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The U.S. Congress passed a resolution on Human rights in Vietnam





The United States Congress House of Representatives passed the Vietnam Human Rights Act 2012 and the Vietnam Human Rights Resolution 484 by U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez co-sponsored with 30 other Congressman of the two- Party in the National Assembly is not only a extremely encouraging victory for the Vietnamese people in the country and around the world, but also made it clear previous firm stance after the U.S. government as an advocate for Freedom, Democracy and Human rights in Vietnam. The above laudable actions of the U.S. Congress at the same time clear and accurate reflection of the current Human Rights violations of Vietnam's communist government to the people in the country through a series of arrests and detained illegally for components bloggers, journalist, writer and many young Catholic Youth in the past.

Specifically set forth in Resolution 484 for the Vietnam Human Rights, Ms. Loretta Sanchez and other Congressman in the House of Representatives United States Congress has strongly refers to the abuse of so-called national security to use Articles 79 and 88 of the criminal procedure law vaguely wrong and the communist government of Vietnam in order to stifle any voice of dissent in the country and jailed wrong Democratic activists Religious and activists said on today and for many years. Whether good sophisticated and cleverly conceal his misconduct, the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government can not keep a hand obscures the sky before Globalization trends Democratic on the world and the desire to fiercely Democratic Freedom of the people in the country today.

The only thing that can help to Vietnam was political stability and long-term comprehensive economic development is the access path to democracy as what country Burma have been doing today . Change the mindset of the ruling communist Vietnam today is vital and must be the first communist leader is strictly respect the international commitments of Vietnam human rights include the right to religious freedom and the right to freedom of speech which was Vietnam's communist government trampling harshly over the years. Authorities also need to clear their willingness to comply with the aforementioned human rights commitments by freed immediately and unconditionally to the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience that authorities have detained them the wrong way for years. Vietnam's communist government does not have much time to change myself before it became too late. This is the most practical and the survival of a regime obsolete remnant that human progress in the world has spit and forgotten.



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The U.S. Congress passed a resolution on Human rights in Vietnam

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Along with the Vietnam Human Rights Act of 2012 by Rep. Chris Smith proposed Resolution No. 484 of the Vietnam Human Rights sponsored by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has also been U.S. House of Representatives passed the afternoon of 9/11, highlighting the concerned about the situation of human rights in Vietnam in the U.S. legislature.

Resolution 484 of the Federal Rep. of bipartisan U.S. support for the Hanoi government request to stop abuse of vague laws on national security as Articles 79 and 88 of the Criminal Law to detain dissident voices.

The resolution also called on Vietnam to release all prisoners of conscience imprisoned on charges of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration' and 'propaganda against the state' for peaceful struggle for the right to self- religious and political freedom for the people.


Congressman Frank Wolf's response grievances before the U.S. State Department on human rights in Việt Nam 

Congress passed the Việt Nam Human Rights Act 2012

Two character Vietnamese dissident finished prison sentence  

In addition, Resolution 484 also urged the U.S. State Department to monitor the progress of the rule of law in Vietnam Hanoi to promote compliance with human rights commitments made to international.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, who filed Resolution 484 to the U.S. Congress, stressing justice loving community can not accept persecution and harassment by the Vietnamese authorities for social activists and those who dissent.

Still according to Sanchez, laws such as 79 or 88 of the Vietnamese Penal Code most gender oppression and democracy-loving people who want to express their opinions can not be applied to modern society and the government of Vietnam international community can not be respected when not respect the fundamental rights of the people.

Rep. Sanchez said the U.S. House of Representatives on 11/9 at the same time through the Vietnam Human Rights Act of 2012 and Resolution 484 of the Vietnam Human Rights is a great victory for democracy-loving people and the protection of human rights and confirmed that they would continue to fight for these two important bills passed in the U.S. Senate soon.

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