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The communist government of Vietnam made the petitioners who down the road to protest land claims become offenders. Where is justice?





Vietnam is now one of the countries in the world with achievements led to the petitioners focus to the streets to protest government claims most persistent and longest time. The majority of street demonstrations to petition the government said on civil rights protesters of their land has been requisitioned by the government at all levels or appropriating an unauthorized manner without compensation or inadequate compensation makes many people fall into misery, no place to enjoy, no job, living, children have to leave school and future scenarios, blind darkness. Perhaps this is the reason for many of the petitioners from all focus down the protesters appeal for justice desperately for a long time, many people claim persists up to tens of years and still not be considered by the authorities concerned or satisfactorily resolved.

What makes people care and worry is the break off all ralations and inhumane policies of the communist government of Vietnam that the petitioners Tran Thi Hai arrested by police on 10 April while she with other people were getting down the streets demanding fairness for families and today continues to be the Binh Duong Province Court sentenced to nine months in prison on charges of being accused of "disturbing public order" is the clearest evidence. Perhaps no other country in the world with skillful impudently trial achievement as in Viet Nam at present when turning petitioning victims become offenders. Right the way of funny handling saying above led people more angry and lose confidence in the government, in the Justice, in the Party and the depravity of the current dictatorial regime. For years, governments at all levels from local to central manipulation and abuse of power to appropriate property land homes of people the wrong way leads to pressing domestic and international public opinion and put many honest people fall into the path of response to unintended self-defense as coercive land for his family Doan Van Vuon in Hai Phong which had shocked the country in the recent year.

Corruption is rampant, especially in the field of land makes the social order becomes unstable. Even knowing that the consequences for wrongdoing was recorded above are great and very serious. But due to personal interest appropriated from the field of land is also no small cause for government leaders at all levels become blind, manipulation and cover each other and act like group of pillagers scavenged and illegally seized property, the land of the people that do not care them alive or dead. The most heartbreaking thing is the government not quit from any evil and wicked tricks like turning petitioners petitioning for justice become offenders as herself Tran Thi Hai living in Binh Duong today. Nothing more painful as they not only were seized property but also even put in the prison right by the thieves. Vietnamese people, especially those who live in the rural is gentle, honest and naive. However, if the Vietnamese communist government always puts them on the road with no way out, no one knows what will happen in the future!!! Our Ancient grandparents  always say that " even the worms will turn". Hopefully this will be the message of the will of the people sent to the Vietnamese communist state government with the desire that truth and justice will be the Vietnamese government to respect.


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Land claim settlement, being 9 months in prison


This morning in Binh Duong court petitioner Tran Thi Hai was sentenced to nine months in prison on charges of "disturbing public order".

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Peasantry and Tran Thi Hai carrying banners 
complaints and denunciations suggest removal 
district president.

She Bui Thi Thanh someone who has the eye of the lawsuit of the people in many southern provinces to be present at the trial for Radio Free Asia said the trial as follows:

This morning in Binh Duong city trial of Tran Thi Hai, is one of the petitioners claim the 12-year land but do not have a body to resolve her case. Her complaint Comedy thicker than a glove and she brings to the court but not considered

Please she said Tran Thi Hai accused of crime when she herself was just people who claim land?

On the 10th of April, right, she was up to Binh Duong to request a review of her land was seized. Then there are also many people claim, just accidentally nobody let on before. People gather in front of the provincial committee asked the president to reception but no one out. Only two along with others holding band-roll move around in front of the city People's Committee. They go order on the pavement and no one at all screaming. Police arrested her and then keep her in the house not to go anywhere, and today are going to court up to nine months in prison on charges of disturbing public order

Please let me know, Does Tran Thi Hai have protection by lawyer or not?

Had a lawyer sister, she said equitable but although talk, their project has pocket and they never heard the excuses. Ms. Hai has ever been a soldier for many years. She is also a party member but because unfair acts of the government to take land of her family so both she and her husband had to return the Party card and out of the Party.

Thank you, Ms. Bui Thi Thanh.

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