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Vietnam sentenced 22 people on charges of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government'



While urgent public opinion about the unfair judgment and paradoxical for young Catholics and Protestants patriotic Nghe An province in central Vietnam past still not be released, today 04-02 - 2013 in Phu Yen Province in Central Viet Nam, the Vietnamese communist state government again continued human rights abuses roughly and blatant to 22 members of an organization called the " Bia Son koan public Law Council  "is also accused of the same charges of" conspiracy to overthrow the government "under Article 79 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the State of Vietnam. One of the unreasonable things that government has been interpreted ambiguous component against the dissent with the government, so long often public opinion at home and abroad and the International Community to condemn .

The frequent use of the above unreasonably vague about in the Penal Code of Vietnam's communist government to enforce and prevent the rights of freedom of speech of the people from the communist government of Vietnam is a very dangerous act, not only trample the fundamental rights of the people, completely contrary to Vietnam's commitments to international human rights, but also a great challenge progress for all mankind all over the world. On the one hand, the communist party and the state government claims refer to the opinions of people in the drafting of the State to amend the Constitution, in accordance with the aspirations of the people and in line with the current state of the country today. On the other hand, the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam continued violation of human rights, disregard the law and the State Constitution, as well as serious challenges international law and moral conscience of human.

Vietnamese people living in and outside the country let strongly opposed the aforementioned wrongful act of the communist government of Vietnam and need more practical action in the International requirements prevent Vietnamese communist authorities continue to suppress people in the country. Every one of us should actively participate in sign to support the petition amended the State Constitution of 2013 is currently being group promotion Bauxite Vietnam. The voices of millions of people at the same time sounding will create a certain pressure on the communist government of Vietnam to respect human rights as well as cause the attention and more interest from the Community International co. Before widespread demand from the collective masses, and the pressure increased from the International Community, especially the country has a huge influence on Vietnam as the United States and other countries block of the European Community, is convinced that the Vietnamese Party and State leaders certainly must reconsider the policy and their wrongdoing at present.




Vietnam sentenced 22 people on charges of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the government'

Trà Mi-VOA

   People's Court Phu Yen on 4/2 sentenced to life in prison sentences for 22 members of the organization called the Bia Son Koan public law Council Son of the charge of 'activities aimed at the overthrow of people '.

This is one trial accused of "reactionary" in Vietnam has the largest number of defendants in recent years.


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After a trial lasting five days, the founder of the organization, Phan Van Thu (ie, Tran Cong), 65, was sentenced to life imprisonment. All the remaining defendants from 10 to 17 years in prison.

Mr. Thu and colleagues was arrested in February last year. Mr. Thu has ever been arrested and renovated from 1975 to 1983 for the same charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the government." He is also considered the founder of the "An Dan Dai Dao" at the end of the 60s.

Vietnam says his organization hiding the ball under the business eco-tourism Da Bia in Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province to lead the anti-government activities as set up 12 committees, 26 the conference, and four groups at the local level; compose documents "distorting" the party and the state; "slander, defamatory" mode.

The indictment describes the Bia Son koan public law Council with about 300 members of a political organization "violent" state goals established Dai Nam Kinh Chau State replaced for the current state of the communist party. The indictment said his team Thu planned national flag, national anthem, governments, dignitaries, and duration of action starting from this year.

The defendants do not hire their own lawyers, but there are six attorneys appointed by the court. Mr. Hong Que said at the tribunal, he and his colleagues pleaded guilty and lawyers for that judgment to adapt to their crimes:

"If he do not have established 'Dai Nam Kinh Chau State' is different. But by all admitted that the purpose for the establishment of the State, Mr. Thu will become the king, the others people were ordained into the Minister, Deputy Minister like now. "

Feedback as a judgment for his son, Nguyen Thai Binh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc, expressed urgent:

"My child did goodness only but where nothing. He shows Mr. Tran Cong preached Cuu Kinh is follow more than a year only. Now the state closed its criminal 'reactionary' I must accept it. "

A member of the Council of Public Law koan Bia Son worked in eco-tourism Beer Stone from 2004 to 2011 and each survey was arrested but not prosecuted Mr. Nguyen Tan Xe.

In an interview with VOA Vietnamese language shall take trial day 28/1, Mr. Xe said about the Council that he joined:

"Put the Law Council in the community to work to be good. Public law is taken by the public interest and to return to the law of truth, goodness, beauty. Mr. Tran Cong lectured on Cuu Kinh Hearing and then everyone start printing out to learn, learn to be for truth, goodness and beauty. "

Mr. Xe said the state's allegations are unfounded and that the faithful as he followed Mr. Tran Cong to learn and practice good-good in the Cuu Kinh Tran taught as a society.

"We set up eco-tourism since 2004. In 2003 we received forest land cultivation and in 2004 opened the eco-tourism. We are religious people. We are people of good will and the good, wholesome things by Cuu Kinh by Mr. Tran Cong teaches, not do what they told us as 'subversive.' We do not have an inch of steel in the hands of that say we 'subversion' is 'overthrown'? "

The verdict today is a heavy part in the campaign to suppress the protests and repression of dissenting voices with the capital of Vietnam is under fierce international criticism of its human rights severely degraded .

Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia of Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch, told VOA Vietnamese language:

"Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch is very concerned because once again the Vietnamese authorities use vague laws on national security to shoot people and traitor brought to trial by the violation of the basic human rights of citizens. "

Human Rights Watch said they were very much shocked before the judgment which it is another black mark for bad record on human rights in Vietnam.

2013 report on the human rights situation in the world by Human Rights Watch has released statistics earlier this month in the past year with at least 33 activists in Vietnam was imprisoned on charges of vague national security under Article 79 (activities aimed at overthrowing the government) and Article 88 (propaganda against the state).

Human Rights Watch accused Hanoi abuse these laws to criminalize peaceful implementation of civil and political liberties of citizens and the world to protect human rights activists called shares xúy for human rights and democracy in one-party state like Vietnam.

In a trial group in Nghe An province last month, 13 activists Catholics and Protestants a total of 83 years in prison on charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration".

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