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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 165 release dated 15 -02-2013




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 165 release dated 15 -02-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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Exclusive rights leadership, Exclusive ownership resources, Exclusive using power force!!!

Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 165 release dated 15 -02-2013

            Proper constitution of any civilized democratic country is a 'social contract' (originally from the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau) determine the rights of the people and the state's obligations over the terms form a unified and coherent. In totalitarian countries backward, in contrast, so-called 'Constitution' to define the rights and obligations of the state's people, and many terms can form a tight and uniform. In fact it is just the unique platform of political parties are embracing dominion nationalism.

            Which innocent civilians and intellectuals mistakenly called `Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1959) and of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (1980 and 1992), where the Communist party wear launch diaphragm, storm nearly 60 years, is also the program of the party no less. It grew more strongly consolidated power state (ie the party) and increase the strict obligation to the people. This is far more evident in the 'Draft Constitution as amended in 2013 »is being sent out to the public to call the` opinion' people (not to be decided by people).

         Draft of this 124 articles, compiled by members of the National Assembly and member of the Communist Party, which is most proficient in the law of the jungle than the law, boiled probably only about 3 points: Exclusive right leadership, exclusive ownership resources and exclusive using power force. Three points close contact with each other.

            1 - Proprietary leaders of the party, it was too evident through Article 4. In which the disciples of Ho Chi Minh has chest clapping praising: «Communist Party, the vanguard of the working class, at the same time as the vanguard of the working people and of the people of Vietnam, the faithful representative of the interests interests of the working class, the working people and the whole nation », just blindly illusion:« take Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh City as the foundation of thought », just swagger catching the right:« is force leading the State and society ', just be demagogic, just cheat people: «Party closely connected with the people, serve the people, under the supervision of the people, the people responsible for such decisions your », king humble author:« The Party organizations and Party members operating within the framework of the Constitution and the law ».

            It is known that this is not anything new initiative of the Communist Party. Article 4, which was inspired by Article 6 of the 1977 Constitution of the USSR: «Communist Party of the Soviet Union's leadership and guiding force of Soviet society, the focus of the political system, all organizations State and public organizations. Party existing CSLX because people and serve the people. Party CSLX powered by Marxist-Leninist ideology, decided the general direction of social development for the domestic and foreign policy of the Soviet LB, building great leaders of the Soviet people .. . All active party structure in the Soviet constitution LB range »And the 6 has also been inspired by the law dated 14-7-1933 of Hitler's Nazi regime, regulations« German Workers' Party National Social socialist [hereinafter referred to as the Nazi Party] is the only political party in Germany. Any person who maintains the organizational structure of a political party or form a new political party will be sentenced to three years of hard labor or prison sentence of between six months and three years, if the action no higher penalty under other provisions ».

            Recently, the party's central propaganda begin launching several arguments justify this Article 4. Big mouth is Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the Law Commission QH Editor-in-chief of `Proposed Amendment HP. In an interview with the BBC's, homeroom hand has brackets mouth constitutional justification for Article 4 with four points. First, because state: exclusive party, of course, because have been "revolutionary history to prove." This is a "bum of the past" when the current was too discrete pad. Second, because such party said: «the party to continue to rule, must play a leadership role". This is the fallacy of unruly when people started protesting. Third, because real life «also asked repeatedly confirmed and maintaining Article 4". Here's the round the bleak and tragic society. Wednesday is because «would like to emphasize the responsibility of the party». This is a dare to eat away, competent after completely unaccountable to the people and the country.

            Of course, before this leading dictatorship of thousand year, is People  only has a duty to obey and the other political parties have only one fate is doomed.

            2 - Exclusive ownership Resources: Want to keep right, of course, the party must be paid. Money come from? Resource is in the country. Therefore, despite the opposition of the people, the party further confirmed by Article 57 (as amended, supplemented, Article 17, Article 18): «Land, water, minerals and other natural resources, sources interests in the territorial waters, continental shelf, airspace and other assets invested by the State, the management of public assets owned by the people represented by the State unified ownership and management in accordance with the law ». Just waving a sentence in the supreme law, the party has gained good summary of all the land which the individual has mastered generations and all public land territory by ancestral state that only management duties management.

            Here to talk more about the natural resources of the country. It is the property of the whole people, because millions of people for generations have fought, lived hard, even tragic death to preserve, protect and develop it. Today, the exploitation of this resource is the monopoly of the state, while the state was due to the party leadership. Leaders of the mining corporation is the party. And yet, about this party in communication, rules about this party ... on the Hau commune, it is easy to understand to understand this common property is lost, how-sharing. And reality shows have such tragic news such as «Petroleum Corporation to spent out more than 10 trillion», «Offer for best foreign coal mines Vietnam» ... then the house countries calling themselves 'people's servants' this-over the years-has never publicly and voluntarily exploited people know what, to whom, how much earned money and money was spent on anything.

            Exclusive resource ownership is expressed through Article 58: «2 - Organizations and individuals are assigned or leased land, the land use right to use long-term stability or duration. Land users have the responsibility to protect, nourish, rational exploitation and use of savings, for the right purpose ... ». All is the gift of the state (of the party) also people who rent land, only duties and obligations. And yet, «3 - State land acquisition by organizations and individuals use ... in case it is necessary for reasons of national defense or security or the national interest, public interest and social-economic development projects ». Not in Article 18 HP 1992, this new one properly validated project has shed the blood and tears of the people in Van Giang, Thu Thiem, Tien Lang, Vu Ban, Duong Noi ... and pave the way for the senior party cum capitalist giants continue even deprived of the right to use the remnant of the people.

            3 - Exclusive use power force. (The throne) and money (purse), but there is a real way, then the party must protect both the same. So that Article 70 (as amended and supplemented Article 45): «People's Armed Forces must be absolutely loyal to the party, the country and the people, is responsible for protecting the independence, sovereignty, the most territorial integrity of the country, national security and public order and social safety; protect the Party, State and people, the socialist regime, and all of the country's construction and implementation international obligations ». This is very new, new in a weird way, because the HP 1946 does not have separate terms for the armed forces. HP 1959, Article 8 just said 'armed forces' of the people, have the task of protecting the achievements of the revolution, protect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of the country, to protect themselves so, happy and peaceful labor careers of the people ». HP 1980, Articles 51 and HP 1992, and 45 identified only «the people's armed forces must be absolutely loyal to the country and the people responsible are willing to fight for the independence, sovereignty, the most territorial integrity of the country, national security and public order, social security, protection of the socialist regime and the achievements of the revolution, and all the people building the country ». That is right in the HP 1980 and 1992, when at the height of power, the Communist Party had not dared to assert that the armed forces loyal to the party. Today, when the mean and the international communist regime has completely disintegrated because of human spit, when the Communist Party does not complete the task to preserve the frontier islands of the country, while putting the interests of the party on ethnic national interest is exposed face, when people increasingly see the party as enemies (and vice versa), the party that education requires all armed forces (army, police, civil defense. etc.) must be absolutely loyal to the party and to protect people's party before country. This allegation was the name generals despicable as Pham Tuan Quang, Vo Tien Trung Nguyen Tien Binh defended a shameless and foolish. People's Army was born and cost-raise, they must serve the people, Jiangshan protect the country but where absolute loyalty to the party and then the absolute dedication to protect the foundation from Damn Marxist- Lenin. Worse, because of the ideological foundation monstrous thing which must go make disciples for any "metropolitan" as the previous position of Phung Quang Thanh and Nguyen Chi Vinh before the Communist of China today.

            The final: Obviously so-called «draft HP» with three goals (dictatorship, exclusive ownership of natural resources and exclusive power force) only is a brazen orders of 'the party' with ' the people' more and no less. According to common sense, before the opinions nature of the deception of public opinion, the national scorn and full of intrigue sinister like, the entire people must simultaneously down the street to oppose, even asked who has unruly written it. But with bigotry and arrogance of the Communist leaders, the blind and brutal of armed forces ready suppressed people, affordable whole people should use another form of protest is to send a letter to Vietnamese Communist Congress to express stance, flatly rejects the Article 4 and the contact Articles?

            EDITORIAL BOARD 

 Freedom of speech than 165 (15-02-2013). Doc
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