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More party members defected Party because no confidence in the way the policy and the wrong policies of the Communist Party of Vietnam






More and more Party members of the Communist Party of Vietnam decided to leave the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam, this shows that people now really absolutely no confidence in the way the policies of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The authoritarian leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam is not only  lead the country of Vietnam increasingly closer to the edge of abyss, but also makes people than resentment over rampant corruption in serious social and across the country. Corruption is mostly derived from the members of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The power positions how higher is more corruption and more and more serious as much as its .

Because of the leadership and the only dictatorship of the Communist Party of Vietnam, not the opposition parties control so members of the Communist Party spoiled rampant across, they could do what they want to do because of the Communist Party of is the highest strength and power to lead the country so gone from mistake to mistake due to violations overlaps the irregularities. When party members holding senior and important positions in the government is become authoritarian, abuse of power to oppress people, trample justice and disregard the law without sanctions , sanctioned and even the occurrence of serious violations shall also be handled gently but usually only dealt with disciplinary warning or internal processing. This is the cause of the State officials and Party members despise discipline leads to corruption lasting and pervasive seriously.

To change and save the country, need more member of the Communist Party of Viet Nam exemplary fate of the country's best interests at heart and courage turned against the misconduct of the Communist Party and government Vietnam. Praised and encouraged the case publicly expressed their legitimate aspirations for his party as in the case of two Nguyen Chi Duc and To Hoai Nam. This is the shining example of patriotism, love of truth and justice. If any members are well aware of right and brave actions as two of Nguyen Chi Duc and To Hoai Nam, make sure that corruption will no longer be alive, social order and safety will be saved and Vietnamese people have the right to dream of a Vietnamese country is prosperous, fair and civilized society where human rights, truth and justice no longer be trampled by government as at present.



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In recent years, many Communist Party members fed up with the title and your members card. They regret having joined a party organizations always go against the rights and benefits of people living with lies and violence just for the sake faction only. Many party members to party interests, for the opportunity but there are many people in the party for the word sweet butterfly flower ideal for a picturesque and gradual disillusionment.

In particular, previously in the Catholic Church in Vietnam, many places because of the strict conditions should have a number of lay people into the party. This of course goes against the doctrine of the Catholic Church to join the Communist atheist organization. In many parishes growing number of party members the party. It is a real number, Queen of Justice will take the case when conditions permit.

In Vietnam today's society also has many decent members automatically or step out of the party. The following article on Danlambao said on this fact and the specific people, bravely stepped out of the ranks, communist hotbeds to return to the people.

Your Excellency, the Dan Lam Bao !
Vietnamese citizens group (Khanh Hoa) has received information from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous: After talking about Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc wants to turn back the card of communist party member, our friends said that a person who related to Mr. Duc- Mr.To Hoai Nam - also get out of the party.
Please welcome him back to the People!

Communist Party of Vietnam
Nha Trang, on 22 May 09, 2011

- Advanced Computing Center (CenIT) - Telecommunications Party Khanh Hoa (VNPT Khanh Hoa)

I am Hoai Nam - was born on 02/3/1971, party members living in Chi Center Computing (CenIT) the Telecommunications Khanh Hoa, party card "48.020074".

Now I make an application, and send the Party and the voluntary out of the Communist Party of Vietnam as follows:

In 2005, after the process of trying, learning, history and the Charter of the Communist Party of Vietnam, I believe in the ideal and party organizations, should have voluntarily stand in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam. On 03/28/2005, I was Business Bloc Party decided to enroll in the party. Decided then to me is an honor, and I realize that my responsibility was far more severe than becoming members - such as when the party oath.

After six years of living in the party, I saw that I was not able to achieve these goals while at this organization:

1 - I used to think "At the party, all members are responsible for building the rule of law" as the resolutions of the party stated:

But the police captain Pham Hai Minh City (Police Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) kick into the face of protesters patriotic party and government agencies at all levels ignored, without trial discipline fairly and facilitate for the police force more excessive violence with protesters against invasion in August / 2011 and the other people. Although I and many people have petitioned the party leaders and the Ministry of Public Security investigation requirements, strict handling of this case to restore discipline to the country (2 attached to this petition).

I do not believe I can state to participate in building the rule of law, even though I was standing feet in the ruling party.
So, today, continues to hold a Communist Party member card does not make sense to me anymore.

2 - I used to think "At the party, all party members are responsible for building":

Therefore, my suggestion to the Vietnamese Communist Party would reorganize as a party member (block party members hit patriots), modify the way for more rational, more beneficial for the country and for the people ("China is not a 'comrade' of Vietnam" - as attached to this petition, "No to China to establish 'soft border' in the territory of Vietnam").

But since then, the party and the state still has to decide but I think the opposite: Do not handle serious criminal members; ban people demonstrating against Chinese aggression (aggressive nature invasion); continue to promote the Vietnamese people that need to see China as "good comrades, good friends, good neighbors, good partners".

Party at Chi the CenIT and Telecommunications Khanh Hoa, the committees that address the content of my recommendations shall not be concerned, to deal with the Branch and the Party. In addition, the comments asked me: If you have submitted proposals - as it did - do not take the name of the party members, saying that regulations "19 members not to" not allow to send proposals and for organizing the party and non-party (though I've explained that relevant issues I raised both members and non-party people and if my transparent single resolution is only good for the reputation of the party before people).

I each concept: Organization of the party and the policies of its way not only is the will and wisdom of the members of the Central Executive Committee of all party members. If the party responsible for building of the party members are "silent so that the party leadership decided to all party members just follow", I find myself just to keep civic responsibility is appropriate.

3 - I used to think "At the party to have a better environment for the efforts and dedication":

From the date of the organization of the party so far, I have not been instructed to strive to have anything other than remind shall complete professional work, go to meetings to listen and implement the resolutions (not studying or discuss suggestions Party documents, except the resolution within the Branch).

Every time I participate in social activities outside that range to offer a few ideas for your little party, to the society (eg: approved recommendations stop bauxite Highlands, left propaganda "good China 4" discipline police abuse of power to keep the rule of law) shall immediately have hindered base within the party organization: The members indifference, to the scrotum "free too ! 'Others' worry about it! "Near and far" should focus on professional work! "(Though my professional work not be underestimated). Party organizations at all levels silent or refuse to answer my petitions content without giving a reason or reasons "have no function, no authority" to examine how to submit petitions vi violating procedures or not, that is rigid on the form without interest conclusions in my opinion right or wrong. Meanwhile, I thought the party organizations and party members to pay attention first of all to the right from wrong, that is, the ideological orientation, and administrative procedures only support the work of the party.

The organization of the party form so seriously did to solve my recommendations disabled, slow enough to not settle.

I was disappointed about the party environment that I have experienced. With that experience, I believe that even if I just citizens - mere workers, I can also contribute to the country, for the people without bearing the name of the responsible party members.
There are many reasons, but the above reasons are enough to decide: I voluntarily out of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Suggested Party Branch and help me complete the procedures prescribed to me out of the party to its expectations. And also to avoid me and the people in party controversy wasting time "members have responsibilities hinder civic responsibility? Rules and regulations of the party in conflict with the goal of serving the people, serving the country quickly and efficiently? "

Since this application is Branch accepts, official nominal terms, I will not take responsibility for the views, guidelines and the management of the organization of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
The applicant

To Hoai Nam

Communist Party Decision which agreed Mr. To Hoai Nam getting out of the Party

Source:  Dan Lam Bao

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