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International organizations criticized Vietnam's increased repression of free speech




Freedom of Speech in Vietnam is now the Vietnamese communist government was trampling harshly. Addition to suppressing Press, political sites and personal blogs, the Vietnamese communist authorities also used police force posing as thugs harass and assault the family of bloggers, journalists who was accused of thoughts and acts of anti-Party, anti-regime need to be severely punished under the law. Aforementioned evil despicable actions of the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist totalitarian government not only serious violations of human rights but also trampled on the human moral conscience must be international and human condemned.

Vietnamese communist government authorities also need to be aware that, once the awareness and desire in the hearts of Democratic resurgence and become necessities in daily life indispensable, any attempt by the government to increase repression to silence the people not only do not work to make people fear, but also makes them stronger and more determined. All of us no one can deny the remarkable features and achievements by the Democracy bring to the people, the society and the nation. History has proven one thing is clear that somewhere in the world where democratic development, like that corruption will no longer exist, or whether only is negligible small numbers.

In Democratizing Global trend today, the country requires thorough respect for human rights is a top priority. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government can not continue to ignore forever about their bad achievement for Human Rights today to International and other countries in the region. If really want Vietnam economic development, social stability and have political voice position in the region and in the international arena, the first thing that the leaders of the Communist Party and the state needs to do is quickly changed its leadership and its policy rule. Expanding Democracy and the immediate cessation of all acts of persecution of people. Government to accept a pluralistic party, accept the way democratization as a prerequisite and vital to the fate of National and Ethnic Minorities.


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International organizations criticized Vietnam's increased repression of free speech

Ủy ban bảo vệ nhà báo có trụ sở tại New York (CPJ/Jeremy Bigwood)

Committee to Protect Journalists, based in New York 
(CPJ / Jeremy Bigwood)

Thanh Phương

For two consecutive days, the two organizations to protect press freedom Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has issued a statement and report critical of the increasing repression the right to freedom of expression in Vietnam. Today, Reporters Without Borders issued a statement condemning the actions of underground pressure and retaliation aimed at the Vietnamese dissidents and their families.

The statement of Reporters Without Borders ( based in Paris, recalled that, in a written express dated 12.9.2012, Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung ordered « investigation, strict handling »who runs three blogs« Dan Lam Bao »,« Quan Lam Bao »,« Bien Dong », be deemed to have published information« slander, misrepresentation, in order to highlight the the leadership of the country, anti-Vietnamese Party and State ».

Just days later, on 16/09/2012, in Bac Lieu, blogger Dieu Cay's wife, Duong Thi Tan, along with the sister of blogger Ta Phong Tan and a priest, Father Anthony Le Ngoc Thanh, were the plainclothes police assaulted and arrested the police station, on the grounds that they cause traffic accidents. Through this service, Reporters Without Borders condemns the Hanoi government not only increase the suppression of political dissidents, but also pressured, harassed, intimidated by violence against the family and the supporters of the dissidents.

Three bloggers founder Club freelance journalist, Ta Phong Tan, Nguyen Van Hai (Dieu Cay) and Phan Thanh Hai (Anhbasaigon) will be taken to court on 24/09 to charges of 'propaganda against the State ). In a statement, Reporters Without Borders is repeated at least five journalists and 19 netizens imprisoned in Vietnam, just for the exercise of free speech. With this figure, Vietnam is the world's third-largest prison for bloggers and opposition to use the network, after China and Iran.

In a report published in today 19/09/20121, the Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ (, headquartered in New York, also noted that the situation of press freedom in Vietnam Men increasingly worse, although it continues to open up its economy.

The author of the report, said Shawn Crispin, said: «At Vietnam's economic growth slowed and increased political struggle, the government clearly independent journalists and bloggers as a hub threats to the stability of the country ». He said Shawn Crispin, the Vietnamese government «to maintain a strict control system of its kind and the most rigid Asia». A copy of his report also condemned a 'campaign of harassment and scare »against the dissident since 2009.

Besides, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Vietnamese government has recently implement measures to restrict Internet freedom: increased control over your blog, the new law prohibits posted online information deemed «prejudice national security 'and' undermining national unity ', deploying a force known as' Red Guards', ie those security disguise netizens attack bloggers opposition. A new draft decree also required foreign Internet companies must cooperate with the Vietnamese government and to put the server in Vietnam.

In the article published in the newspaper from Asia Times ( Today, David Brown, said that the campaign has suppressed political blog is a result of internal struggle between factions Nguyen Tan Dung Truong Tan Sang faction, especially blogs Quan Lam Bao which was attacked because The packaging type is information for this page posted many critics Dung.

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