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Canadian Law Association calling for the release of Le Quoc Quan



Canadian Law Association early last February had written to express deep concern about the situation in Vietnam where the lawyers themselves active advocate for the respect of Human Rights in Vietnam became the target under threat from the government including the Human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan who was arrested arbitrarily in December last year and called on the Vietnamese communist authorities to release immediately for he was in a state of mental and physical integrity. Above dynamics of the Canadian Association of Law to create opportunities for more attention from the International Community for case of Human Rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan particular and for the state threatened, arrested arbitrarily to Democracy and Human Rights activists in Vietnam in general.

For years, before the state of the Global Internet technology boom, the Vietnamese communist state government feel insecure especially since appeared many comments critical of the government related to the evils involved corruption and other activities in violation of the Vietnamese government regarding human rights, the Human Rights and Democracy Activist include components such as: dissident lawyer, lawyers, human rights defenders, the journalist, writer and blogger component, the characters are seen as potential threats to power and leadership roles of the government, has obviously become the focal point of harassment, intimidation, arrested persecuted and imprisoned the wrong way from the communist government of Vietnam.

To effectively control and suppress voices of dissent in the country, the Vietnamese communist authorities did not hesitate to turn every vile tactics including arbitrary arrest and accused of being imposed as tax evasion, disturbing public order, opposing duty ...... and a series of charges were blatantly slander others have been applied in the past administration. Besides, the Vietnamese communist authorities also apply vague about in the Criminal Code as in Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) Article 79 (Conspiracy to overthrow the government) or 258 ( advantage of Freedom and Democracy works to harm the interests of the State) ....... as tools to imprison, punish and suppress any voice of dissent with the government.

We need to call attention and more effort from the International Community in creating pressure on the communist government of Vietnam to immediately stop all acts of repression, harassment, threats , arrested and detained arbitrarily and wrong for peaceful dissent voices in the country, as well as fully comply with proper and full implementation of the commitments of the Government of Vietnam with international for relevant human rights. Besides a need consensus from all classes of people to speak out against human rights abuses actions of the Vietnamese government in order to bring the sense of right and responsibility for the group leader Party and government today. Which enables them to see the legitimate aspirations of the people and the practical benefits of the respect for Human Rights and Democratic expansion in Vietnam.


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Canadian Law Association calling for the release of Le Quoc Quan

Gia Minh, editor RFA


Lawyer Le Quoc Quan during a protest against China
Photo courtesy of basam

Dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested nearly three months ago with the initial charges related to tax evasion charges. However, those interested in all that the allegations that have no basis.

Calling from Canada

Text of the Law Society of Upper Canada Region launched in early February this clearly deeply concerned by the Vietnamese authorities detained human rights lawyer Le Quoc Quan.

The association cited reliable sources of lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested last December 27. Capture security reasons Vietnam announced a lawyer Le Quoc Quan accused of violating Article 161 of the Penal Code on charges of tax evasion.

Regional Human Rights Law Society Upper Canada, they themselves lawyer Le Quoc Quan is a professional blogger outlined the status of human rights violations in Vietnam.

The association said that the arrest of Mr. Le Quoc Quan was arrested arbitrarily. Before that he was regularly monitored and harassed. All this just because he has the operation requires human rights in Vietnam.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan itself in 2007 deprivation of the right to practice law after he participated in the training at the Institute for Democracy in Washington DC, the United States returned.

Before all things, The Law Society of Upper Canada expressed deep concern for the situation in Vietnam where lawyers work themselves to respect human rights and their protection becomes a target exercise of freedom and rights under international law.

Law Society of Upper Canada recalls Article 16 of Regulation Basic principles of the United Nations on the role of lawyers. Under which the government must ensure that lawyers can practice all of their professional functions without intimidation, obstruction, harassment or inappropriate interventions. The government must ensure that lawyers are free to travel and advise clients. The government must ensure that the lawyer is not subject to or threatened by the prosecution or the economic sanctions, administrative or other measures for operational duties, standards and ethics'.

Based on the grounds stated, the Law Society of Upper Canada Region Hanoi calling on the government to release immediately lawyer Le Quoc Quan physical and mental integrity. Besides the Vietnamese government to stop all acts of harassment lawyer Le Quoc Quan itself as well as the protection of human rights activists in Vietnam.

The Upper Canada Law Society also called on the Vietnamese government to ensure that all lawyers can practice the activities of their legitimate and peaceful without having any fear of physical violence or acts other human rights violations. And in all circumstances to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with human rights standards and international mechanisms.

In early January this year, after the lawyer Le Quoc Quan was arrested Observatory Protection of Human Rights Activists, organized combination of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) has called for urgent action to intervene in case of human rights lawyer.

Family Isolation 


Lawyer Le Quoc Quan in his office. 
Photo: blog lequocquan

The family itself lawyer Le Quoc Quan, nearly three months after his arrest, as well as his brother, Le Dinh Quan was arrested earlier from October 30 last year, still no news of their loved ones.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan's mother, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tram to know about it as follows:

Quan was arrested on 27, and Quan was arrested before but the authorities anymore but people say is 'special case', they are not frequent. It is said from from attorneys on but they have so far. From the time Ms. Oanh who manages them say when they will follow but lawyers say that's all.

In addition to the two brothers lawyer Le Quoc Quan and Le Dinh Quan, one of them is her cousin, Nguyen Thi Oanh, a shareholder in the company of his Le Dinh Administration had even pregnant to investigate but in early February was allowed back to local housing.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tram said about the case of the children in this family are as follows:

I am Uncle of her. When asked her, she said they investigate miscellaneous lot of things, just caught me go up also throughout the day.Now put on local and not to leave the residence. Husband must guarantee to support because of  weak pregnant.

May I repeat, lawyer Le Quoc Quan, director of Solutions Vietnam Company. The company's main activities are research and provide market information. The company was founded in 2001.

Le Dinh Quan Director Vietnam Credit Company specializes in Credit Report-ranking Vietnamese enterprises. Le Dinh Quan was arrested for alleged tax evasion.

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan, a longtime writings advocating democracy and human rights. He has openly participate in the trial of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu law in Hanoi, was arrested along with Dr. Pham Hong Son. He was also a protest against Chinese aggression in Vietnam. In the time before his arrest, he also has an article related constitutional amendment issues in Vietnam.

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