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Mass prayer for 17 Catholic Youth, for the people and National security state in the parish of Binh Thuan, GP Vinh on National Day 09/02/2012




Speaking to the National Day of a country is not a citizen of any other country in the world not feel proud and happy. But in Vietnam, on 02 May 09 of each year when the ceremony commemorating the National Day of the country, rather than welcome in pride, most Vietnamese people throughout the country appear to be bored and see this day as a national insult to think of scenes inability of the government to protect the people and the country in the context of China's aggressive enemies and plotting to invade our sea and island.

While people in other countries head high in the traditional anniversary of the National Day every year, the Vietnamese people put their faces down to the ground because their face and pride were the leaders of country by rice husk ash plastered through cowardly attitude towards enemy but evil with people, of the group leaders and the Communist Party of Vietnam. Powerful military to do? weapons to do? economic development to do? Party leaders and the government how  they will respond to the people in whole country? if status cowardly bowed aggressor that the Party leadership and the communist government of Vietnam has shown throughout time goes on, perhaps Vietnam's National Day tomorrow will no longer be on September 02  that will be held the same day as the National Day of China!!!

Through the homily at the Mass to pray for 17 young Catholics who were Vietnamese communist authorities detained illegally and pray for National security and people on the occasion of National Day on September 02 this year of Father Anton Dang Huu Nam, the more we see the more poignant on the current situation of the country. Rampant corruption in government at all levels, in every corner of the public authority from small to large, from the central to local levels, from senior officials to low-level officials, where the first discovery involved Corruption, abuse of power appropriated assets of people that has been traded by sweat and tears with his own blood to create it. Thus, the annual anniversary of the National Day mean anymore? Our ancient grandparents always say that:: rich people State be powerful including  the country's people live in prosperity and affluence. Generally the National Day of Vietnam today is not only an insult of the nation, but also a great sadness in the hearts of people throughout the country before the tragedy of human rights, truth and justice are the government trampled in a crude and blatant.


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National Day 09/02/2012: Mass prayer for 17 Catholic Youth, for the people and National security state in the parish of Binh Thuan, GP Vinh
2/09/12 9:27 PM

Nhân ngày Quốc khánh 2/9/2012: Thánh lễ cầu nguyện cho 17 Thanh niên Kitô hữu và Quốc thái dân an tại giáo xứ Bình Thuận, GP Vinh.  Past 67 years, from the date of the founding of country. Nearly 2/3 of a century has passed under the yoke of communism, the country has gradually turned from life under " lost country colonialist yoke" to time "not only lost country but also the whole family." Real situation of the country has proved to be a bunch of paranoid theories about the so-called Communism and revealed the reactionary nature of the Vietnamese Communist government has brought the country to go from hell to hell and eventually sold to foreign countries with policy "that sides of cowardly with the enemy, evil with people."

The homily of priest Anton Dang Huu Nam  


Father Anton Dang Huu Nam

Looking back on the tragedy of the current country when corruption is not only   just a disaster, of which penetrate deep into all aspects of social life, the ruling apparatus has become a "deep pack at the crawling" as his image President Truong Tan Sang made.

In terms of the country is falling into a state of "'inside outside is conflictive , high and low in the restless, everyone discontent, human mind separated". The elite children of the country "is" priority in prison. The resilience and the will for independence and freedom of the country are threatening damnation, and terrorism in all forms, aims to side with foreign invasion of the territory, the National eternal that our ancestors have build  by mountains of bone, rivers of blood.

Of the victims of the communist regime today, 17 Catholic Youth, Protestant. They are the elite, know win selfishness, indifference and sacrifice for the cause of society, the country and was arrested by the reactionary government in the form of terrorism. They were detained in prison for more than 1 year without trial.

The discontent of the people was the climax, when the Hanoi government in spite of all laws, of conscience and humanity to detain those who love the water, helping foreign invasion. Many voices have built up strong, many union actions have emerged everywhere.

Following the grievances of the families and relatives of the 17 Catholic and Protestant Youth (TN CG & TL). Today, September 2, 2012, the Group has been present in Binh Thuan Parish, GP Vinh to ask for prayers and attended a special Mass to pray for 17 TN CG & TL and pray for the National and people by priest Anton Dang Huu Nam.

(Rev. Anthony Dang Huu Nam was born in 1976 in the parish of Phu Vinh Yen Thanh district, Nghe An)

Mass opening at 19h with the participation of more than 1000 parishioners of the parish and the family as well as relatives of the 17 TN CG & TL. (Recorded lecture).

Lecture highlights the state of the country of Vietnam after 67 years under the leadership of "wisdom 'of the Communist Party of Vietnam. As of today, the tragedy the country has exposed the true nature of the communist totalitarian state. Strongly condemned the injustice and oppression of the people, promote the love of the truth.

After Mass, the priest Anton Dang Huu Nam slideshows the photo Youth TN CG & TL and introduce, explain to people about the work and people of the Youth. At the same time, he was also shown to the police, government, thugs suppressed  to occupy the land robbing of the people as well as religious persecution around the Communist government.

Binh Thuan is home of the parish priest JB Nguyen Dinh Thuc, a courageous witness to God in the crackdown Religion in Con Cuong past.

After the presentation, is now the adoration of God and light candles to pray especially for 17 CG TN & TL and the National Security and people. Candle burning in highest spirit, high prayers, and the face image of dear brothers and sisters in prison, brutal images of communist authorities was shown to all who feel most deeply needed in the country today: Justice - Truth - Peace.

22 h night, the people went home with heavy heart about the current state of the country, the dwelling with the life you're in prison.

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Date 2/9/2012
Queen of Justice

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