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International condemns Vietnam controls Internet, suppress people's right to Freedom of Speech and calls for release immediately of the network pens



International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Vietnamese Committee to Protect  human rights in recent reports have strongly condemned the Vietnamese communist government suppressed peaceful protest voices in the country including Blogger, the fight on the network at the same time asked the Vietnamese government to release immediately against them. Increased government repression of the right to freedom of speech in Vietnam that the International Community is increasingly expressed concern over the security situation for the blogger, who expressed their views peacefully, but not be accepted by the Vietnamese government and in recent times often harassed, arrested and convicted for crimes related to national security under Article 88 and Article 79 of the Penal Code that the International and local people  accused is baseless, vague and arbitrary. 

The increased repression of domestic dissent voices and detained arbitrarily does not comply with the provisions of law and order not only pressing for the people of Vietnam and abroad, for the international community and human progress in the world, but also makes Vietnam where has not been very nice, now becoming more tarnished. While the Vietnamese Government always propagate Vietnam is a country of law and respects the fundamental rights and freedom of the people. But in fact, their words and actions do not go together. The people's fundamental right to freedom includes freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association ..... not only the Vietnamese government did not respect that increasingly rub step further violence. 

What makes the communist government of Vietnam for many years proved to disregard people's opinion, disregard international law and blatantly acted arbitrarily despite compliance with the law and the Constitution State law? The only thing we can see is that the half-hearted and not enough interest from people in the country and the International Community. Even though still regularly condemn wrongdoing human rights violations of Vietnam's communist government, but the International Community does not have sanctions strong enough to force the Vietnamese government to complete compliance and enforcement enough, correct their commitments to international human rights. Towards people who living so long in the grip of the communist regime still not completely get rid of phobias and fears so most people only know to count one's blessings and pity for their fate . 

It is time for the people of Vietnam to be strong to stand up to reclaim their human rights. And also time for the International Community to take action more powerful and practical in generating pressure on the Vietnamese government to adhere to its international commitments on human rights. We decided not to Vietnam's communist government continues to act more arbitrarily. Vietnamese people at home and abroad strongly voiced support for the petition to amend the Constitution by the State Intellectual group Vietnam launched in recent time strong and let us fight to turn the main aspirations is worthy of all of us in the petition to amend the Constitution again and soon become a reality. Gone are the period of the Communist Party arbitrariness, and has also passed the so-called socialist communist ideology and thoughts of Ho Chi Minh. The only thing that Vietnamese people need now is the Liberal Democracy, is a Social justice is a country of peace and true prosperity, not a socialist recession, alone in a strange land in which the happiness of the people, by the Society only be done on paper, and with the promise irresponsible, unconscionable and unethical corporate leaders Communist Party and the State government Vietnam. 


International Federation for Human Rights denounced Vietnam to control Internet 

Các ông Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức, Nguyễn Tiến Trung, Lê Thăng Long và Lê Công Định, trong phiên xử hôm 20/01/2010 (Reuters /VNA)

Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, Nguyen Tien Trung, Le Thang Long, and 
Le Cong Dinh, in the hearing on 20/01/2010 (Reuters / VNA) 

Anh Vu

Today, 13/02/2013, FEDERATION OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS (FIDH) COORDINATION WITH PROTECTION COMMITTEE OF VIETNAM HAS TO REPORT denouncing HANOI ADDED suppressed under the blogger « INFRINGEMENT NATIONAL SECURITY », and called VIETNAMESE GOVERNMENT respect the right to free speech, to free bloggers, freelance journalist jailed FOR INDIVIDUAL HAS expression.

With the title «Blogger and online dissidents behind prison bars: The State control of the internet ', a 42-page report highlighted the fact since 2010 the government of Vietnam has increased repression bloggers and dissidents struggle on the internet.

FIDH report and the Committee to Protect Vietnamese human rights mentioned the number of 32 blogger is required to perform the heavy sentence because of published online articles, ideas being considered by the authorities have content aimed at `overthrow the regime. It is these blog posts convey political moderates on social and political issues of the country has made many bloggers in Vietnam shall be punished with imprisonment from 2 to 16 years.

In the past year, according to the report, in Vietnam there are 22 bloggers network breakaway and was sentenced to a total of 133 years in prison and 65 years probation for non-violent forms of struggle on the internet. Typically, on 09/01/2013, Nghe An provincial court sentenced 14 people to nearly 100 years in prison, just because they express political opinions freely.

In addition, the report also highlighted 18 cases of peaceful dissidents still in prison convicted under article 88 of the Penal Code, a law applied to vague charges of 'propaganda against the state' , but as a tool to suppress the opposition government are frequently used.

According to the report, the Vietnamese government is preparing a new ordinance managing internet with multiple terms is known to be inconsistent with international standards of human rights protection.

President of the International Federation for Human Rights, Mr. Souhayr Belhassen said, Vietnam has favorable economic development environment, but it is «one of the regime suppress free speech the world's most powerful ». Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres - RSF) compared Vietnam as «second largest prison of netizens in the world after China».



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Calling for the release of the network pens 

Blogger Điếu Cày

Blogger Dieu Cay is one of the person who
is mentioned in the 42 page report

Commission on Human Rights Philippines has released the list of 32 netizens detained or imprisoned and called for the unconditional release them.

This committee, which is a member of the International Human Rights Association, said prison sentences for those who use the Internet to express their views at two to 16 years in prison.

They say only from 1/2012 to 1/2013, 22 bloggers and netizens have been sentenced to a total of 133 years in prison and 65 years probation.

Especially during the hearing on 01.09.2013, 13 people were sentenced to a total of more than 100 years "since the implementation of [the right] to free expression peacefully".

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Media and Press

Committee Chairman, Mr. Vo Van Ai, told the BBC that the report given at the suppression of netizens up and before the meeting on Human Rights of the United Nations in Geneva here.

In the more than 40-page report titled 'Blogger and netizens detained: Restrict Internet freedom in Vietnam', the Commission said Vietnam had no respect for their commitments made to the international community to ensure freedom of speech for its own citizens.

Although Hanoi has always said that they only catch those who violate the law, the Human Rights Commission of Vietnam led to the declaration of the UN Working Group on arbitrary Detention in August 2012 said 'even when detention in accordance with national legislation, the Working Group must ensure that it is consistent with the relevant provisions of international law. "

'Grim prison sentences '

Committee recalls that in 2009 Vietnam had accepted the recommendations of the United States about the need to "fully guarantee the right to receive, seek and distribute information and ideas in accordance with Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. "

However, the report has quoted Chief Commissioner in charge of the UN's human rights, Navi Pillay said on 25.09.2012 followed by a total of 26 years in prison and 13 years probation for the blogger Ta Phong Tan Phan Thanh Hai and Dieu Cay:

"[C] evil grim prison sentence for blogger demonstrates the severe restrictions of freedom in Vietnam."

Blogger Dieu Cay, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison and five years of probation, was also President Barack Obama referred to when talking about freedom of speech.

In the list of 32 bloggers and netizens that the Commission on Human Rights Vietnam launched a limited number of names mentioned as Lo Thanh Thao, who was arrested in Saigon when interviewed farmers protest over Skype  in 2012 or Engineer Nguyen Trung Linh, author of a number of articles calling for multi-party arrested in Hanoi in 2011.

The committee also called for national and international organizations to increase pressure on Vietnam and considered to improve human rights conditions for closer relations.

According to the report, the number of internet users in Vietnam has suddenly increased from two million in 2000 to 31 million at present.

Although Vietnam encourages Internet use for economic development but also enhance government repression of dissent using the global network to speak of them, the Commission said.


Reports of bloggers and netizens who were detained 

Quynh Chi, RFA reporter

A new report called "The bloggers and Citizens Network imprisoned after prison bars" was born on February 13 in Paris to talk about the state of the Vietnamese government crackdown that apply to bloggers, Netizens.

Cover page of the report "Bloggers and netizens behind bars." 

The 42-page report, made by the Commission on Human Rights Vietnam (VCHR) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). Reply Quynh Chi on February 13, Vo Van Ai, president of the Human Rights Commission of Vietnam said:

Freedom of speech has been muffled 

Mr. Vo Van Ai: We - the International Federation of Human Rights and the Committee to Protect Vietnamese human rights drafting a status report to say that Vietnamese laws are cracking down on bloggers and netizens. They severely condemned the trial as a six-year sentence, or 12 years ... Meanwhile they only use the freedom of speech on the Internet and the article totally peacefully demanding for human rights, civil owners. We do a 42 page report to say that state. We also offer a list of over 100 people are currently imprisoned for free speech reasons.

We also provide pictures of the blogger was sentenced too heavy with a so-called "national security". Meanwhile the blogger as Dieu Cay, Ta Phong Tan would like to express the opinion requires

Many bloggers, musicians, writers ... were arrested unjustly report raised ...
human rights and democratic pluralism in Vietnam or opinions against corruption. It is very common opinion in democratic countries, but in Vietnam, if we speak of it, something like 79, 88, 259 BLHSVN sentenced very heavily from 2 to 20 years. We want to show the international public opinion clearly state repression blogger and lives in Vietnam.

Rất nhiều blogger, nhạc sĩ, nhà văn...bị bắt oan ức được bản Phúc Trình nêu lên...

Vietnamese laws are cracking down on bloggers and netizens. They were sentenced to very heavy 6 years or 12 years. While they use the freedom of speech on the Internet and posts completely peaceful demands for human rights and democracy. 
Mr. Vo Van Ai 

Quynh Chi: Are you referring to the attached figures in his report. Please ask for the information it is based on?

Mr. Vo Van Ai: We give clear names of the 32 bloggers and netizens have been imprisoned or about to be brought to trial. First we read the information from the media to the State through the hearing, the arrests and denunciations. At the same time we have a network of friends currently operating in Vietnam for human rights, pluralist democracy. The network also provides us with the news that we do not find in the mainstream press. However, when the source was to be the Committee to Protect Vietnamese human rights shall be carefully controlled. All that it is the truth of the reality of Vietnam today.

Law to protect people or to bind and arrest? 

Quynh Chi: You said the contents of the report have anything notable?

Mr. Vo Van Ai: Notably, we give evidence if and especially we said very clearly and strongly in legal issues in Vietnam. For example, the chapter on security Vietnam which we consider to be so vague, it does not distinguish between the terrorists, to use violence with the peaceful voice of freedom - ensure in Vietnamese HP 1992 and the International Covenant on Civil Political Rights to which Vietnam is a member since 1982.

Cũng không ít các nhà dân chủ, luật sư, nhà văn, trí thức...bị giam oan ức được bản Phúc Trình nêu lên...

Nor less democratic, lawyers, writers, 
intellectuals imprisoned unjustly report raised ... 

The law is to protect citizens, but on the contrary the law in Vietnam is given to the oppressed, persecuted, terrorized. So in a 42-page report we emphasized many aspects of Vietnamese law on the suppression issue bloggers and netizens.

The law is to protect citizens, but on the contrary the law in Vietnam is given to the oppressed, persecuted, terrorized. Therefore, in our report, a lot of emphasis on aspects of Vietnamese law on the suppression issue bloggers and netizens 
Mr. Vo Van Ai 

Quynh Chi: According to you, the bloggers and netizens plays a role in how the voice of events in Vietnam as well as in the process of democratization in Vietnam?

Mr. Vo Van Ai: I find very important. In two, three years with the explosion of the blogger, the website ... has never been in Vietnam before. Through these articles, the flourishing of thousands of bloggers like to see a culture of resistance formed and highlight in Vietnam. Thanks to the Internet, cultural resistance and popular in Vietnam that we have never seen 10 or 20 years ago. We also think that the Vietnamese government was wrong to denounce bloggers, netizens are hostile forces to overthrow the government by their posts or voiced demands peacefully. Can not extinguish the raging Internet, bloggers, netizens by bringing them behind prison bars.

Sinh viên Nguyễn Phương Uyên bị bắt hôm 14 tháng 10, 2012 vì viết những bài thơ chống Trung Quốc...

Student Nguyen Phuong Uyen arrested on 
14 May 10, 2012 as write poems against China ... 

Quynh Chi: How do you assess the status of persecution of bloggers in Vietnam in recent years? According to this evolution?

Mr. Vo Van Ai: Absolutely no progress, only totalitarian and fierce repression. Recently, blogger Le Anh Hung was sent to the mental institution. Due to international pressure, he was back home after 12 days. There are many other cases such as the case of Nguyen Trung Linh democrats have now been sent to a mental hospital in Hanoi. Ordinance 44 was used for the main sanction all those who speak the demands of human rights and democracy.

Quynh Chi: The last question sir. You said that one of the main purposes of this report is to speak to the world about the situation in Vietnam. Yes Sir, you sent this report to the agency?

Mr. Vo Van Ai: We send to all agencies, democratic governments in the world and the media. In the next session in March on Human Rights in Geneva we will announce and give the report to the UN. Major press agencies from the United States, Europe, Asia ... have very formal article for this report. For example this morning, Wednesday, I read a very long and comprehensive article in the LA Times about our report.

Quynh Chi: Thank you, Mr. Vo Van Ai, President of the Committee to Protect Rights of the Vietnamese.

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