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Elimination of the Vietnamese communist dictatorship to build a true country of Vietnam Democratic Freedom and Prosperity





The people of Hong Kong to focus protests against public authorities to protest the government's plan to teach their children about the history and ideology of the Communist Party of China clearly reflects a major , a doctrine no longer be trusted by the people. Series communist countries of Eastern Europe collapsed since the 1980s so far including the head of the communist bloc powers is the Soviet Union that the communist ideology does not have anything nice and the human being eliminated and forgotten. Memories and residual impression in people's minds is just pitiful and disgusting event of the bloody repression "Tiananmen Square" in China has killed thousands of innocent student , as well as the bloody event in Vietnam through the so-called "Land Reform" of sinners History Ho Chi Minh which has killed hundreds of thousands of people pitifully since 1953 to 1956 .

Currently only a few countries in the world still stubbornly maintain communism cursed above as: China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea ... and the only thing that all of us have seen it is the policy and the way the reign of the remaining communist countries are similar and common policy is authoritarian rule,  undemocratic. We also easily see the chronic pain that people suffer in the communist country where the power and interests focus for some people, a group of people or just for a group leader national guidance only. Particularly in Vietnam, under the flowery names as "the Socialist Republic of Vietnam" with the motto to create a fair society, civilization and prosperity .... But in fact people being treated badly is like an animal. The basic rights of the people frequently and repeatedly has been trampled harshly, without mercy by government.

In a communist country, personal interests and family always put the interests of the nation. Therefore, for all those who are called to represent the regime, representing the Party and represents the law always behave arbitrarily in spite of public opinion, despite national laws and the Constitution as well as disregard of international law as long as the power and protection benefits for themselves and their families. For example, the behavior of the government in recent years, while China, our aggressor conduct of aggression and illegal occupation of Vietnam's islands, arrested and beaten brutally Vietnamese fishermen at the sea areas under the sovereignty and exclusive economic zone of Vietnam, the authoritarian leadership group and the Communist Party of Vietnam did not have the responsibility to protect them effectively contrary proved faithful blindly to the aggressor by put on their heads with 16 gold words and 04 fine.

It is time for the Vietnamese people to choose their own new way of life. We can not continue to sit and endure life despite the aggressor and the group leaders of the Party and the current puppet government to do what they want. People in other countries as: Tunisia, Libya, Syria ... with the hands without weapon but  still bravely standing up to overthrow the brutal dictatorship. Why could they do such miracles? yes, because the flame burning in their hearts desire for Freedom and Democracy. They are like the people of Vietnam often were oppressed, persecuted in many ways. Truth, Justice and Human Rights  was mercilessly trampled by authoritarian government a nothing more than the pain that the people of Vietnam and we are suffering now and in the past several years. The only thing we need to do right now is quickly rid of the fear of the body, focus the power of people together determined to eliminate the communist ideology abhorrent and jointly up a real country of Vietnam Freedom, democracy, justice and prosperity.


Protest in Hong Kong against the teaching of the Communist ideology

Wednesday, 05/09/2012

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Thousands of parents and students gathered outside the headquarters of the Hong Kong government over protest plans patriotic classes to teach children about the history and ideology of the Chinese Communist Party, on 03/09/2012 (Ivan Broadhead / News)

People in Hong Kong organized the rally to protest plans patriotic classes to teach children about the history and ideology of the Chinese Communist Party. As reported by the correspondent Ivan Broadhead of VOA in Hong Kong, people in parts of the former British colony of concern is the application of patriotic curriculum is a sign that China to expand its control over This semi-autonomous city.


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First day of the new school year in Hong Kong, ended today with a demonstration of about 8,000 students and parents outside the headquarters of the city government. Wearing black from head to toe, protesters opposing the boot program called "national education" in the schools of the city.

The goal of this curriculum is outlined in a government-funded leaflets entitled "China model", the content is praising the Chinese Communist Party, ignoring important events such as the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 and describes multi-party democracy is "toxic."

Although not mandatory until 2015, six secondary schools began classes this week's national education. Retired teacher James Hon is one of 10 members of the National Coalition of Education is committed to continue hunger strike until the pro-Beijing Hong Kong government to cancel what they see as the "brainwashing" students.

With the implementation of this curriculum brainwashing our children will grow up like those in China, who do not dare to speak truth of the heart, can not tell the difference between right and wrong, those who have become blind patriotism. That is what the people of Hong Kong are afraid.

The second leading figure in the Hong Kong government, Mrs Carrie Lam, tdong criticism. She told a news conference that the aim of the new curriculum is good and the fears of brainwashing is unfounded.

Ms Lam said: "The problem can not be simplified to the extent that the authorities are willing to withdraw this course or not. At the heart of the problem is how to ensure that the teaching will achieve the objectives objectives that we want ... to teach the younger generation to get the right attitude for the family, society and the understanding of their country. "

Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. Based on the principle of "one country two systems", 7 million residents of the city to enjoy the social and political freedoms that other places in China do not have.

Professor Michael DeGolyer of Hong Kong Baptist University said that the national education issues that affect legislative elections in Hong Kong on next Sunday. But he will not know that the national education classes have been canceled or not. He said that this problem can have far-reaching impact, beyond the election this week, and have the ability to take Hong Kong back to the period before Hong Kong was returned to China. It was a time when 10% of Hong Kong people migrated to other countries because they do not want under Communist rule.

Professor DeGolyer said as follows: "When people are willing to sacrifice years of their lives and families are willing to accept the separation of insurance to get a foreign passport book, to precautions. now be lit flame flare up again and will not turn it off. "

Until late Monday, many people gathered outside skyscrapers used as the Hong Kong government headquarters. They claim Administrative Head of pins I talk to them. Liang refused, and instead, he invited the protesters today to join a committee to manage the implementation of the new curriculum.

Two years after the patriotic class was first proposed by former chief executive pump up the volume right, the family of ordinary people in Hong Kong say they are ready for a long fight. Demonstrations in 2003 to protest the national security law, a law that is unpopular, ultimately contributed led to the collapse of the Hong Kong leadership.

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