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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 155 (15-09-2012)




Dear to you, our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 155 release dated 15-09-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.

        The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

Continue undiminished ears, gag the people!!!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 155 (15-09-2012)

            Recently, while hosted conference "to review the self-criticism and criticism of the police," lasted five days from 29-8-2012 of the Standing Committee of the Party Central Committee of Public Security in Hanoi, the police chief CS Tran Dai Quang said: "In the fight, officers, soldiers must always uphold the sense of organization and discipline; resolutely combat irresponsibility, indifference to the legitimate requirements of the people. "Many people hear, think that the police are still fluttering heart and a heart to know of rehabilitation. But with the opening of the conference, the Supreme People's Procuracy in Hanoi concluded blatant wrong way like Binh Duong police before his death, Nguyen Cong Nhut at the district police headquarters Ben Cat that he had committed suicide in the police station. A day later, 30-08, more people died in police headquarters in Hanoi as well (Dong Anh district). It is Mr. Nguyen Mau Thuan, 54, just hours after being invited to the police station cooperative Kim No "work" about the rift with neighbors, was beaten to death at the hands of four young police torture. And yet, on 6-9-2012, Police Tan Loc, Thoi Binh District, Ca Mau gun shooting an intestinal perforation people. On 7-9-2012, the 43-year-old Nguyen Van Hien,, Ngo Quyen ward, Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc, as well as clashes with one of her grandchildren, who were then "invited" to the police station and died in the hospital after working out where the "you people". Earlier, in July this year, the appellate court treated the four-year sentence for a lieutenant colonel kill people, people remembered the sudden death of Mr. Trinh Xuan Tung police station in Hanoi. Of course all the innocent victims or mild crime has insisted beg or cry when the batons, stun guns, punch kick to pull over people in the face. But the police have their ears and have also silenced victims to outside from station heard. Force acts only said "his party" this actually reflects the "Lowland ears and muzzle people" deeply entrenched leadership of the group that they are stupid and blind service.

            "Lowland at his ears" party recently symbolized through a few important events.

            First of all was the nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan (03-2011), the TEPCO nuclear power corporation had pity closing every power plant in Japan and give a more lucrative plan worth 10 billion dollars to build factories nuclear power in Vietnam. Next, with the news of Russia's Rosatom nuclear power corporation-Hanoi also invite project in Ninh Thuan-accused have gutted many times, swap materials fabricated reactor provides nuclear power plants, corruption, billions of rubles in the project first floating nuclear power plant in their own country. In addition, the results of the geological survey in the area planned by the factory in Ninh Thuan discovered many cracks can cause numerous dangerous. In addition, the training status of personnel walking into a dead end and will definitely stalled, because the number of students volunteered to participate in the nuclear training in Russia not many; following two years only way example, a few dozen people, although they are encouraged to privileges and incentives. All made of the same artists, intellectuals, foreign nuclear experts have many expectations Communist Party leadership early review and wisdom make the decision to stop all the nuclear power plant project workers, not only in the Ninh Thuan which land across Vietnam. However, in a recent meeting of the Project Steering Committee, dated 9-08-2012, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has brought his ear blindfolded, bigotry project crazy for it!

            Next to the River Hydroelectric Dam Painting 2. Continuous four days in September, 10 earthquakes have occurred in the area of ​​Bac Tra My district, where dams exist with many technical problems have long caused concern. Many people cracks, dam also add water and shake flowing from cracks up more. While tens of thousands of people panic fears dam will burst and many experts said the quake struck by the damming (GS Nguyen Truong Tien), the central government still cavalier wait subordinates reporting. But some local authorities still prohibit door to go into the tunnel where the press is repaired, still claims the dam is always solid, land "level also located in the permission while seismic endurance much of the high dam "!?! Also, this time, plans for coordination between the two paintings River Hydropower new local stop at providing information, specific plans, equipped, forces are not yet available. The immediate need is Hydropower flood maps, the party has not provided, so localities will be broken, difficult to get good grades to gather people. More tragic, he was vice president of Hiep Duc District said it would have to use a method of alarm heard that pity between electronic civilization. It is used machine guns! More crazy, hydro power management unit began reservoir area back in the day 6-9, making people can not horrified. Obviously genetically insensitive and brought at blindfolded Communist ingrained are considered asset lives of tens of thousands of families are not huge numbers!

            2 - "gag people" the party's recent expression of a few other important events. First of all, on 12-09-2012, government office sent a written "express" to the Ministry of Public Security, Information Communication and Propaganda about "information processing content anti-party and the State. " In this document bearing number 7169, Nguyen Tan Dung has instructed the authorities to urgently investigate and handle the posting of information that text content is reactionary, accused the state of some website as Dan Lam Bao, Quan Lam Bao, Bien Dong (which are millions of unique visitors, so give more shocking truth in the party or because frankly on the side of public opinion) ... posted file called "slander, lies, distortions, not true" to "highlight the leadership of the country, inciting against the Party and the State, causing doubt and create bad publicity in social Assembly "! At the same time, members of the prime minister CS also prohibits government officials read and dissemination of information on this website as it is "is the sinister tricks of the enemy forces"! What is the Internet service provider in Vietnam continues to be a further tightening access to the "reactionary" by building more firewalls. The CA then take care of the "investigation and handling of organizations and individuals to build and support them." Ministry of Information and Communication, Propaganda, the press agencies the right margin, to increase the supply of information, "objective", actively reject information from the website of the left margin.

            This authoritarian attitude, Dan Lam Bao declared: "do not accept and succumb to all the action covered her mouth, blindfolded, ears of any state, the ruling party. No one has the right to judge and decide what that Vietnamese citizens read, hear and communicate. Therefore, Dan lam bao will continue to provide information and multi-dimensional views of all the people, creating a forum for people "readers" we self-confidence, self-information, to represent the view, opinion of ourselves, spoke about the problems we are interested in the life ". But the directive "ministries, the local leadership cadres and civil servants do not see, do not use the spread and dissemination of information ..." where the pages on the right to trample rights freedom of speech and information of all citizens has been provided by the Constitution and violates the international conventions on human rights that Hanoi has pledged to observe. Even! Silence one can then silence, lest we make disturbances, the party then not alive!

            The second trial journalist Hoang Khuong on 07-09-2012 at Saigon sentenced to four years in prison for "bribery" a state official duties. For long time, everyone knows he is a young journalist, has a heart of Tuoi Tre newspaper, specializing in investigating the claim outright bribery and terrible traffic police. In his trial , the fellow in and out of the country were watching. Even in court in Saigon, in the morning the people concentrated crowded and at the end, a lot of young people waving, running the prison van drove Hoang Khuong, with the poignant, passionate and admiration. History of the courts and the police "socialist" re-writing the again guilty bullying, cowardly revenge against a young journalist with a conscience and enthusiasm against corruption, and hence contempt , provocative press village. This is a new stain of a powerful machine is both authoritarian and corrupt government is getting plunged into a deep hole. In this case, in a statement released on 07-09-2012, Mr. Christophe Deloire, director general of Reporters Without Borders, has written: "The judgment is both unfair and caused outrage. When condemned the investigation of this reporter and published two articles denouncing corruption in the ranks of the police, judges, Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy (presiding judge) has made a public nature jobs a crime can be sentenced. The authorities discovered this corruption by two papers of Hoang Khuong factor demonstrates the truth of this report. In the verdict, the court also recognized his work is useful. " But the Communist leadership, how to expose actions that are useful, because they only have a blind trust is using violence to silence the people.

            The reason corporations Ba Dinh increase fanning his ears and muzzle people in recent times because of the Politburo and juniors, limbs, living roof factions against each other in a duel to competition for power and interests. Sang-Trong group attacking versus Hung-Dung and sides Hung-Dung is trying to retaliate. In the current Vietnamese politics, people do not hear the anxiety about the victims of the economic crisis, financial burnout, moral decadence and spiritual status conditions afflicted people, or more urgent and more serious is that the Chinese national characteristics are invasive and intrusive, but just see the struggle, of those who have known their purse and their throne only!


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