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Member of the Communist Party of Vietnam has no faith in the Communist ideology and the so-called Ho Chi Minh Thought




The Nguyen Chi Duc who had participated in protests against China and Vietnamese police behave rudely last year file a request for withdrawal from the Communist Party of Vietnam or even if to be expelled from the party as well as a living process involved party in a long time (12 years) had to say something, and the real reason behind a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam process strives relatively long suddenly would be drawn from the party or even be expelled from the party also no problem, Why!!!???

This is not difficult to understand, and Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc itself is not the first to feel unhappy and want to leave the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam,  he was mere the first to brave public made secret thoughts and his own dreams through superior petition addressed to the Party would be withdrawn or been expelled from the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam as soon as possible. Discontent within the party that the Communist Party of Vietnam is increasingly declining prestige and away from the public seriously. Most of the events and serious corruption scandal and abroad is component comes from a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, or the leaders of the Party who has living process for years.

In addition, according to Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc, he decided to leave the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam is not a new idea arose that he had intended to leave the ranks of the Party since 2004. Besides, the main reason he thought drawn from the party is no longer confidence and excitement about the Marxist-Leninist doctrine and the so-called Ho Chi Minh idea. In fact, not only himself, Nguyen Chi Duc and Vietnamese people disappointed and lost faith in communism that most human progress in the world has long been expelled Communism out of mind that event of Communist powers of the world is the old Soviet Union and the collapse of a series in the countries of the former communist Eastern Europe is a powerful demonstration and specific.

This was further proven by the thousands of people in Hong Kong recently took to the streets protesting against the government intends to bring the history of the Chinese Communist Party to teach in the school for their child. Through which we increasingly understand and see more clearly the evil Communist ideology cursed humanity spit and forgotten. When the Vietnamese people  really get rid of the fear of themselves and when the members of the Communist Party of Vietnam who the country's best interests by heart as Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc brave to go back with the Communist Party of Vietnam as Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc did today?. It is time for the people of Vietnam we have to eliminate the corrupt Communist regime. A Pluralism, Mutilparty government is our only option today. Because only pluralism and Mutilparty that just control corruption, lead the country and Ethnicity to political stability, economic development and real prosperity.


The Protester against China for out of the party
Update: 12:34 GMT, Thursday, 13 November 9, 2012

Nguyễn Chí Đức trong vụ biểu tình

Police dragged and greeted Mr. Nguyen Chi Duc
on 17/07/2011

Nguyen Chi Duc, anti-China protester and was violent behavior by police last year, just apply for out of the party after 12 years as party members.

Right now his 36 th birthday, Mr. Duc has submitted an application to the Party of its where he worked aspirations "be out of the Communist Party of Vietnam as soon as possible."

Speaking to the BBC from Hanoi, Mr. Duc said it was his decision was made following a process of long and serious thought.

He said since he was beginning to enter the reserve is and are party members in 2000 when I was first year student of Hanoi Polytechnic until draftee was single, he has changed the perception .

Mr. Duc said: "When work out Strive to Party, I actually found that I want on the party with that many people well, I share their thoughts."

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His family of Nguyen Chi Duc is known  revolutionary eligible families with the long-running process from before the August Revolution.

But while more than 10 years working as a Party member, said Duc where he saw people alien to the ideas of Marxism-Leninism and want to pursue the path of nationalism.

"A long process, witnessing the injustices in life, but negative in the social and internal heard stories of the Party, all those things are affect my decision."

His single was also explained: "There are injustices in life, the paradox implicit in social conflicts between a small parts not the strata with the CPV, the relationship lack of transparency and inadequate between the CPV and the Chinese Communist Party, the political changes in the world that when reflecting on Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought as a guide "revelation only way to" make me nearby, sometimes extreme panic. "

He said: "Actually intention from to be out of the party came to me in 2004, but at that unrealized."

A long process, witnessing the injustices in life, but negative in the social and internal heard stories of the Party, all those things are affect my decision. "
Nguyen Chi Duc

'No anti-party'

Mr Nguyen Chi Duc said he felt closer to the spirit of nationalism of the limbs of strong-willed patriotic scholars as Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh and want to follow the path to the nation.

"I think that it's time to leave, because of the I does not help either, nor implemented what I cherished."
But Mr. Duc confirmed "out of the party is not anti-party" and he continued to contribute to improving society, help people.

Billing He recalled: "Once again, I look forward to the Party superiors consider me out of the Communist Party of Vietnam as soon as possible, whether approved or dismissed as well."

He Nguyen Chi Duc was one of the people taking part in demonstrations against China many times from when the wave of protests broke out in Hanoi last summer.

In demonstrations on 07.17.2011, he has been police Hanoi cruel treatment.

Public opinion in the country is much talk about a video image sequence security personnel wear uniforms and plainclothes pull a young man on the bus that morning.

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The young man lay on his back was held hands and feet, are located on the ground before the bus pulled up. At that time, a plain-clothes security personnel yellow background appears at the door of the car, used his legs to kick into the face of the young man who was lying on the ground due to this person must take hands to cover his face.

Then, the young man has been thrown into the car.

It was Nguyen Chi Duc, who later said he "has been dominated like pigs ... and  the police kicks  total 4 times. Kick from the up to down while he was " twisting" .

"In a 2 kicks-for was eat cake" shoes "in the mouth. One kick sliding neck. Another kick in the chest."
But he said this balatant suppressing  is not directly cause his decision out of the party.

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