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Some of comments and meaningful judgement feedbacks events that are the author, journalist Huy Duc described in the "Wins side" book.



On behalf of Mr. Nguyen Quang Duy of Democratic Bloc 8406 in Australia, I have the honor to send to  Vietnamese people in country and abroad some feedback comments and meaningful comments about the events that are the author, journalist Huy Duc described in the book of the " wins side".

Who belong to the "Wins side"?
Vo Phuong

I do not read the "wins side" of the author, German journalist Huy should not dare opinions. I just read the praise / criticism on the internet forums. Between 12/2012 to now, there are quite a lot of praise / criticism, but I just pay attention to the speech of some people I know very well. Of these, the majority are those who was a soldier. I believe they had been telling the truth. True soldiers, not "ornamental soldiers". The early years of the 1960s, a time when the generation of the people I was going to say, once we accept soldiers are not permitted political activities. In that sense, the soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam only defense of the country, are not allowed to serve the interests of any party. They fight for the ideals of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. What they said are based on the honor of a professional soldier, just speak the truth. In the battle to protect the South, they fought for their ideals, as well as the ideal of the military and to defend the honor of the soldiers until no strength. The extreme injustice circumstances of 30-4-1975, a number of people who fall the rest, in one way or another, has been imprisoned, living as prisoners of war rather than surrender soldier such as the rumored to please the wins side. I just want to mention this fact, and by the way, want to ask a question: Who is the  Wins side? I would like to emphasize "the one" for sure, communist Hanoi can not be alone belong to the winner. Before discussing "Those who belong to the Wins side?", I think of the soldiers spoke regarding the events described in "The Wins side" of journalist Huy Duc.

"Sacred tiger when down-and-out is also coward"

As verse Kieu of Nguyen Du, probably only true for some cases. But even in case no one blame the "coward" of those who was "down-and-out." During the last war many people who choose death before or after the "down-and-out". There are many people who are not "sacred tiger", when"down-and-out" is still not "coward" after "grim April ". Both cases are very admirable. In the second case, there were several soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam was"down-and-out" is still not "coward" and has been widely mentioned. Among those soldiers, through their statements, I know related to the events described in the book "The wins side" of Huy Duc, but the author did not mention. Of course, the shortcomings of a journalist is impossible to avoid, not blame if accidentally. But somehow, this paper will reduce the value. Here, I only mention the reason why Le Quang Lien attention than others in the same situation as him. First of all, I would like to summarize some facts according to my understanding:

. Anh Pham Cang, Mr. Pham Van Tien and Nguyen Van Su was arrested in Thuan An estuary with Le Quang Lien. Of his unit fought in desperation, not supplies of food and ammunition. This situation has been described in many documents, books ago. There is a certainty that the Marine Corps units engaged fronts were taken prisoner, not surrender soldier as Mr. Huy Duc wrote.

. Mr. Nguyen Van Nghiem and Nguyen Trong Nhi Airborne Battalion 12 has mastered the situation - where there is a bridge connecting the road Phan Thanh Gian-Saigon to Bien Hoa Highway - until the moment when he heard the first order Mr. Duong Van Minh. Here, both of them have a strong grasp of the situation at that time, did not have any units of Vietnamese communist appear is why having VC guarding the bridge as Huy Duc wrote.

. Pham Van Hong knows Americans, Gerald Kosh, a lieutenant of the Special Forces green hat has to go in a Ford Falcon with him to the port of Da Nang, and then take to the the HQ16 cruiser with many soldiers other to the Paracel Islands. Here Mr. Pham Van Hong Chinese enemy was taken prisoner along with many other soldiers. In an interview with Mr. Huy Phuong on SBTN station, he Hong has revealed many interesting details. Huy Duc did not know anything about this story, so wrong described in his book.

. Mr. Vuong Mong Long, Battalion 82 - mentioned in his e-book Comrades In Arms, the author is a veteran of the United States has been to the Vietnam War, Dr. Roger Canfield - related to Long Khanh front in the last days of the war, that the last days, "the Ho Chi Minh Campaign" is one of four campaign to conquer South Viet Cong. During this battle, 82 Ranger Battalion of Major Vuong Mong Long is the unit to defend the Administrative Court ports and airports Long Khanh. Ranger Battalion 82 defeated a Communist regiment, and knocked out most of its tanks VC following support units as they approached the ring east of the provincial administrative court. Upper General Hoang Cam VC had to admit defeat in the memoir "way of Ten Thousand Days" of him. Huy Duc made the mistake of quoting the President Le Duc Anh pretend that, " VC soldiers put the flag on the roof of Building Long Khanh Province."

Case of Le Quang Lien 

In case of Le Quang Lien was Huy Duc further exploitation, but what is written in the book of "the wins side" of him, many people let know, completely fabricated. How true? -In an interview with Mr. Duong Phuc on Radio Saigon Houston 900AM, he immediately said, at page 52 of the book mentioned above, under the title "Puppet soldier", Mr. Huy Duc was based on a paper by Phan Xuan Huy writing for the Morning News of Ngo Cong Duc, a newspaper belonging to the "Communist natural" in the South before, to humiliate army Marine Corps of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and his personal humiliation . After 40 years he knows it. He immediately said, all just imagine peeling filing in accordance with resolution 36. Huy Duc was sorry Mr. Lien on facebook, and promised to fix and pushed back the release date of the book " Wins side" of him. Mr. Lien then recorded and saved as evidence.

I think, there are many others as well as the witness of many battles or social events before the Duong Van Minh surrendered command, described in the "winner", but the author Huy Germany had not known the truth. Only the case of Le Quang Lien referred to in some detail but also untrue as just mentioned above. Why is that? -My easy to understand, when German author Huy from the North to the South, he "grabbed" an article "flatter Viet Cong" of journalists Phan Xuan Huy, son-in-law of Mr. Duong Van Minh, writing lies on unit and personal Le Quang Lien to "improve" the Viet Cong. But in other cases, has no Southern journalists to mention, so Huy Duc did not have the opportunity to "caught",  were nothing to write. Simple story that's it!

"Fraternal" love

In the case of Mr. Duong Van Minh, many people called him as "coward", "silly", "many times flag in hand not know waving", but whether coward also does not deserve blame because as mentioned above, he who many times "down-and-out" probably "silly". And for a while "medical jacket War", now for the "revolution" he is "guilty", should be coward, but he did not go to prison as his subordinates. If there is considerable blame adequately, he only deserve the blame when he was so cowardly that did not dare open his mouth, while he may request the Wins side "mercy" to the militants had once worked under him. Request can not go anywhere but to show the "more fraternal soldiers", a kind of divine love in the army of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.

Le Quang Lien has shown to be the spiritual things when he fell dead siblings - while the same group of people evacuated from the land are fighting, was a bullet accidentally causing death - up a trains to switch back to Saigon. But not completed, then forced to back away from the shore to avoid the rain of enemy shells. He was stuck on the ship, but decided to jump into the water, swim to shore, return the unit to the same fate "arrested" in Thuan An estuary with his teammates. An action like that in the last days of the war, almost no one could do. On this question, the Houston Times No. 321 issued January 4, 2013 described in more detail, as follows: (quote verbatim)

"Some run by soldiers who shot civilians died, including 19-year-old Le Quang students is brother of Lien. The next morning, a military transport near shore LCM unit wounded, TD Minister for TD assigns popularized Lien guide you the wounded and dead of the ship evacuation units. Under heavy rain of artillery of the enemy, tug the door and back out to sea while still trapped on the ship, barely took up his brother's body. To escape, he related just stay on the valve with teammates injured, but the deputy battalion decided to jump into the water, swim to the shore, to keep fighting with teammates. On the road that just drew down the door from Hien, Marine soldiers in turn arrested after running out of ammunition, not to surrender as Phan Xuan Huy upright. In addition, when the Marines "has been called the puppet Minister Bui The Lan left stranded at Thuan An", Phan Xuan Huy prove yourself not even have the most elementary notions of military class system: the Marine unit thoroughly to quit without success Thuan An is the soldiers under Lieutenant General Lam Quang Thi, commander of 1st Corps Forward Command in Hue. "

Journalist Phan Xuan Huy was not the "down-and-out person", he was the "opportunity person", he is not the loser, but he still is coward. He wrote to sweet-talk "revolutionary" mean is to sweet-talk Communists, bend the pen, alter white black. Under his pen, the prison has been turned into the vacation camp, prisoners were turned into vacation. Very ridiculous! The evolution of this unique way of a journalist "opportunity", it is despicable! Journalist Huy Duc made this unique event works of "the winner" and then apologized, as just mentioned above.

Another criticism

There are criticisms of obvious evidence of the warrior as I have mentioned above, there is another critical remarkable.

So far, everyone has said that "the winner" is the book that if the form is not a memoir, notes, journals, novels or short stories, and certainly not a history book Register. According to BS Ngoc blog that this is a book about "the political scenes of Vietnamese regime under socialism, or communism." I think this idea precise. BS Jade adds: "Huy Duc was not the first to record the tragic events after 1975. Before Huy Duc, Mr. Nguyen Hien Le wrote again carefully the facts and events that make the South devastated after the 'liberation' in his memoirs popular but publishers are cutting a lot. "BS Ngoc quoted many passages in his memoirs is important to offer readers and for said Huy Duc only the person "give us documents to explain the observations of Nguyen Hien Le". These excerpts were recorded under sub-headings such as: The "winners" want to change people in the South to become poverty like as people in the North. - In the same time the hands torturing people in the South. - Meanwhile themselves who "wins" the bribery and corruption. - They created a society in which people lose their dignity. status distribution of South North heavier; because one of the reasons is: People in the North thought people in the South as puppet ...

Thus, if the particular social situation in the South after the date 30-4-1975, Huy Duc writes in "The Winner" is nothing new, and too many shortcomings compared to the Memoir of Nguyen Hien Le. Those who go out of the water before 30-4-1975, especially the people of the North and those who were born after this date, they believe that what Huy Duc wrote that the "honest" about the situation South after the "liberation". But actually Huy Duc said only a small part of the truth. There are many false facts wrote, or just right with the article "flatter" mode after the VC captured Saigon, not to mention a lot of important things not mentioned. Those stuck in the South after the 30-4 and as long jams, as see what Huy Duc write error or omission, after reading Memoirs of Nguyen Hien Le. Instruments showed the Communist Party, the winner was "stupid" to get the country into the abyss after the "liberation". As the story: "behind the scenes political" by Huy Duc interview VC staff or those involved with staff, whether  believe it?

Who belong to the "Wins side"?

Must be determined: the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam is the winner. And the entire Vietnamese people are the losers and lost deep in the fight lasted 20 years. The war has just ended on 30-4-1975, fell right into the war, resulting in the entire population has lost even more lost, the loss of life, loss of land, loss of sea and islands. Consequently it has not gone away, now fronts the East Sea is still hot and people still continue to lose on this front, never known to have lost all doing aching hearts patriotism. Many people said, saying Nguyen Duy:  at the end of each side who won the war, people are lost" generalized sense of "the losers".

Since humans appeared on the planet, not to know how many wars big / little has happened everywhere. But after the war, few people pay attention to the notion Won / Lost persists following the war in Viet-Nam. In particular, the North-South war of the United States (American Civil War) lasted four years, killing millions of people; surrender, the losing party can be respectfully received and honored more than the winner, was the cause of the "reconciliation" and "harmony" between the two sides, it has led to great success in the construction of the United States, although it is a multi-racial, multi-cultural. It is thanks to the generosity of The win helped the people to stand on the winner.

No one expect generous calculated from the Hanoi communist side, the only hope is that they will not retaliate against the losing party. But in the end, as everyone has seen, hope became despair. The winner not only avenge the alive people but also to the dead people of loser. So, after the Vietnam War, even though the same race, same culture, 38 years will no longer hear the gunfire in his homeland, but the idea of ​​win / loss is still intact. That is the cause of the split, it is increasingly aggravated. Just because the winner was too proud, arrogant, self-"Intellectual peak" dark but that did not find the basic cause of the split. Or can see, but that is not the end of the winner, but if so, the more dark and more.

Many historical facts proved, after the Vietnam War, the enemy China, they have the most benefit for a significant portion of the north, the Paracels, Spratlys and the East Sea where has long been under the sovereignty of Vietnam now belong to the Chinese nation. Next is the Vietnamese Communist Party beneficial since gained full ownership and leadership of the country under the auspices of the enemy China.

The entire Vietnamese people lost because of loss of the right to private property, human rights and loss of the patriotic right, all was right in the hands of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Vietnam Fatherland lost due to loss of land, loss of sea and islands, the map since wages long build is now in the hands of the enemy China.

Although the U.S. government participated in part on the wins side, after the Vietnam War they knocked rival Soviet Union and Eastern European communist countries, but no one to condemn the United States, which shall only foreign policy heterogeneous abandoned their allies in the battle between the army / the South is on the verge of victory.

Ted Gunderson, former task force in Los Angeles and Washington DC has to say about the Hanoi Communists of America and the Republic of Vietnam in early 1973, but even then, the U.S. strategy has changed How? Please bring the following link into Google search to hear what they said:

The journalist who wrote follow the "right-side" that journalists of the Wins side surely did not know Ted Gunderson's story, because they do not know or are not allowed to know.

Everyone condemned enemy China for the intended invasion of Vietnam has been nurtured since Mao Zedong took power in mainland China, until 1974 is a good time for Vietnam invasion. U.S. and invaders China action in the supreme interests of their countries is of course. What about the Vietnamese Communist Party to act in the interests of whom? Since the dawn of war, without the help of Russia, China and even the United States later, whether the party is part of the Wins side? That's the thing to know to learn from experience to the next generation (or at least want to hear frank comments) rather than the things that impressed "behind the scenes of the political regime".

Maybe You all agree that any war and then also come to an end and there's a wins side. Currently, at the same time, the entire Vietnamese people are faced with two extremely difficult battle:-The fight against Mafia regime in the country; And-The fight against invaders from the north. Expected, after two wars to an end, people are going to stand in the winner. But now how by have to start?

Vo Phuong
May 2-2013

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