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The Central Highlands bauxite mining project, a project damage and disadvantage in all aspects ranging from national security to economic losses and environmental damage. Responsibility will belong to whom?



Bauxite mining project Highlands, a project full of disadvantages and each is well-known experts with extensive experience both inside and outside the country powerful warning but still be Prime Minister and crew in Congress Vietnam ignored leading to the decision of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed for implementation since 01-11-2007. Currently, domestic and foreign public opinion continues to heat up with the deep concern about the lack of project feasibility and full of shortcomings mentioned above. After a long time in operation does not bring the economic efficiency as expected and continuous contrary appear disadvantages similar phenomena have been previous warnings from experts in the country and in international asked the government to stop the continued implementation of the project above. 

All issues and Bauxite mining project above by calling the folk as "chipboard became the boat". But what the public interest and current concern is the degree of economic damage and the potential threat to humans due to environmental destruction brought from the said project was too obvious and if continue to promote the project and dangerous disadvantage mentioned above, the final responsibility will belong to whom? Does Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung himself and each crew member of the National Assembly of Vietnam dare to take responsibility for yourself and associated compensation for all losses and damages caused by the project, as well as willing to take the form of disciplinary action under the law? not yet to mention the loss of human life as a result of the sludge bomb that always hanging over the head of people in mining areas and surrounding the project and the Party and the government what will take to compensation? 

We, the people of Vietnam needs to show more attitude, more powerful in creating pressure on the government and the National Assembly of Vietnam must be aware of their responsibilities related to Bauxite mining project says on and immediately stop all work in the field of mining and other fields related to the project. State Government and the National Assembly of Vietnam should be assigned between power and responsibility clearly before and even after stopping the said project. And necessary to draw valuable lessons and experience from the said project to practical application in the in-class projects and of national scale in the future. Government, the National Association of State or any other Vietnamese leaders the courage to look at issues of today to take the right decisions and in signing and issuing edicts government relating to the areas of economic, social and country in the future. It is necessary to respect the interests of the people, of National and Ethnic, rather than just care cultivated benefit themselves, their families and their loved ones. 


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Money of people is flying follow red dust in the Highlands 

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Bauxite Square Tan Rai, Lam Dong Vietnam Coal 
and Mineral Group (Vinacomin-Vinacomin) investment 

Photo courtesy of 

The truth can not hide forever, if we continue the project in Lam Dong and Dak Nong bauxite, the money people will fly follow the red dust in Highlands.

Increasingly investment losses 

Hot buzz back after the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group (Vinacomin-Vinacomin) will be subject to a loss of more than 10 million dollars if sold 300,000 tonnes of alumina shipped this year and Ke Ga Port project was canceled.

A few years ago Vinacomin Group supported by the Government, has determined to out bauxite mining Highlands. The first step is to Lam Dong Tan Rai project and next to the Nhan Co project in Dak Nong.

It is difficult to understand is the Politburo, the Government and Congress have ignored the judgment of scientists, intellectuals, threat defense strategy, the red mud disaster and the immediate effect economy. First of many ideas to stop bauxite mining Highlands wherever made to economist Dr Le Dang Doanh from Hanoi said:

"Bauxite Highlands, had comments from the beginning, disagreeing opinions and reviews it is a very unfavorable economic projects. That is not to talk about environmental issues are a huge threat and has made analysis and official opinions of the Union science and technology in Vietnam. But unfortunately, the project is still underway and have the first batch of alumina.

The problem now is how will transport, if by car, very big hole, now no investment in roads and bridges, a 30-ton truck can not stand it is very difficult problem. Second is that the Ke Ga Port after deployment for a long time, until now have yet to see what boot. So will transporting alumina to go, if you go to far away, the bigger hole. So I think this is a time should be objective and independent assessment of the National Assembly should have official and the best way in my opinion is a pause in the current difficult economic situation increasingly investing in there will be more and more holes are not beneficial to the economy of Vietnam. "

The best way in my opinion is a pause in the current difficult economic situation the more investment there will be more losses, there is no benefit to the economy of Vietnam. 
TS. Le Dang Doanh

One of the most important happenings of the week Youth Online called "Facing the truth." In the 'Good Morning' posted on 21/2 journalist said: "The Prime Minister has decided to stop the construction of Ke Ga Port, not only because of the construction site fall 'coordinates dead' but also because the plan is not effective.

Thanh Nien Online, said: "The decision to stop a costly project but not as effective as Ke Ga Port must be regarded as a very brave decision. And in fact, there are many serious problems, waiting for the field to face the truth of managers, leaders .... "

The newspaper recalled that since the Central Highlands bauxite mining project is started the scientific community has spoken out against is not feasible, the establishment of rail transport, port construction Ke Ga to shipment. Separate projects Ke Ga, Union Science and Technology of Vietnam conducted research shows that this is the "Dead Sea" is very dangerous, inappropriate construction of the port in terms of geography and hydrology. Still according to Thanh Nien Online, unfortunately at that TKV and Binh Thuan Province has ignored criticisms and do everything possible to convince the higher level project approval.

Why not pause 


Hundreds of Chinese workers who live and 
work in the Tan Rai bauxite project in Lam Dong. 
AFP photo. 

Commentaries of Youth journalist described the decision by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to stop the construction of Ke Ga Port, avoid the tragedy could happen, if we continue to invest billions of dollars to build ports this on the basis of the economic mistakes. And of course, TKV and Binh Thuan Province will have to compensate investors in the region, as their projects get bogged down in a long time.

In an interview by Nam Nguyen at 21/2, Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung is taught at the Polytechnic University of Da Nang, said:

"If I can make this stop at the damage, but little, if continued, will cause more damage greater than for the country. I ranked the most dangerous country, followed by environmental pollution, and economic losses in the final grade. Damage defense, everyone knows it, and environmental pollution can say our children can not compete with life, with other countries if contaminated environments to life for poor health willed it. "

Of course the benefits to individual pockets should they do so, please speak up. If no benefit to the nation why continue to do what it must have hidden all is not well in the back. 
GSTS. Nguyen The Hung 

Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung explained, bauxite mining in the Central Highlands has been destroying the buffer factors because it is peeled away the perennial vegetation. This does not directly affect the Central Highlands, but also downstream, because his grandparents said aquatic plants mutual, ie there are new vegetation kept clean underground water taken downstream. Bauxite hole like that in addition to the holes not all, such as water pollution, Highland has a height of 500m-700m above the plains, bauxite absorbed into water downstream, the red mud lakes that break out again, causing unexpected disaster. In addition, roads serve the transportation needs of people now used to transport bauxite can not be. Bauxite cause invisible damage and tangible too much that's uncountable. Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung said:

"I think that only crazy people do, people who is normal did not do like. In a society where power is not being controlled as Vietnam is very dangerous. They can do something that it has no benefits at all for the nation. Of course the benefits to individual pockets should they do so, please speak up. If no benefit to the nation why continue to do what it must have hidden all is not well in the back. "

What people think? 


On the Nhan Co bauxite plant, Dak Nong. 
Photo courtesy of boxitvn 

In an article posted on the same day 21/2, Youth Online deem bauxite problem. The newspaper quoted Nguyen Thanh Son, director of the Management Board of the Red River Delta coal project, in which Tan Rai alumina factory in price if 100% capacity is approximately 375 USD / ton, mainly for export to China and Malaysia. But due to the export price by negotiation only 340 USD / ton should be losses, not to mention the Tan Rai plant is expected to complete in 2013 only 300,000 tons or 50% alumina production capacity, production price less often will be higher.

Not understand Vietnamese Area, the level of awareness of how staff at all levels, as they do not have the qualifications, professional qualifications to economic management, resource management and especially their lack of a things as ethnicity. 
Do Viet Khoa teacher

People normally say about the call to stop the bauxite projects in order to avoid further damage, Do Viet Khoa teacher in Hanoi, said:

"Do not understand the location in Vietnam, the level of awareness of how staff at all levels, as they do not have the qualifications, professional qualifications to economic management, resource management and especially their lack of a kind of nationality. I think that those who participate in this are those who chance to destroy the country. If strict laws, so dragging them to handle. "

Thanh Nien Online with 21/2 quoted Pham Chi Lan, former vice president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that, in the current context of Vietnam's economy and the power of a state corporation as Vinacomin (TKV), the best way is to stop mining project in Lam Dong Tan Rai bauxite.

According to Ms. Pham Chi Lan, Tan Rai bauxite project clearly not economic efficiency. The suspension of the project is also a way to limit the damage. So if further economic potential damage would be much greater. Pham Chi Lan said that Vietnam will return bauxite mining when future generations have the ability to better governance, way of organizing the economy better or more powerful economic force. But what is more important is the suspension of bauxite to reconsider means faith is strengthened.

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