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Parishioners Ngoc Long and parishes of the Diocese of Vinh tingle to sign in the propose amendments to the Constitution by the group of intellectuals initiated



Join Signing in the petition to amend the Constitution by group of 72 State Intellectual initiated on Bauxite Vietnam website, a practical demand of the people of Vietnam are in the favorable development trend and aggressive in many regions, districts and major cities in Vietnam. Especially in the provinces where is large Catholic people, most of since after participation from leaders in the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam such as: Bishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Linh, bishop Diocese of Thanh Hoa, Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the diocese of Vinh, priests and lay people with Vietnamese living in Vietnam and abroad.

Encouraging trends mentioned above have been widely spread in the parishes of the diocese of Vinh in recent days and are the subject of special excitement to attract attention and wide participation of the majority of Catholics parish Ngoc Long in the New Year's Day of Spring Quarter. The nice developments suggest that the feasibility and practical to meet the aspirations of the Vietnamese people through a petition to amend the Constitution the State is indisputable. In addition, the campaign and its evolution also reflects the great longing in the hearts of the Vietnamese people for so long about the need for democracy and respect for the fundamental rights of lawful citizens from communist State government of Vietnam.

Although the petition to amend the State Constitution was Intellectuals groups representing people officially given to representatives of French Commission Act of Congress of the State of Vietnam on last Monday 04-02-2013, but the balance negative atmosphere was still booming and spreading in all parts of the country as is shown on the need for urgent and strong desire to change really from policy to provide management and country operating from the group leaders of the Party and State governments Vietnamese communist capital weakness, stagnation and the loss of our country's leadership comes from the moral decadence and corruption led to rampant corruption in Public bodies led to push the country to the economy severely degraded, creating instability and social turmoil as well as the Vietnamese people and the country today. Let abetting widespread and strong participation in the campaign to sign the petition to amend the Constitution State, in order to build together and create a Vietnamese Social justice, cultural intelligent and modern, a country Vietnam bright, true peace and prosperity in the future.



Queen of Justice

GP Vinh: Catholics NGOC LONG tingle SIGNING THE PETITION constitutional amendment initiated by group of intellectuals

GP Vinh: Giáo dân Ngọc Long nô nức ký tên vào Kiến nghị sửa đồi Hiến Pháp do nhóm trí thức khởi xướng  These days, lay their parishes, the Diocese of Vinh lively talk about the amendment of the 1992 Constitution Petition group of intellectuals initiated. Article discussing the most exciting in the first days of spring in the family, the parish and they are the petition was initiated by 72 artists, intellectuals of the country, including Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, Bishop of the Diocese of Vinh, is widely response of the Bishop, priests and lay people as well as people at home and abroad.

Notably, for the first time, with the participation of Bishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Spirit, Bishop Thanh Hoa, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Bishops and Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet. In that spirit, lay Ngoc Long jointly sign the petition to amend the Constitution, the first day, hundreds of parishioners have signed the petition, said to his wishes.

Ngoc Long Parish is a parish in the midlands of Nghe An, a parish has a strong tradition of solidarity and resilience in front of brutal repression and evil intrigue of the government during a time long time. The above-mentioned characteristics of the laity Ngoc Long trim is formed and molded by the relatively high awareness of legal people here, communion and solidarity.

Lay perception is improved when they welcome Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc, a priest bold, frank and enthusiasm for life laity, clearly in the attitudes towards the brutality of communist authorities and especially to take care of life, the rights of the laity as well as the church. Right from the time the parish Save America, Do Luong district, Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc frankly struggle with the wrongs of the authorities here with the laity, requires the legitimate rights of the people should enjoy. Therefore, Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc was Nghe An authorities attention and caused a lot of difficulties, and coercion.

Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc

After the inaugural Bishop of Vinh Diocese, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop has moved him to the parish Ngoc Long Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province. Here, Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc care of the physical and moral life for the laity. He has conducted many projects for building their parishes and even the time of his parish is very short since new about this. At the same time, as an active priest, he continued to struggle with the phenomenon of abuse, deprived of the rights of the laity in this communist authorities Nghe An Province. The good works that he's continued to make communist authorities annoyed and find ways to attack him. The government Nghe An has used its dirty role as use system state media, local radio and television smear, dividing Catholics, abusive priests Tran Van Phuc.

Pitch of the Ngoc Long Parish authorities determined to hijack

As Queen of Justice reported, before the martial dirty dishes are put out competing to beat Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc Laity Ngoc Long united more united to protect their rights, so the dirty game of Nghe An authorities have absolutely no effect. Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc not only did not fall, on the other hand people more aware of the face blackened and the foul conspiracy of Nghe An authorities through the battle board for a priest where many people have to understand.

In the final card, CS Nghe An authorities brought in the hands of Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop. The cards lie, cheat and renege is security applied to the bishop Nguyen Thai Hop in this case. Many actions have been taken out.

Even Thai Van Hang, Vice Chairman of Nghe An unruly sent direct dispatch to the Archdiocese Xa Doai falsely accused Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc, request the transfer of Father Joseph Tran Van Phuc elsewhere, not to the parish Ngoc Long. The last stage, CS Nghe An authorities forced Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop use rights transferred and appointed priests as a punishment, as a deterrent against some priests tough, frank and strong in order to implement their plot to disable the priest.

Story of subrogation in Nghe An intervention directly to the Church or not, we need a short time to see the "success" is.

These Tet's days, Ngoc Long parishioners still tingle together to sign a petition to amend the Constitution, as a way to express the will of the laity, the not accept communist regime, a regime has broken country, corrupt people and against the interests of the people.

On 02/12/2013

Queen of Justice

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