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Vietnam's communist government continued gross human rights abuses in Vietnam




Instruction Letter No. 7169 of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung sent to the ministries including the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information and Communications and Propaganda Commission asked to investigate and strictly punish to those who involved in the main blog page treatment includes specific pages such as: Dan lam Bao, Quan Lam Bao, Bien Dong and seriously violated the legal freedom of speech of the people which had been provided for in Article 69 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam as well as in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. Please see:

- Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Việt nam

- The International Declaration of Human Rights United Nations 

Again, the head of this communist state government acts disregard the law and international law of human rights as well as blatantly challenge public opinion at home and abroad, the challenges and Payroll the human ethics allegations distorting the truth and slander a blatant way to citizens who has more enthusiasm with the current state of the country today. What is anti-Party and what is against the regime or against the revolutionary government of Vietnam? Although always exhorted that hostile forces behind incite and instigate enforcement action against the State, against the party but the leaders of the Party and the government could not present the proof specific and accurate about the accusations, slander brazenly said.

Most personal blog site and its pages is communist government to press the left margin is always posting hot news related to corruption and human rights violations of Vietnam's communist government, as well as the news related to politics in the domestic, regional and international honestly and timely that the government is sensitive information could adversely affect or prejudice the reputation and interests their utility should always use all kinds of tricks and ways to suppress. Typically the range of the collapse in state agencies like: PMU18, Vinashin, Vinaline .... in the past and the events related to the financial sector and the Bank recently while the press and State media tried to gloss over and conceal, the personal blog page and press the left margin to quickly reported and reflect honestly makes state leaders feel ashamed before people and led to oppression action above bad as recent directives of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, despite the violation of Human Rights and in spite of international law.



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Vietnamese Prime Minister to order 'processing' blogs critical of the party, state

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung

Trà Mi-VOA

Vietnamese government ordered process known blog sites to which the state alleged that says 'fabrications, distortions', against the leaders of the Communist Party.

Dispatch express 7169 by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, and Propaganda Commission on 12/9 requires 'investigation' and 'strict handling' of the participants blogs Specifically pages as Dan Lam Bao, Quan Lam Bao and Bien Dong.


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Dispatch from the Government Office told this newspaper pages online posting slanderous, libelous leaders, inciting against the party and the state, create bad publicity in society. Is accused by the government of Vietnam, the content posted on this blog is 'wicked tricks of the enemy forces'.

The Prime Minister asked the press agencies of the State party and to enhance post plays, information to refute the information on this blog.

In addition, the text also prohibits government officials can not be read or spread the information on the website is known to be abusive against the party and the state.

Directive 7169 the Vietnamese government made public again expressed concern about freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of expression of people in Vietnam, the basic human rights that Hanoi is the world note.

Protect human rights organization Reporters Without Borders, based in France, said that this new directive is a more specific evidence to show the world that people in Vietnam do not have freedom of speech and freedom of their opinions, dissenting or critical state frequently dangerous and oppressed in any way.

Ms. Lucie Morillon of Reporters Without Borders, told VOA English language:

"We see the government of Viet Nam became much concern in recent times especially since the Arab Spring began. They want to squeeze information management to strengthen the powers of fear of shaken before the truth exposing on these pages citizens. We will continue to the attention of international public opinion. We hope no one will be 'punished' by the Prime Minister's official 7169 directive because these bloggers present perspective, exposing the truth, the jobs that are useful for the development of society. We hope the Vietnamese government put more effort to deal with corrupt officials instead is devoted to trying to arrest or threaten those who denounce, condemn negative in society. "

Among the website are not under state press the right side of the target, Dan Lam Bao is one of the sites attract readers, contributors, and bloggers both inside and outside the country, with the news-time updates related to the socio-political situation of Vietnam and all reflect the views of citizens in all aspects, including the victims of corrupt state officials, violations of human rights in the country, and politically sensitive issues.

One of the pen has contributed articles for Dan Lam Bao, blogger Tran Son, respond to the government's 7169 directive:

"We write for the common people, but without doubt our pages have affected all classes of officials. Political system began to fear the truth. The main things that will make we will write more, will contribute more to our pages richer. Can not turn off where the voice of public opinion. Not be. Never. Everything people do newspaper wrote is 100% true as a serious message. "

From the end of 2010, Dan Lam Bao was blocked firewall and regularly attacked by hackers. The paper said that starting from the evening of 9/11, authorities have enhanced firewall to block that number of visitors fell by 30%.

Despite threats from the state, Dan Lam Bao affirmed their determination to continue working to promote multi-dimensional information.

According to the organization Reporters Without Borders, Vietnam is currently detained at least five journalists and 19 bloggers in an effort to stifle the voices criticizing the government.

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