was arrested for investigation of acts of intentional injury leading to the death of the victim.

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