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Dedication blood and even their lives to the defense country then get painful betrayal from the government. Lesson for those who still have faith and keep their loyalty blindly into the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam



Tragic and painful images of war of aggression from the Chinese communist regime 34 years ago is still there. Body of soldiers because of the dedication and sacrificed still not decay and the pain of their relatives also still has not forgotten, but the leaders of the State and the Communist Party of Vietnam today was hastily forgotten and seen as war like that unprecedented happened in the homeland of Vietnam. Most of the Vietnamese people, especially the people in the North of Vietnam must not forget the great historical events mentioned above. Even the International Community also can not forget the bloody war in North Vietnam and China, a war lasting about 30 days and claimed the lives of more than a hundred thousand people, including sides that follow their way of calling, this is the third Indochina war. 

Bloody and unjust war is ingrained in the minds of the Vietnamese people and the International Community itself, the bystander is not related to the tragic war, but still remember the image of a huge country China with a population of over a billion people were aggressive drive to troops as if to swallow their tiny neighboring country is Vietnam. Everyone remembers only the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam is forgotten ....!!! Right as identified by the author, the Vietnamese people want to hear the answer from the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam that  the dynamics difficult to understand of the Party and State of Vietnam government today This is betrayal or oblivion??? Was only because China is a communist country like Vietnam that the Party and State governments can forget everything ...... from action raped and killing of civilians of  invasion China enemy in the bloody war in that year ..... to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of young Vietnamese soldiers had to lie down just because of wars of aggression and unjust? 

The leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam can not be used any words to be able to justify all that happened today. In fact they had betrayed the people, betrayed the country and even betray their own comrades, his teammates, who bravely sacrificed his life to protect the peace of the country Vietnam, the Vietnamese people including themselves, family and loved ones of the leader and the Communist Party of Vietnam. Just for the sake themselves, because their own power that today, the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam government considered Vietnam's traditional enemy is China as their friend even keep loyalty as a trusted servant for his master to receive generous perks from them (because the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government needs the support from China to regime survival in). What happened today is a lesson for anyone who still believe and keep the faith blindly into the Communist Party and the State government most of for the armed forces, force People armed and whether the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam today is remaining worthy to continue in the position and role of leaders of the Vietnamese nation again? 


 Border war in 1979

Send from Bratislava 
Update: 05:17 GMT, Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dân quân Việt Nam

Thirty-four years ago, at 5 hours 25 minutes in the morning on 02.17.1979, in the Chinese military's artillery opened fire simultaneously along the entire northern border, from Phong Tho, Lai Chau to the first local Mong Cai , starting a war, which for the Beijing leadership is to "teach Army thugs Vietnam a lesson" in the words of Deng Xiaoping.

For the Vietnamese communist leadership is "battle invading of us hegemony China", in the words of General Secretary Le Duan.

As for international, it is the third Indochina war.

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No matter under what name to call this war still is one of the most disastrous battle in view of the destruction and brutality in a very short period of time.

Do not have any data and reliable official casualty figures of the army two warring parties, but figure that it is estimated that over 100 thousand people for both sides after almost 30 days of fighting bloody after China officially withdrawn on 16.03.1979.


On the way down, Chinese troops fired a gun no mercy for anyone, anything they encounter on the road marching.

Division 163 received orders from their superiors as "close no matter" ie "not accused of murder" by the Chinese soldiers down on use of cannons, missiles, flamethrower, mines and counting both gasoline to destroy from village to village, all ten people to hundreds, to thousands of others.

If, in Bat Xat, Lao Cai, hundreds of women were raped, murdered brutally in the first day the Chinese military to the system, thus in total capture village Hung Dao, Hoa An district, Cao Bang, on 03/09/1979, before retreating Chinese troops had killed 43 people, including 23 women, 20 children, including seven women who are pregnant.

All of them were killed with a knife. 10 people were thrown into the well, more than 30 others, bodies were cut into many pices, throw on both sides of the stream.

The result was Deng gloating confirm this deliberately cruel in a speech on the day the withdrawal of China, verbatim: "Ten days on the way back to clean up some customers, some materials hidden in this cave debt, a number of areas, also sweeping thousands of people, on thousands of people. "

Bộ đội Việt Nam

Vietnam ordered the general mobilization of the youth 
in the military 

On this day, thirty-four years later, it seems that not even little traces of the war in Vietnam country.

For each Vietnamese patriots largest and most painful question of the day this is - this is an accident or forgetfulness betrayed?

By the whole communication system, the state's mainstream media never mentioned a word even to recall as having been reminded of the war against France, America? (Thanh Nien 02.17.2013 Looking back 1979 border war, only post on Vietnamese media direct mention of the war against China - BTV)

In a series of activities in memory, reward those who have contributed to the country people did not listen to those who have sacrificed for the country in the battle against "the Chinese military invasion" in February 1979.

In the northern provinces, where the battle occurred, the stele inscribed with the words "Chinese invaders" are erased.

There are also cemeteries bury those who have died in battle but gloomy pity.

Cemetery Duyen Hai, Lao Cai is a poignant example. Also from the that doctrine, they were carrying the gun and sacrifice, and the sacrifice of them today has turned into nothing, silent as death unknown. The grave is still located in the neglect of many people, except for the sadness of the relatives of them.

Biên giới Việt Nam-Trung Quốc

Forgotten or betrayed? 

This day was supposed to be celebration, because it is on China invaded Vietnam, devastated border killing Vietnamese people.

It's a milestone that Vietnamese people forever remains, inscription bone.

Supposed to be the anniversary, but why?

This is due to pressure from the Chinese authorities for the Vietnamese communist government, China both robbery and gagged victim with these fine words are "16 golden letters" is "four good".

Therapy "16 gold" and "four good" appears in the context that has erased all traces of the battle on 17/02/1979? It even wants to destroy the resistance before the invasion of the Vietnamese people?

Why do images "16 gold" and "four good" place of the painful face, the body crippled with uncountable sacrifices of tens of thousands of soldiers, the people in the war 17 months 2 1979>

For thousands of years living beside China that give Vietnamese too experience and lessons.

Only the Communist Party of Vietnam ever since always put party interests above the interests of the people should realize the nation's traditional enemy as a friend, and now also for private interests, should bow to yield Beijing, and forcing people to coward follow them!

Border war in February 1979 against the Chinese invasion is clearly a war deliberately forgotten. I think it is a betrayal of the Communist Party of Vietnam!

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