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Vietnamese communist state governments to welcome the new year by acts of human rights abuses and blatant challenge public opinion at home and abroad



Economic expert of Vietnam, Dr. Le Dang Doanh in the first day of  New Year interview with the Vietnamese-Language Radio VOA Voice of America has stated that: in the context of the full bleak economy of Vietnam with statistics show approximately 100 thousand Vietnamese enterprises went bankrupt or closed, which includes both state enterprises and private sector. The report said the number of businesses exist estimated operating frequency is only at about 30 to 40 percent of capacity, and any businesses which there are enough internal resources is most powerful activities only 70 percent of the productivity level of business activity only so in the words of Dr. Le Dang Doanh, to revive the economy of the country effectively, to restore confidence to the people, and with International friends, in this Snake year, the State Government of Vietnam not only need radical reform on the economic field, but also to immediately reform policies and the way of management and activities that full inadequate of the state administrative apparatus.

Do not know How the Vietnamese communist state government to collect opinions above and how the reform and how to restore lost trust in people? However, by the behavior continues to trample human rights recently just before the New Year for the citizen of Vietnam, Mr. Ngo Hao who was Vietnam's communist government arrested only because voiced to support the case of Council Public Law Project Bia Son and contacted a number of individuals and foreign which shows that, the government has ignored all calls and practical opinions suggestion of people in the country . This reflects the full and clear about the policy and the way of management and the country operating that the State Party and government leaders Vietnamese communists have chosen for themselves in the future. It is the policy of confrontation with people and continue to challenge both the International Community.

Freedom of expression of the people that has been clearly defined in Article 69 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but still State government was communist Vietnam continues to trample harshly. In addition, the Articles 88 and 79 of the Criminal Procedure Code State Vietnam Vietnamese government continues to be used indiscriminately with the interpretation of a vague, arbitrary to seal mouth people and in derogation of their legitimate political expression. Which showed that, all efforts from the people and the International Community to remove all unnecessary distance between people and the government as coastal salt does not bring the desired results and the referendum People demand that the state constitutional amendment that the government made in the past is just a travesty, sham democracy. One type of tricks to deceive the people and international public opinion. The incontrovertible provisions in the Constitution of the State, but not enforced, is not respected, how the people of Vietnam and the International Community can rely on the goodwill forward real amended from the Vietnamese Government in consultation campaign from people in the draft amendments to the Constitution of the State which is the Vietnamese government made frantic now and in the past.


Arrested because voiced to support the Bia Son Public law Council?

Thanh Truc, RFA reporter, Bangkok

Ngo Hao, a resident of Phu Yen, was arrested on 28 Tet after police repeatedly invited to work in the morning and afternoon.

Source cand
An eco-tourism angle Da Bia.

Offered to work and then arrest those

From the city of Phu Yen, his son Ngo Hao gave Thanh Truc know the cause Mr. Ngo Hao was arrested because voiced support case of the Bia Son Public Law Council as well as contacts with a number of individuals and foreign network:

I am Ngo Minh Tam, son of Mr. Ngo Hao. On 8 February 2013 that to 28 Tet, about 8 am, my father Mr. Ngo Hao was Phu Yen police invited to work as usual. Then the police asked me to get papers handing over of my father's items before putting him into the camp.

When I was in the police office, then Mr. Hong, head of the security investigation, read the arrest warrant. Sign the record and get the car, then the mother and brother up to ask to see father, but the investigation did not allow to meet. At that time I required to obtain arrest and how arrest order but current still not there.

Thanh Truc: Ie Ngo Hao was taken on 28 Year without warrant?

Ngo Minh Tam: Well, no, arrest warrants. Earlier, December 20, 2012, around 9 pm, according to the situation of my mother and my sister told then that mother and Father. My father this year is about seventy, mother is sixty-year-old had cancer but a broken arm does not do anything. At that time, hundreds of police raided, surrounded all entrances, not for my parents to go anywhere. Provincial Police, the city police, the secret police of the police, all police departments are full. Le Thanh Fast, commander, deputy director, chief inspector of the Department of Information And Communications Phu Yen. When raided my house is not the order of the authorities or the Court or the Procuracy. They brazenly come in my house, check my computer and record all the relevant papers.

When checking the computer, they plug their USB into my computer, and opens up a file with flag Republic of Vietnam, there are relevant lessons that my father, talk to Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket and with Mr. Vu Quoc Dung in the UN Human Rights Council in the case of prisoners of conscience and religion in Vietnam, which three thanks to intervene in the case of Mr. Nguyen Van Lia are followers of Buddha Traditional Hoa Hao in the south.

When check my computer, there's a file of the Republic of Vietnam Atlanta talking about the second Doan Van Vuong Phu Yen, to refer the case of the Bia Son Public Law Council  sentenced last month.

Công an đang khám xét nơi ở của một người trong vụ án tháng 2/2012. Photo courtesy of

Police raided the residence of a person in
case 2/2012. Photo courtesy of

Only speak over the network is "attempting to overthrow the regime"?

Thanh Truc: Please Ngo Minh Tam said Ngo Hao has nothing to do with the Board of  the Bia Son Public Law Council ?

Ngo Minh Tam: My father not involved in the case, but that father to speak, for example, the Republic of Vietnam files Atlanta about the Doan Van Vuong, three have voiced support for their actions and expressed support for the Bia Son Public Law Council

Thiếu tướng Phạm Văn Hóa, Giám đốc Công an Phú Yên chủ trì họp báo và cho biết thông tin về tổ chức phản động ở Khu du lịch sinh thái Đá Bia, ngày 6 tháng 2.,2012

Major General Pham Van Hoa, director of 
Phu Yen Police hosted a press conference 
and said information about the reactionary 
organizations in eco-tourism Stone Beer, 
February 6., 2012 (

Thanh Truc: Under the eyes of Ngo Minh Tam, three, ie Ngo Hao, is an activist, a dissident, an opposition or a like?

Ngo Minh Tam: As my seeing, father only online exchange about what is called the inadequacies of the society to which contributed to that amendment but father did not have any action to call to overthrow the people's government . That when ransacked government said father error of law, the establishment of the armed forces against the overthrow of the regime, while father only telephone exchanges by mail with agencies such as Human Rights organizations World, with Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket block 8406 to talk about the shortcomings and injustices of society. But the State does not absorb and said father against the State, overthrow of the regime.

Thanh Truc: When Ngo Hao was an invitation to go to work and then call Ngo Minh Tam to hand over items to put him in prison, previous is there orders warnings or recommendations on the operation of father in on the network?

Ngo Minh Tam: As matter on December 20, 2012 police burst into the house, then have a record of the investigation, and from December 20 to February 8 last police repeatedly asked father work day and night. His father was seriously ill and police continue to work from there, continuously daily weekly and am 8 February still complained of going to work but when up to where he was arrested.

Thanh Truc: Currently Ngo Hao was held where and in a state like how?

Ngo Minh Tam: Father was being held in the provincial prison, now my family not see, I do not know how is my father.

Các bị cáo trong phiên xử vụ án Hội đồng Công Luật Bia Án Bia Sơn tại Phú Yên.

The defendants in the trial of the case of Bia Son Public law Council
Phu Yen. Source danlambao

The situation of me, Ngo Minh Tam, so involved with Father in some so from time the school in Saigon around December, the police are still investigating leads to work. Until about Phu Yen on New Year family reunion I have been working with the police, to this day still have to go. Through th Festival Friday I still have to continue again.

Also by the way through the radio, expect people to your precious unions Forum help for father soon be free soon be reunited with family to welcome Tet. Thanks to forum and other international human rights organizations to intervene that my father out of suffering the lash of the whip of this mode when speaking with Radio. The phone number that you contact was watching by the police. After talking with the son of Mr. Ngo Hao, the telephone line was connected to Mr. Hong telephone who reader the order to arrest Mr. Ngo Hao on 28th Tet:

Mr. Hong: About this, you asked directly to the investigation, I was not interviewed anywhere.

Thanh Truc: But you are the head of security investigation that?

Mr. Hong: I know, but that the security agencies to investigate it very clear answer to this. I'm busy, I'm at work.

Thanh Truc: Police want to catch anyone is arrested, even on Festival also arrest people huh?

Mr. Hong: The arrest, police does not to think about New Year, Tet is of the state of the nation ... I am walking in the street, you calle on the provincial police asked it.

Please recall the main cause of the Ngo Hao was arrested yesterday because voiced support for religious organizations called the Bia Son Public Law Council. This organization of business travel quite famous Beer Stone Son in Phu Yen, was confiscated by the state because it is accused the basis of property and possession of a weapon to overthrow the government.

On 4 January 2013, twenty-two members of the Bia Son Public law Council was brought to trial before the court in Phu Yen collusive conspiracy to overthrow the government. Instant Mr. Nguyen Van Thu, ie Tran Cong was regarded as the head of the organization, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The remaining twenty-one people were sentenced from ten to seven years in prison and five years probation after judgment.

According to the time line:

. Bia Son Public law Council was accused of plotting to overthrow the government

. Vietnam condemns 22 people in Phu Yen accused of "plotting to overthrow the government"

. 22 persons involved "koan Bia Son" accused overthrow the government

. Sort adjudicate "Koan Bia Son"

. To lead a religious life - From Ecotourism to become 'reactionary'?

. Case "Council of Public Law koan Bia Son"

. An Dan Dai Dao: was convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government

. Add four people were arrested on charges of plotting to overthrow the government

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