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Resolution to prevent Vietnamese officials visiting the city of Santa Ana and some other neighboring cities in the United States expressed the solidarity of the people of Vietnam in Overseas for the Vietnamese people in the water in order to reflect for acts of human rights abuses of the communist state government of Vietnam



After Garden Grove and wesminter this to the city of Santa Ana, one of the city where many Vietnamese people living in the United States recently passed resolutions to prevent Vietnamese officials to travel or go across the city . Resolution 55B was the Santa Ana City Council of the U.S. state of California voted with overwhelming rate and Mayor Miguel Pulido signing on the evening of 19/02. This shows not only the Vietnamese people in the country but also the majority of Vietnamese people living abroad not only in the United States have shared interest and contribute strongly opposed action acts to trample on human rights The more serious of the Vietnamese communist government.

Over the years, the Vietnamese community in many countries around the world especially in The United States have been many contributions in the process of democratization in Vietnam through efforts to mobilize local government where they live there are practical measures to protest human rights violations in Vietnam, at the same time strive to advocate for democracy in Vietnam through the frantic rally before the Vietnamese consulate in the United States and many other parts of the world requires the Vietnamese communist state government to stop the acts of repression and human rights abuses roughly in Vietnam, as well as requirements Vietnamese officials must adhere to the full and proper implementation of their commitments to the International Community related Human Rights.

After the city of Garden Grove, wesminter and Santa Ana, a number of other cities in the United States as the Fountain Valley ... also intend adopted resolutions similar to that typically the city of Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce recently decided to cancel the intention to welcome the delegation Government officials and businessmen from Vietnam to visit and work on comming in March before the strong opposition from the Deputy Mayor is an Vietnamese- American. Hopefully in the near future not only the city where many Vietnamese people live like Garden Grove, wesminter, Santa Ana and Fountain Valley ...... protest human rights violations by the communist authorities Vietnam, but many other cities, other states in the United States, as well as in many other parts of the world aware of the need to create pressure on the Vietnamese communist state government to stop immediately without conditions for the suppression of acts of human fundamental freedoms of the people of long-lived capital and is in the rise of a systematic and sophisticated in Vietnam today.



City of Santa Ana passed resolutions prevent officials from Vietnam to visit

Thị trưởng thành phố Santa Ana Miguel Pulido.

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.

  Tra Mi-Voa

Santa Ana, one of the cities in the United States where many Vietnamese people live the most, recently passed a resolution to prevent the Vietnamese communist government officials to travel or go through the city.

Resolution by the City Council of Santa Ana, California (United States) voted with overwhelming percentage on the evening of 19/2 was Mayor Miguel Pulido signing.

Resolution 55B clearly Santa Ana does not encourage representatives of the Vietnamese communist government here until the U.S. Department of State or the international organization determination or certification that the Socialist Republic Republic of Vietnam to improve its human rights and respect for the fundamental rights of citizens.


. Corruption to dishonor the investment environment in Vietnam
. City Fountain Valley canceled plans to welcome the Vietnamese delegation
. Vietnam hinder the operation Sino-Vietnamese War Memorial
. Lam Thuy Van protest ban to singer  Asia DVD 71

According to the resolution, the Vietnamese authorities must notify the city of Santa Ana police at least two weeks in advance if they wish to visit or travel through the city to the police report to the Mayor and the City Council about the trip .

Resolution provisions of the city of Santa Ana has the right to force the unit to stand out invite Vietnamese officials come here to pay all the costs that the city of Santa Ana to spend because of this visit.

Mayor of Santa Ana, Miguel Pulido, tells VOA English Language:

"The main message of this resolution to express solidarity with the Vietnamese community around the world not welcomed the presence or visitation of the Vietnamese communist government officials to protest the human rights violations are Hanoi's continued severe for people in the country. United States stood on the values ​​of human rights around the world. We need to relentless pressure to Vietnam to improve human rights. Bilateral free-U.S. can trade relationship and many others, but these issues should be given priority to be done first. I hope other states and other places will follow us issued similar resolutions this to promote human rights in Vietnam. "

City of Santa Ana, the heart of Orange County, California, is the home of the first and largest of the communist Vietnamese refugees.

Resolution 55B said Vietnam frequent violations of human rights and renege on international agreements on civil and political rights of citizens. So, the official visit of the Vietnamese government officials caused the resistance of the Vietnamese community in the U.S., leading to financial losses and personnel working for the city in preserving security, order self.

After the Santa Ana City Council agreed to vote draft resolution 55B in November last year, city officials met with strong opposition from the embassy and consulate of Vietnam in the United States. However, residents in the community have decided to move forward the process of drafting the resolution.

Before Santa Ana, two adjacent cities of Garden Grove and Westminster have passed similar resolutions require prior notice of the visit of Vietnamese officials.

The nearby city of Fountain Valley is also to consider such a resolution. Fountain Valley City Chamber of Commerce has canceled intend to welcome delegation of officials and businessmen from Vietnam to visit and work on coming in March before the strong opposition from the Deputy Mayor is an Vietnamese- American .

He Michael Vo reason that the Vietnamese community in the United States does not accept the official visit of officials from a country with no human rights and no respect for the freedom of citizens, such as Vietnam, and this will cause cost to the city in maintaining security costs before the protest.

In September last year, hundreds of demonstrators gathered to protest artist Hong Van drama, a Vietnamese communist party members, to perform at the Saigon Performing Arts Center, making the city Fountain Valley cost $ 8,000 security costs.

People have not forgotten a frantic protests of the Vietnamese people in the city of Westminster in 1999 lasted nearly two months, gathered more than 15 thousand participants when communist flags and pictures of Ho Chi Minh City is hanging in the shop video of Mr. Tran Truong. Westminster City has spent nearly $ 200,000 for the maintenance of order in that case.

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