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CPJ: Vietnam, one of five countries where jailed the most journalists in the world



Vietnam, one of the five countries is evaluated as the number of countries where  jailed the most Journalist, and Blogger in the world according to the report annual report on the Global Press Freedom International Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) on 14/02 last. This shows that the Vietnamese communist state government not only is not willing to improve the situation of Human Rights which its very bad for many years, but gradually, gradually rose to national position a world leader in human rights violations through escalating repression policy to the peaceful dissent voices in the country, as well as trampling roughly the legitimate Basic Rights of the Vietnamese people. 

Vietnamese people at home and abroad and the international community is increasingly expressed concern over the despised public actions of people and Public International Law from the Vietnamese communist state government through the government often citing national security reasons vaguely and abuse the unreasonable, filled with shortcomings of the Penal Code as in Articles 88 (propaganda against the regime) or Article 79 ( attempt to overthrow the government) ..... arbitrarily interpreted and used as a tool to detain Journalist, Journalist, Blogger, Activist Religion, Human activity right .... against corruption, against the negative and even for the patriotic students, artists and people took to the streets to protest the Chinese invasion of the enemy in the past. 

Wrong policies and actions of the Vietnamese communist government in recent decades has caused division and disturb society. People are losing faith in the government, no longer believe in the law of the State, as well as no longer believe that there is justice in Vietnam. Inside the Party and government leaders countries, distrust fighting each other for power struggles, leadership struggle that ignore the legitimate interests of the people, the benefits of National and Ethnic Minorities. Even for the sake of themselves and their families that cheap sell their own moral conscience. Before dark vision of the country today, people we can not continue to ignore the country look is every day closer to the brink of the abyss. We can not continue to see fellow of our blood, our relatives and our friends just because of expressing patriotism that must spent at the years of bitterness and pain in the prison, while the leaders of the Party and State government continue to enjoy life, and to indulge on the blood of the people and that the pain of National and Vietnam Ethnic. 



CPJ: Vietnam, one of five countries where jailed many journalists in the world 

Ông Bob Dietz, Phối Hợp Viên Chương Trình Châu Á của Ủy Ban Bảo Vệ Ký giả Quốc tế CPJ

Bob Dietz, Asia Program Coordinator of the International Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ 

   Tra Mi-VOA

Vietnam is in the top 5 countries jailed the most journalists in the world next to Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Ethiopia. That's the assessment of the International Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) annual report on the status of press freedom worldwide announced on 14/2.

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Report of the international protection of human rights organization based in New York, United States, entitled 'attack journalism' say that 2012 was the year with the most journalists killed, with 70 journalists murdered. Years as well as the number of journalists imprisoned a record high of 232.

According to CPJ, journalists imprisoned in Vietnam, mainly because the accused 'anti-government', one of the charges of which Vietnam is often used to suppress voices critical of the government.


. Phu Yen court sentenced 22 people charged in 'plot to overthrow the government' 
. Blogger Dieu Cay denounce violations in his case 
. Father Nguyen Van Ly, Thich Quang Do was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 
. Add report accused Vietnam increased persecution of bloggers, netizens 

Bob Dietz, Asia Program Coordinator of the International Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ, told VOA Vietnamese language:

"The report of our 2012 annual review the situation in the country in the past year. Thereby, we found that the Vietnamese government continues to enhance the suppression of freedom of the press and internet freedom of citizens. People express personal opinions through the articles or on the internet imprisoned in Vietnam continues to rise. Newspapers in the country of the state and strict control. As for those who say what the state does not like it, go to prison. This is a very worrying trend. "

Dietz said Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia are the three most notable countries in Southeast Asia.

Những nước CPJ ghi nhận quyền tự do báo chí bị trấn áp nhiều nhất trong năm 2012

CPJ countries recognized right to freedom of the press 
most suppressed in 2012 

  CPJ's report shows that governments in the region over the past year have sought to limit freedom of the Internet by the restrictions, monitoring, censorship and threats of imprisonment of writers in the crime Name related to "national security." Vietnam tactics used to suppress freedom of the press CPJ raised in the report include the use of vague laws "against the state" to suppress journalists network, using police to monitor activities on the net, set up a team of "public opinion" propaganda in favor critical state and government criticism on the forums.

CPJ report noted that in recent years, Vietnam has adopted a series of laws allowing authorities to strengthen internet censorship and prosecution of bloggers who have left the state.

A decree in 2008 provided access to sites banned by the state in which the pages advocating multiparty democracy or criticize the policies of communist rule is illegal.

In the same year, a directive of the Ministry of Culture and Information issued requests personal blog pages not discuss political issues and to remove the articles that the government was "sensitive" including foreign articles are reprinted or translated.

CPJ also referred to a draft decree late last year requested the international engineering company established data centers and representative offices in Vietnam. This makes the netizens concerned about the level of safety for the IP address when they access the internet. This Decree does not allow anonymous bloggers or anonymous.

CPJ said decree mentioned forcing internet companies and service providers to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities broad inconsistent with international standards of human rights and a threat great for privacy and freedom of expression of citizens.

CPJ said the crackdown campaign targeted Vietnamese government internet bloggers are increasing, with the 13 freelance journalist sentenced to prison recently mainly because of the online article.

Earlier, in September last year, three well-known blogger in the Free Journalists Club as Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan, and AnhbaSG been sentenced to the maximum 12 years for posts that Hanoi is abuse the internet to undermine people's confidence in the state.

In August, two blogger Dinh Dang Dinh and Le Thanh Tung was sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison for the same offense, "propaganda against the state".

According to CPJ, journalists network in Vietnam is a challenge to the long totalitarian censorship of state media and communication. The criticism of the government and expose the corruption of state officials on the net has led the authorities to see the flow of information through the network is a threat to their power.

Previous reports of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), last month, Vietnam organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in France listed as one of the 10 countries with the worst press freedom globe, with positions unchanged 172/179 countries in the ranking of the World Press Freedom Index 2013 conducted by RSF.

Reporters Without Borders also noted that the situation of press freedom in Vietnam are increasingly severe degradation and Vietnam from the third position has jumped to second in the list of countries imprisoned many netizens in the world, after China.

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