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Join signatories of the petition calling for the release of the patriotic activist Catholics and Protestants is the responsibility of the whole Vietnamese society in the democratization process of country



Thousands of Vietnamese people of all classes in society have tingle signed engaged pro petition calling for the Vietnamese communist authorities to thoroughly enforce the law seriously and stop illegal arrest people, arbitrary, illegal and contrary to international law and contrary to the Constitution and the laws of Vietnam. The petition also called on the Vietnamese communist state government quickly release the patriotic people are detained by the authorities to the crimes attributed unreasonably based on the range of Vietnamese Penal Code which has been interpreted in a vague and arbitrary include such things as: Article 88 (Propaganda against the regime), Article 79 (Conspiracy to overthrow the government) .....

All the people in Vietnam and abroad are well aware of the status of the Vietnamese people in the country including all classes of the people from Knowledge to farmers (Farmers, whom their land were seized illegally, focus down the complaint) from the patriotic students to those who streets to express patriotism against aggressor China in the past have been harassed, threatened, assaulted and arrested imprisoned an unauthorized manner because of patriotism and people's desire for democracy. An extremely paradoxical idea only in movies or fairy tale but has and is happening now in the country of Vietnam, a country that is always claiming to be a legitimate state with a socially fair in which all the basic rights of the people always be respected by government ....!!!

Before hostile attitude and behavior on a more unruly of the communist government of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people at home and abroad have proved extremely outrage. A series of recommendations from the call to amend the Constitution to propose requirements for the release of the Vietnamese patriots imprisoned in a previous illegal and including the campaign for Freedom Democracy and Human Rights, such as: "We, the people" directly on the Pentagon's website, or as the "Million hearts a voice" by Musician Truc Ho, music director of the Center for Overseas Asia initiated in the United States have recently attracted the participation crowded of all classes of people in the country and abroad. This shows that the people of Vietnam the majority are non-compliant with the human rights violations of the government of Vietnam and a common desire to expand democracy in Vietnam.

To share with all suffering and distress to the Vietnamese people in the country, as well as the patriotism and goes together with the people of our blood in the democratic process of the country. We earnestly invite all the people of Vietnam, irrespective of religion, race, society, politics and class, please join hands in the building and construction of a Land Vietnam Democratic freedom, justice and prosperity where the suffering oppression is no longer available and the Vietnamese people will be really owner yourself or your family and your home country that does not have fear any evil forces of darkness any retaliation or intimidation. Add a signature, meaning that a percentage more of the opportunity and the desire of each of us in the period of Vietnam volatile today.

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Thousands sign calling for the release of activist Catholic, Protestant

17 nhà hoạt động Công giáo trẻ có liên hệ với Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế bị bắt vì bị tố cáo vi phạm các điều luật như ‘hoạt động nhằm lật đổ chính quyền nhân dân’ và ‘tuyên truyền chống nhà nước’.

17 young Catholic activists associated with the Redemptorists were arrested for the alleged violation of the law as 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration' and 'propaganda against the state'.

Tra Mi-News

Thousands of Vietnamese and foreign signatories petition calling for the release of young Catholics and Protestants are imprisoned for activities calling for democracy-human rights, advocating for justice and a multi-party system in Vietnam.

The voice on the Catholic Youth blog site is launched from January 27 to protest the verdict from 2 to 13 years for young activists most of the Redemptorists on charges of "propaganda against the water "and" attempting to overthrow the government. "

The petition requests the State to comply with the Constitution and the International Covenant on civil and political rights of the people, respect the basic human rights of the citizens, stop the arbitrary arrests, the release of Real dissident, prisoner of conscience and patriotic people in prison for "crimes attributed" based on Articles 79 and 88 of the Penal Code. Two laws were condemned by world public opinion is ambiguous, contrary to the Vietnamese Constitution and international law.


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Relatives of 17 young activists Vietnam sent a petition calling for international intervention

Beans Van Thong, activist brother Dau Van Duong was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison for charges of "propaganda against the state" in May last year, told VOA English Language:

"The family we hope that this voice will be effective and accepted by the State."

He said during a visit to a recent monthly meeting, Dau Van Duong thanks family moved tribute to the people who support both inside and outside the country:

"Mr. Duong also like to thank everyone who overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who have helped him in one way or another, to pray for him, and hope that there will be more people to pray. "

Mr. Tran Duc Truong, the father of activist Tran Huu Duc 39 months in prison on charges of "propaganda against the state", said he was grateful for the support for this voice. However, he does not believe there will be a change in the judgment:

"Just hope that as people have a voice to ask the Vietnamese government to release the youth. I just tell you to speak such a struggle for justice, okay Vietnamese state is hard. Hope people, overseas and domestic fellow, speak up more, have a voice to help most with justice and peace in this country. "

Up to 14/2, the voice received over 4,200 signatures of Vietnamese people everywhere, most of them are in the country. Among these are a large number of Catholic priests, Buddhist, Protestant and democracy in Vietnam as Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet, former archbishop of Hanoi, Bishop Paul Maria Cao Dinh Sailing, former Bishop of Vinh, Nghe An, the Venerable Thich Khong Tanh, the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, the Head of the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church Central pure, Le Quang Liem, Pastor Nguyen Manh Hung , Management Responsibilities the Binh Tan Mennonite Church, of the 8406 block democrats Do Nam Hai etc..

Talking to VOA Vietnamese language at 14/2, a sign of priestly voice is Dinh Huu Thoai, director of the Office of the Redemptorists in Vietnam, said:

"All the people I sign supported in voiced not do anything illegal, but was arrested and tried in a very unfair way. So, I along with many people feel to speak Vietnamese to recognize their wrongdoing and release these activists. As for the last of Dr. Nguyen Quoc Quan, when there is a this required strong enough, they are forced to drop it. The case of those in the water more difficult because they are Vietnamese nationality, no more support by Nguyen Quoc Quan. They really need to speak out, the more support. Sign on up, everyone is looking forward to the results. Unprecedented before this show domestic prisoners of conscience were released after such a petition, but I need to do, I just do it. I see more people aware of the need to speak up more and more names. It is also a significant voice, not like before. "

Priest Thoai said state feedback for this voice, whether positive or negative will also be a message that the level of respect for human rights in Hanoi for people in the country:

"If you speak to the expected results, one can see the willingness of Vietnam in the implementation of justice and law. If they still remain the same, the world will see Vietnam with an eye for the Vietnamese government was nonetheless the country to communicate with others. Now that his unjust imprisonment, unlawful non-guilty that he can not interact with other democratic and civilized. The authorities will be negative consequences for the continued detention of the person. "

On 09/01/2013, Nghe An Province People's Court sentenced to 14 young activists total of 83 years in prison on charges of "attempting to overthrow the regime" after sentencing four other young Catholics up to the level three and a half years in prison in mid-May last year on charges of "propaganda against the state."

The sentences for young people actively engaged in social activities has prompted the protection of human rights around the world and international public opinion in the United States, European Union, and the United Nations strongly criticized the state's worst human rights violations in Vietnam.

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